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Politics in India is a money making career
With BS Yeddyurappa being indicted for the multi crore illegal mining scam, what has come forth is that politics in India is not anymore looked at as a channel to serve people, but as a money making career.

SON OF a clerk now dealing in millions when indicted by Lokayukta for the Rs. 1800 crore mining scam, the Karnataka Chief Minister BS Yeddyurappa  instead of making way gracefully for somebody else till his names gets cleared, fought tooth and nail with BJP High Command against his removal. Funny these are the Netas of India who say that they are ‘janta ke sevaks’.
The country saw the same spectacle some time back with CWG scamster and Congress MP Suresh Kalmadi and also 2G spectrum scam culprit, DMK Minister A Raja. There is hardly any politician in India whose name is not sullied in some scam or the other.
So where is the surprise that the current generation of Indian public with 740 million people below 35 years of age, India being the youngest country in the world, has lost faith in their leaders. It is sad commentary on Indian political class that today people of India, whom they represent, do not have any faith in their words and promises any more.
Neither BJP nor Congress or for that matter, any political party in India is white lily as far as corruption goes. Problem lies with the wrong projection in Indian context of a politician being ‘janta ke sewak’. Yes those politicians who got independence to this country from the British rule 64 years back were by the people and for the people.
They did sacrifice their everything for the good of the people. That is why for about two decades after Independence Indian politicians enjoyed total respect and the politics was clean. This was the time when even those politicians who came from rich background did not flaunt their goodies or travelled in flashy cars for the sake of propriety.
However, a generation has changed since then. Today politics is a career option and not janta ki seva. Case in point is the huge salaries, pension and perks that our politicians get. They deserve it also because otherwise why should they work?
Our founding fathers who wrote the Indian Constitution were wise men.
They copied the British system of Parliament but they forgot that British system has evolved over hundreds of years. There may not be very many written laws regarding conduct of Parliamentarians in Britain but there are in place water tight traditions of what amounts to good conduct which are followed in letter and spirit.
Not in India. Traditions if any are twisted to convenience. Laws of conduct and accountability are almost nonexistent. Our founding fathers had hoped that instead of straight jacketing the Indian parliamentarians from the start they felt that Parliament itself will frame these rules in due course of time. Our Parliamentarians are loath to do it.
Speaker of our previous Parliament Somnath Chatterjee had commented that the worthy members of Parliament should burn the rule book outside the Parliament if they can not follow the decorum of the House. Things have reached such a nadir that discussions even when they do take place are mostly pedestrian in nature with the members hardly having burnt any midnight oil in preparing for the issues involved. Cases have also come to light where the honourable MPs have been caught taking money for asking questions in the house.
We the poor Indians dish out Rs 26,000 per minute per day for every day our Parliament functions. We unhesitatingly dole out this sum and more in the belief that our elected political leaders will debate various issues, scrutinize the functioning of the government in power and expose any inefficiency or corruption, all for our better future.
However, our worthy netas spend more time in the well of the house shouting down the speaker and disrupting the smooth functioning of the house, than debating. So many times on important debates and question hour even the normal quorum does not get completed. The big question is will there ever be any accountability in our politics?
Currently there is a tussle on with the civil society representing peoples wish wanting conduct of these Parliamentarians to be brought under the proposed Lokpal while the  netas vehemently opposing it. The question is that when these politicians are getting such large pay, perks and pension and politics having become a life time career how can people of India permit these people to do what they feel like without strong checks and balances? Even in Pakistan with Sham democracy they have very strict eligibility rules for their politicians why not India?
Time has come now to frame these rules and strict codes of conduct including quashing of the election of a neta if found guilty. This rule that till proven guilty a person is not an offender should not be applicable to the Indian political class for the sake of propriety. After all they hold highest office in India. Party hopping and criminals getting elected to these high offices has to be curbed with a heavy hand.
Every political party has to fight elections which require big money. This compels these parties to become corrupt to get this moolah. So why not accept the American system of donation by the private parties with the necessary tax benefits to the party donating and all transactions transparent?
Alternatively have the elections state financed? Instead of first past the post system let us have elections on the lines of the French system where an elected representative has to obtain minimum of 50 percent votes of the total voting for more acceptability.
Finally instead of giving free lunch time of five years to a netaji to do what he pleases people of his constituency must get the power of recalling a non performing politician. 
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