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Politics is not for puritans!
Geroge Bernard Shaw was not off the mark when he said - “Politics is the last resort of the scoundrels.” I don’t really see any issue for discussion. In fact, the word POLITICS does not even sound right to the ears any more. Dirty Politics, loathsome politicians - such connotations resound from it. What can you expect from the politicians except mudslinging even if a few drops tarnish their bleached white clothes covering a blood stained soul.

Everybody seems to moan about today’s negative campaigns, but elections have always been sullied ever since politics began. Only difference is NOW it has become a mire of grime. Present day politicians channel loads of money into elections to whack the opposing party target those who might hamper their shot at the target.

Mudslinging has always had its really “dirty” diatribes. In United States Elections in 18th Century, Thomas Jefferson was accused of having an affair with a slave and in return Adams was called - old, querulous, bald, crippled, and toothless. Is it not what we see in present elections? Looking at the politicians today makes one wonder at the much hyped virtues of devotion, integrity and honesty. These appear nothing more than integration of hollow words to ornament spurious sycophantic and conspicuously hedonistic verbiage.

Let us accept - Politics has become a process to make the commoners feel free to choose someone who can flout the system in the most dignified manner even though his actions appear travesty. Making tall claims, sounding their own bugle, and sham of unrolling bubbles of hollow promises that merge with the air the moment they enter it - that is the art, the politicians master. Mind it, it is not easy. Not everyone can muster the patience to master it. Some babble while attempting it; others fumble, a few novices stumble and the one who has it in him, tramples the dreams of commoners - of course with their free will - their vote.

BY habit, commoners are accustomed to be the slaves - slave to the masters who first give them right to vote - then teach how to vote and before people realise they are playing into the hands of these magicians of verbosity. Every election a new magician brings his own balloon of controversy, pumps as much air into it as can make the public feel it as the only demon, to make the people feel purified as if all their own wrong doings have been washed away in the waters of the Holy Rivers poured upon them in the form of negativities of the apparition holding that sinister balloon, making our emerging politician appear mystical.

What we have been witnessing in the elections, a lot more in present elections is the exchange of insults, abuse; the use of criticisms and accusations to damage the reputation of an opponent. Still, our politicians throw much less muck as they prefer microphones, chappals and chairs.

My dear friends, our politicians are somewhat less susceptible to just slinging, going by the number of occasions when they have lobbed all manner of objects at each other inside the lobbies of Assembly and the Parliament. If you read the poem ‘Frog and the Nightingale’ by Vikram Seth, Frog was like a typical modern politician: Sticks and stones could only break his bones, but could not silence his voice.

I feel the relevant issue should be - Should a politician hit "below the belt" even if the issue is really below the belt?

On a somber note I must quote John Adams, “There must be decency and respect and veneration introduced for persons of authority of every rank or we are undone.” BUT this he said as I told earlier, when his party had called Jefferson having an affair with a slave and some drops of smear felon him too.

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