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Politics of Vicar in Mauritius
Is a Vicar a politician? 'A vicar general is the principal deputy of the bishop of a diocese for the exercise of administrative authority and possesses the title of local ordinary. As vicar of the bishop, the vicar general exercises the bishop's ordinary executive power over the entire diocese and, thus, is the highest official in a diocese or other particular church after the diocesan bishop or his equivalent in canon law whose main vocation apart from looking after administration is to glorify Lord Christ.'

Can the Vicar of Port Louis be exempted from the rules of the game that apply to Dalthamun and his likes? And does the Church of Mauritius obtain any state subsidy?

It would appear to any average mind that the Vicar is a Demi-God of the Republic and is exempted from any scrutiny and is free to express his malice on the citizens of the Republic who do not belong to his Church and faith.

And the media encourages him, multiplying interviews in prime pages. The Vicar is obviously living in a democracy which gives the citizens the freedom of expression and liberty of religion.

Whether Vicar or Pariah!

But to use the freedom of expression to indulge in politics from sitting in the comforts and luxury of the diocese cannot be condoned, particularly when the same is denied to leaders of other faiths.

Dalthamun and his likes must and absolutely must have the same privilege and treatment. There is neither high caste nor any low caste in the Republic of Mauritius. Are we not all the children of the same God, if there is one? Read the God’s particle from the physicists and their science.

The democrat that I am, I would not have ventured to write this piece if the Vicar’s tone and words were not pregnant with racism and hatred against Indo –Mauritians. There is no need to tell it in so many words. A word to the wise is enough!

Simply provoking! Inciting!

And the way he has treated a Minister of the Republic inviting him to stand before him for religious trial smacks of religious terrorism of medieval age. I am happy that the minister stood by his comments as a Minister of the Republic should do!

A Minister is responsible but to his Boss in the Cabinet and to the National Assembly. Is it clear, dear Vicar?

The Vicar commented that the Church is no government. But then why should he involve in politics? Does he not form part of the Church?

I would only invite the Vicar if he is really concerned about the political plight of his religious followers that he should immediately step down from those comforts and luxury of his office and follow his newly elected Pope ‘s Jesuit school in the terrain where the Jesuits contribute to alleviate the suffering of the deprived.

May I remind the Vicar that Jesuits have their roots in India among the Indians that the Vicar so loves and admires or does he simply hate?

Christianity in India has a tradition of Thomas establishing the faith in Kerala. The community was very small until the Jesuit Francis Xavier (1502–1552) began missionary work. Roberto de Nobili (1577–1656), a Tuscan Jesuit missionary to Southern India followed in his path. He pioneered (enculturation), adopting many Brahmin customs which were not, in his opinion, contrary to Christianity. He lived like a Brahmin, learned Sanskrit, and presented Christianity as a part of Indian beliefs, not identical with the Portuguese culture of the colonialists who destroyed everything Hindu in Goa. He permitted the use of all customs, which in his view did not directly contradict Christian teachings. By 1640, there were 40, 000 Christians in Madurai alone.

In 1632, Pope Gregory XV gave permission for this approach. Many an Indo –Mauritians have adopted Christian beliefs and practices. How many has the Vicar?

The Vicar and his allegation that the authorities are allowing the Indians to take over Agalega! So what? So what if the nation can benefit from any deal between two sovereign countries. The government should stand scrutiny in Parliament. Not by the Church!

Has not any of the followers of the Vicar’s Church benefitted from the assistance extended by the Federal Government of India to Mauritius since decades? In whatsoever form and manner!

He does not say a word about the French and Australians’ various maneuvers to pitch their flags there in Agalega and Rodrigues. Has anyone from his tribe denounced it?

There is a deliberate attempt from known sections of the society to throw the blames of all the ills and woes of the Creole society upon the Indo-population ever since independence. Yes, now I am convinced that it is so.

An Audit is imperative to establish who and which community obtained what? Who created the Bantustans across the island? Was it an Indian monster or was it not the Creole King who gathered the Creoles in specific areas and plots allotted to them free of charge?

Which community and who invested massively in education? Which community and who enjoyed the most? Who splashed their earnings, merry making?

The Vicar must go to Kindergarten school and “learn that people living in glass houses should not undress with lights on.” The Gita teaches us that it does not suffice: “to love thy neighbour, ONE must help his neighbour.”

The Creoles became the skilled gentry of Mauritius from boilers in sugar factories to masons to mechanics after the abolition of slavery. Did the Indo –Mauritians drive them out of their highly lucrative jobs. Who did drive them to migrate to Australia and other places? Who created the fear psychosis?

Does the Vicar understand the concept of DEMONSTRATION EFFECT? Who encouraged them to set up nuclear families away from extended families that were the pillars of success for large section of people? Who initiated the culture of organizing balls and fancy fairs, opening up the road for premarital sex, unwed mothers?

Very often when I read the press I do not feel secure for the future generation with the leaders of today whether from religion or politics spewing venom and pausing as experts on every subject, making the coal black and white.

There is a syndrome of exclusion and persecution. And that’s in every community. This is basically due to lack of frustration emerging from lack of family support and absence moral education.

The Chagos which the Vicar refers to is a thing of the past, before INDEPENDENCE. Let’s be honest. To whom did the Chagos, Mauritius and Seychelles belong to? Did it belong to SSR? NO!

All belonged to the British. Is not it? The islanders of Chagos had the pie and the money of the pie as well. Yet no one is happy.

There is something that is called reconciliation and a future beyond the past. My dear Vicar, if you as head of your Church’s administration cannot understand this, how can your followers fed with hatred and mistrust would understand that.

We have to move on and on. Jesus came to change our way of thinking. Did he not teach us love and compassion for others? You seem to lack that element to the answers in the interviews you are giving. There is an element of malice. You cannot live in a ghetto. No one can!

And if we have to move on and on we have to invest in EDUCATION, SAVINGS and COHABITATION!

There are only two future countries that may offer any hope to the world. China and India! France is under stress. Europe is terminally ill. India remains the best bet for Mauritius for reasons you well know but you pretend to ignore.

Remember all men are brothers!

Editorial NOTE: This article is categorized under Opinion Section. The views expressed in this article are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent the views of In case you have a opposing view, please click here to share the same in the comments section.
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