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Portrayal of actresses in Bollywood: Does it need makeover?
What are movies for? Are they just for entertainment? If that's a question, answer would be exactly "No". Movie is a reflection of our society. At the same time movies can act as a good propaganda to bring a change in our society. Then what are movies doing? How do they show women in movies?
People say if one watches a movie, he is not going to behave like a hero in the movie. In fact, movies do have a great impact on a child's mind, a teen's mind and on an adult's mind. What we see in our Indian movies is actors are for action and actresses are for glamour.

Indian movies attribute certain qualities to heroine and the whole movie revolves around that. And those qualities are innocent, beautiful, sympathetic, helpless, relying etc. Movies show us like victims to the problems. Heroes as protectors of heroines. Why does a hero need a heroine to show his heroism?

Can't he be hero by himself? Why would movies show heroines as helpless victim of villain until the hero comes and protects her? Can't she be a heroine by herself? Heroine is the one admired for her courage, outstanding achievements and noble qualities. But to me heroines in our movies appear like who are known for their beauty and glamour.

Are heroines there in the films only to show off their beauty to the audience on screen? And they are there only to move their body parts on the screen to please men's eyes? Heroes and heroines both have got talents and both have got brains. Why don't you show heroine as a good actor focusing more on her role than on her glamour.

Film industries just use heroines and throws them out after some time, whereas heroes are admired by the audience through out their life. Is heroine only an attracting object that makes people seem appealing?

On the screen, a girl's role is shown as an innocent one when she faces a problem or when she falls for a guy or when she is being cheated by someone. And the impact it has on girls is, girls do think innocence is a quality something to feel proud of. Why don't movies show that as her ignorance, so that girls do realize they are ignorant and would take care of themselves. There are no heroes off the screen. Movies show heroes as great lovers, and sometimes they show heroes as flirting as if flirting girls is heroic thing. Guys outside do imitate that, thinking it as a heroic act.

Movies choose only beautiful ones as heroines and for hero handsomeness in not compulsory. We have many heroes who are not handsome, which shows beauty is must for a heroine. And it has a great impact on girls. Girls do build a view that may be we need to be beautiful to be liked by guys. And they start imitating heroines in the movies. Can't our movies show heroines more role oriented, more equal to heroes and less relying, less ignorant and less glamorous.

I am not saying that all the movies are like that. There are very good movies too which show heroines in a more respectable manner. Thanks for such movies which tried to show heroines talent but not their glamour. Movies can be a good media to communicate.

They should not be used for ruining a child's mind and a teen's mind. Movies can bring a great change in the society. Commercializing movies just to make profit must be stopped. They can act as a good propaganda to mould our society as a better society.

Editorial NOTE: This article is categorized under Opinion Section. The views expressed in this article are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent the views of In case you have a opposing view, please click here to share the same in the comments section.
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