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'Positive enthusiasm' a must for all employees
An employee's enthusiasm is the mother of all positive and constructive attitudes, and why it is the only innate quality that ensures an organisation's overall success.

“GOOD MORNING Sir, It’s a pleasure to have you today with us. Sir, how can we help you as you very well know that you are one of our important customers?” So addressed the pleasing and smart-looking bank executive adorning an angelic look accompanied with a pleasing smile at me.

This sent me to another recent incident experienced at a well-known private bank branch where I had gone to have my wife’s minimum balance charges reversed which were applied all of a sudden without any prior notice or communication.

My wife had been holding a no-frills, zero balance salary account for the last decade in the branch, the same way I, my daughter and my sister did too. The cold and arrogant looking lady Dy. Branch Manager to whom I had given a humble application on my wife’s behalf to reverse the entries gave me a stern look and bluntly refused the reversal as she no doubt being loyal to her bank and wanting my wife to maintain the requisite minimum balance. She put a pre-condition of depositing the amount first in the account for the reversal or have my wife close the account. I was shocked to hear this blackmail lingo used by her for I had never expected in my born days such a rude behavior and that too from a private banker.

I requested the lady that this I would eventually do as I have come to the bank to give the request letter only but if she could have the reversal done for the two remaining entries - as the two had been already done by the customer care. This initiative by her would only send across the right message, as we were already quiet unhappily perturbed about the sudden unexpected unauthorized deductions. The lady instead of complying with our request immediately deducted another penalty as if teaching a lesson to me an ‘unprivileged’ account holders spouse to have dared question her imperialistic judgment.

I even gave her a choice to either reverse the entries on the promise of depositing more money than her expectation in the account or close my wife’s account in case she refused but surprises of all surprises she promptly put the closure form in front of me. Well as a result, I have closed all four of family accounts only because of her attitude and behavior.

The question arises - is the private bank only targeting privileged accounts to be part of their business and shunning the common man with their non privileged accounts – a move giving signals to the banks changing policy? Was the Deputy Branch Manager correct in her action or she was simply following bank policy?

The answer to the first question is ‘No’ I do not think any bank would dare or afford to lose  decade old customer accounts the way this lady had as banking policy is ethically very clear ‘that customer is king and comes before the bank”. If they were looking for a policy change over than they would not have been first to launch ‘Adhaar’ linked visa cards. India is a poor country and the bulk of the business would surely come in the future from the low to middle and rural village classes. The bank is already on the verge of foraying into the rural business and keeping a high balance is surely a sore point in their banking policy and would send the wrong message across.

The answer to the second question is ‘Yes’ as some employees tend to get arrogant and even start considering customers as lower entities than them - including the bank. The answer has a direct bearing on the customer interaction mentioned in the beginning at another private bank. Sometimes, it happens that employees start to act on their own whims and fantasies rather than the banks customer policy. They tend to overlook all business ethics vis-à-vis the clients future potential as an irreplaceable asset in such hard days of competition. Such employees falsely reflect the banks true attitude or compassion for their clients. If not identified they tend to end up doing colossal damage to the both the banks image & business. Correct environment, training, system orientation and strong business ethics at the core of their mindsets always ensure a positive attitude towards all clients, even future ones.

The bane here is actually nothing but lack of enthusiasm or simply put ‘Negative Enthusiasm’. True enthusiasm bespeaks of success and professional career advancement in an employee. A positive and enthusiastic attitude is a critical component of any workplace success. This holds true for the organization too. This show of enthusiasm in an employee is not something, which is, attained but something, which is an offshoot of innate positive qualities arising out of overall general, happiness and self-belief.

During hiring, employers must look at prospective candidates, beyond skills, experience, and training, demonstrating energetic and positive enthusiasm – the tell tale sign of such a prospective employee is his overall general confidence of previous achievements which show his qualities of completing assigned tasks in an upbeat and cooperative manner. An organization only demonstrates a positive attitude in its growth charts and this is a direct outcome of her employee’s eagerness to tackle jobs. ‘Organizational Under Achievers’ only have employees who are disgruntled, display attitudes consisting of negativity & disinterest.

It is a fact that organizations rather provide job skills training to enthusiastic but inexperienced new workers than those old with perfect qualifications but with a less than-positive attitude. A less enthusiastic or negative employee like the Lady Dy. Branch Manager will not get along with co-workers, treat customers disrespectfully, and not put much effort into her work. Employees who are viewed as enthusiastic always provide good customer service, resolve interpersonal conflict effectively, and work productively with others. They increase client base rather than decrease it.

A positive and enthusiastic employee will always demonstrate enthusiasm in the workplace. He or she would always be smiling, sit up straight, make eye contact, and discuss training, work experiences etc in an upbeat manner. They are always punctual, show interest and demonstrate a willingness to listen, learn, and tryout new things. In customer service settings, an enthusiastic employee will approach customers proactively and offer assistance or seek out tasks and projects when there is down time unlike the above incidence. They go above and beyond to get along with co-workers and clients even difficult ones and respond to constructive criticism with maturity and willingness to improve.

I hope the bank puts in more effort in training its employees and checking their negative and high-ended attitudes. The bank should take tests and filter out those who are negatively enthusiasts.

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