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Practice religion scientifically and practice science religiously
This is a very sensitive issue to discuss, as each of us have our own beliefs. And with these beliefs emotions are attached, and where attachment is, hurt follows. God made man, and man made religion. I feel, people with their own religious beliefs are something similar to people wearing different colored eyeglasses and each one saying the world is of the color which they see.

A person with green eyeglasses will say the world is green. The ones wearing red will say the world is red! But none will be willing to remove their colored glasses, that is, their beliefs and look for the truths, that why is the other seeing a world of different color than mine? Now what is the truth? And who really can tell us the truth when everyone is wearing their own belief's colored eyeglasses!

Beliefs are necessary. Faith is necessary. But once the faith turns into "blind faith", now that's where it can turn harmful. "Blind faith" or in other words "Magic" has been very fascinating to human minds since millennia! People tend to believe in magic which is mere a delusional act devoid of science. Or some people will even want to term the scientific process as Ah! Magic! turning a blind eye over the scientific explanation of the entire process involved in that experiment.

What scientific process experiment? Their names itself are so boring, so who will spend time going through the lengthy details of their explanations. The "Magical" part is more interesting and more fascinating! To the human minds!

So let's take for example, the Ramayana and the Mahabharata famous mythological stories, which have formed the base of the Hindu religion. As we all know and have seen - not in real life, of course! All the episodes or chapters have extraordinary powerful magical stories.

Now going back to those times, during those days people had very little source of entertainment. That's why people back then were more creative too. You won't find people today carving stones, carving wall, pillars, ceiling so subtly as our ancestors.  Because who has time now? We have all sorts of entertainment available to us to pass our time. Right? So, isn't it quite possible that during those times a story with magic & extraordinary powerful people would be more welcomed than a plain human story. Just like today we have Harry Potter fans in more numbers among us!

Ayodhya is there, Sri Lanka is there, the Palk Strait connecting India and Sri Lanka is there, but how right is it on your part to believe the Palk Strait was built by stones on which 'Ram' was carved and Ta Da! They started floating? These things are fascinating right so you believe it without even witnessing with your own eyes. Ever tried to see the "Real Magic" God has in store for you?

Yes, look around you..nature is full of magical things, I believe in magic but not the ones told by someone but the ones created and shown by God/Nature/Universe itself.

- Isn't the soil magical! It has the power to turn a small seed into a huge tree! Science can explain the process of a seed growing into a tree, of course with the help of air, water and sunlight, but cannot replace or re-create the properties of soil.

-Its Magical how a living being is formed in a womb of a female. A complicated human body is formed just within 8 months! And for doctors to make even a smallest correction in one of its part, it takes sometime years to correct it. Here even science cannot replace this baby making machine known as womb.

These and many more examples you will find which you can witness with your eyes. Believe in the real magic and not in mere illusions which don't fit into nature's rules, no matter how fascinating it may seem for the ever hungry mind for magic.

Now back to how will you know what's the truth? As we have certain man-made theories & so there are certain rules made my nature. One of the famous nature's rule is "As you sow, so shall you reap" will help u get one step closer to the truth! easy as that! It says, if you sow a Mango seed, you will get a mango tree. Now will you believe me if I say, if you sow an apple seed and you will get a coconut tree? No, you won't believe me. Because you know the soil is magical enough to turn your tiny seed into a huge tree. But the soil isn't magical enough to convert your apple seed into a coconut tree.

Similarly, applying this rule to man-made theories, if you are fasting, what will you get? You will get hungry, it can't give you enlightenment or lessen your sins, or prolong your loved one's life. If you sow a seed of jealousy, anger,  or hate, you will get a huge tree of the same. If you sow love, and help the needy, show compassion, give up on greed it will lead you to purification of your own thoughts. I think this is better explained in the movie "OMG: Oh My God"

Application of this formula can lead you on the path towards the truth of life. It will help you reach a step closer to the truth, only if you are willing to reach the truth. Remember I am not saying this is the only way to reach to the ultimate truth. This is just one rule that I've understood, and so explained here, that way, there r many other rules of our Nature. Following them will surely take you a step closer to the truths of life/universe.

Believe in the real magic, and have faith in your religion but stay away from the blind faith, afterall the common teaching of every religion is Humanity. Famous quote of Albert Einstein "Science without religion is lame, Religion without science is blind." So practice religion scientifically and practice science religiously.

Editorial NOTE: This article is categorized under Opinion Section. The views expressed in this article are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent the views of In case you have a opposing view, please click here to share the same in the comments section.
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