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President Obama's constraints while dealing with Islamic world
Soon after inaugurating his second term in the White House in 2013, the US President Barack Hussein Obama said, 'These days, I look in the mirror and I have to admit, I'm not strapping young Muslim socialist that I used to be. Time passes. You get a little grey.'

This was what the Israeli defense minister, Moshe Ya'alon, quoted by noted conservative Middle East commentator, Daniel Pipes, in the National Review Online, The Corner, published on 8 November, 2013, had to say about Palestine resistance:

"There is no need to fear threats of whether there will or won't be a third intifada. We have been in an open and ongoing conflict [with the Palestinians], which as far as the Palestinians are concerned does not end in 1967 lines. There is Sheikh Munis, [their name for] Tel Aviv, Majdal, [their name for] Ashkelon. We got out of the Gaza Strip and they continue to attack us. They raise their youth to believe that Haifa and Acre are Palestinian ports and more. There is no sign of compromise here. We will have to be smart, and not fear threats of whether there will or won't be a third intifada."

And the US Secretary of State John Kerry was in the Middle East region on and around 6 November, 2013 to promote peace between Israel and Palestine and to create conditions which can help create a viable, independent sovereign Palestine state as a consequence.

The nine month time-bound result-oriented talks are expected to last till April 2014. The talks are taking place secretively and after the negotiations are over some concrete results are expected to be announced by around June 2014.

Let's hope the best and wish that American hegemony can sufficiently prop up two eternal hostile neighbours more towards accepting the idea of peaceful coexistence. The fact is that Israel is completely legitimate state but so is future Palestine state. Israelis did indeed need their home state but Palestinian Arabs do deserve theirs' equally.

This becomes truer in view of growing anti-Semitism around the globe, particularly in White-dominated Europe. After all, the basis of the Christianity axis is based on deep religious beliefs in the past and can be questioned for reinterpretation in view of rising competing, selfish and conflicting consciousness.

Same is the case with Palestinian people as in view of growing independence of Western countries from Islamic world's fossil fuel resources because of more and more discovery of Shale oil there and almost certain possibility of oil-peak having been passed, the Arab nationalism and Islamic brotherhood may become a thing of the past to some extent and therefore, Palestine people also need their state before that to live a dignified life. Even Arabs may start including nationalism and economic selfishness into their mainstream thinking in possible future.

In one place Obama's apparent neutrality in the region and around the globe; something remarkably different from any of his predecessors, can help achieve positive results and that place definitely is the Israel-Palestine region.

While it may sound somewhat un-American and contrary to popular bipartisan positioning of the US Congress, the fact is that it is very much required and indeed should be welcomed by all those who wish for peaceful and stable Middle East and North Africa.

In a step towards that direction and in order to pressurize Binyamin Netanyahu?s government, at least in public, Kerry called all Israeli settlements in the West Bank as illegitimate during his most recent visit to the region and added that this has been the consistent stand of various administrations in the past as well.

Like many socialists who in American colouring pattern may be interpreted as communists, Obama does not consider history as an essential but just as an irrelevant part of life and at the most a useful data. According to him all races can have same fate if they are helped and intervened by the state. He inherently believes that all races can have same potential.

The argument that Whites have contributed more than what their proportion would suggest and till to-date are almost exclusive primary innovators and producers, the media reports suggesting otherwise notwithstanding, has no bearing on Obama.

As per the standards of Oval's boss he is indeed revolutionary and very much off the mark. His gutsy nature to take on conservatives with unmatched and unprecedented disliking adds to his flavour.

But okay while this may sound somewhat troublesome as per conservatives and many independents' view, the fact is that such an opinion can help resolve the Middle East dispute and all should support Obama's present efforts.

While it is very difficult for people like Obama to understand differences in history, genetics and evolutionary parts of differing humans as he being such a dominant and indeed successful individual and an African-American, nobody in the US should panic if Obama stops and checks his Leftist economic policies.

It's a daydream but if it becomes true then his views on other matters may be tolerable. Let's hope that belief in a historicity of Obama would help correct partly history of one region.

If Obama is able to help resolve the Middle East dispute he would be regarded as the respectable political figure globally but he would create a psychological distortions amongst Muslims: many among them would think that he is indeed a precursor and premonition to the arrival of Imam Mahdi.

This is the irony of time: you don?t help Arabs then you are an oppressor but if you help them then you prove their theories. While many among those who are aware of the reality in Middle East and in other parts of Islamic world may disagree with me on this observations as many die-hard Islamists do indeed have a strong disliking for Obama.

But still the majority view among the Muslims of the globe could converge towards Obama being at least a better deliverer to Islamic world as compared to his immediate predecessors.

However, the fact is that positive opinions of Muslims about Obama are more confined regarding the Israel-Palestine dispute and many global Muslims may keep some negative views about Obama. This is particularly true in Pakistan and to some extent in Afghanistan. The situation in Syria also reminds one of the very calculated and tactful steps taken by the Obama administration.

Such moves are devoid of any emotions and are selfish and mostly neutral. Also, Obama may not keep a very handsome opinion as per the Saudis perception over growing regional conflict for dominance between Sunni Saudi Arabia and Shiite Iran. While Obama appears soft on Iranian nuclear program he is very unlikely to allow Saudis gaining access to Pakistani nuclear weapons.

As long as the Obama administration does not try to intervene too much in Islamic societies and keeps its mantra of neutrality in the Middle East in the sense that it would like winners there to win their own shares on their own in their own ways by their own means, I think Obama would be termed pro-Islamic by many Muslims and anti-Christian by almost all conservatives in the US.

Life is indeed very difficult for Obama because he would never appreciate such opinion about himself as his terms leading to Muslims believing in fulfilment of a very big Islamic prophecy would put the West and Islam on a path towards a future era of constant and eternal conflict. But still the better thing would be to resolve the Middle East dispute and hope for a better Islam-non-Islam relationship over the long run, if there exists one.

Editorial NOTE: This article is categorized under Opinion Section. The views expressed in this article are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent the views of In case you have a opposing view, please click here to share the same in the comments section.
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