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Prevention of Communal Violence Bill: Undermines the Federal structure of the Constitution of India
Year 1883 onwards many many Aryas sacrificed their lives at the altar of Vedic Dharma. They gave their lives as Ahuti in the Yajna to preach and popularize the Vedic Dharm. Fine. What next is the million dollar question. Are the Arya Samajists of the present generation letting the sacrifices of Maharishi Dayanand, Pandit Lekh Ram, Swami Shraddhanand, Mahashay Rajpal, heroes of Hyderabad Satyagrah and brave warriors of the Kargil war like Lt Manoj Pandey, Param Vir Chakra vijeta( born and brought up in an Arya family) go in vain? Indeed the reply in a loud chorus will be: No, Never.

Well, we have recounted myriad number of times how bravely the Aryan heroes of the days and years gone by died so that you and I of the 21st century Bharat live like free men and women. They sacrificed their lives so that Aryas of today have freedom of speech to counter false gods, preach the teachings of the Vedas and attract men and women from across the seven seas to give up superstitious beliefs and start believing in the tenets of the Vedas.

The preaching and practicing of the Vedic Dharm should be without any encumbrances, barriers and obstacles erected by the local or national administration. The freedom to practice and preach our Faith should be unshackled both in Bharat and abroad.

Arise Awake and Receive

Uttishthat, Jagrit, Prapya Varannibodhat..So Says The Kathopnishad. The Upanishad mantra exhorts us to be awake and alert in standing position to receive the best from the knowledgeable souls. We receive the superior knowledge so that we may share with the rest of the society. In any social order there are some privileged people gifted with good brains and memory whereas there are others who are not so gifted.

However, the leaders of our social order enjoin on the gifted ones not to leave the less privileged sections behind. In the ideal situation we must all “sangachhadhwam samvadadhwam samvo manasi jantam…” that is we walk to gether, we speak the same language and our Ideas should create harmony among men and women for the benefit of one and all.

Thus the social order will prosper and move forward on the path of progress. We have to be physically fit, mentally alert and well equipped for both peace and war. Indeed our Vedas command us to be united to face the adversaries whenever we are under pressure to defend our values and our Dharma.

Challenges Must Be Met

From time immemorial we have been hearing that whenever and wherever a Yajna is performed, Rakshas are bound to appear and reappear ro disturb, destroy and demolish the Yajna and its appurtenances. Will the organizers of the religious Yajna allow the devilish men and women prevail on the organizers of the Yajna? No, certainly not.

Here is a clash of cultures and the good one should leave no stone unturned to beat and defeat the bad one. The battle between the Noble and the Evil is incessantly going on. The Ram - Ravan Yudh is going on even today. The Krishna - Kansa duel for Vijay is not yet over. Therefore, it is the sacred duty of the Aryas to remain united and organize themselves in such a way that they remain with the Noble, go to the assistance of Ram and Krishna for the Vedic values that they stand for.

The scenario changes. Living in Bharat we find that the Vedic values are being trampled upon by those who are not with us and oppose us tooth and nail. In our own country where our like-minded people form an overwhelming majority, the law is framed and enacted periodically in such a way that the Vedic Dharmis and their like-minded men and women are at a disadvantage. It is so because the non-Vedic dharmis manipulated in such a way that they came off with flying colours and settled in positions of power to rule the roost. Unfortunately they manouvred the legislative process and had such laws enacted that let them always be in the commanding position.

The latest example of their machination is the proposed Prevention of Communal Violence Bill is likely to be tabled in the Lok Sabha in 2014 winter session. The draft of this bill was prepared by the National Advisory Council comprising of people who do not see eye to eye with the Vedic Dharmis.

Those who are in the adversary camp made many attempts to table the bill in the Lok Sabha but met with stiff opposition even from their political allies. The bill in its present form is viewed as an anti-Hindu piece of proposed legislation. It is loaded heavily in favour of the minority community, read Muslims.

The logic of National Advisory Council headed by Sonia Gandhi and buttressed by her cronies put forward the logic that since Independence there have been many communal riots and Muslims have suffered most. Therefore, the present piece of proposed legislation is so framed as to protect the minorities and Scheduled Castes and Tribes.

On a close examination we find that the Scheduled Castes and Tribes have rarely, if at all been aggressive to cause a communal riot. The timing of bringing this legislation at this time is doubtful. The Congress party is bending backwards to woo the Muslims to do well at the hustings. How can the majority community allow this to happen and suffer from its ill effects subsequently.

Another major lacuna in the proposed bill is that it undermines the Federal structure of the Constitution of India because it envisages the Central government to intervene in the communal riots by sidelining the State governments. Law and Order is a State subject and the State government cannot be made subservient to the Central Forces sent to control the riot situation.

The officials taking control of the situation have been made accountable for not protecting the minorities. Thus their morale is going to be adversely affected if the proposed legislation becomes law.

The Blame Game

The statistics on riots speak for the majority community because in most of the cases of communal violence the riots were started by the Muslim community. Now if the new law proposes to punish the majority community for the fault of the minority community, it will indeed be a travesty of truth. The principles of Jurisprudence will go haywire.

Just to get a handful of vote of the minority community the Congress party is likely to play a dangerous game that will not be in the national interest. The proposed law will lower the morale of 82 to 85 per cent people of this country and disorganize the bureaucracy by punishing them for no fault of theirs. To save one’s skin the Blame Game will be played by one and all to the extent of putting the permanent executive at sixes and sevens and break the iron frame of administration.

Editorial NOTE: This article is categorized under Opinion Section. The views expressed in this article are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent the views of In case you have a opposing view, please click here to share the same in the comments section.
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We Oppose Communal Violence Bill because it discriminates against Hindus VHP to Launch Nation-wide Democratic Peaceful Agitation against the Bill New Delhi, December 5, 2013 As the announcement by the Union Govt bringing the Communal Violence bill is made public, Vishwa Hindu Parishad (VHP) has formally opposed the bill & any move to bring the bill. Opposing the bill VHP International Working President Dr Pravin Togadia said, “The so called Communal Violence bill by whichever name it is introduced will be opposed democratically. The bill in the garb of protecting Muslims, actually targets Hindus. We urge the Union Govt not to bring such an unconstitutional bill to persecute Hindus. How the Bill targets Hindus: 1. The bill has in its premise that all Hindus are criminals & all Muslims are innocent victims. This is a complete mockery of the natural justice & therefore the bill is completely anti-Hindu & discriminates against Hindus. Favouring Muslims & targeting Hindus is utterly unacceptable & totally unconstitutional. 2. The international & basic principle of the law is that it should be equally applicable to all. But the Communal Violence bill targets Hindus whereas does not address violence by Muslims against Hindus & other communities. 3. Another fundamental of justice is that until proven guilty by the highest Court, the accused is not a convict or guilty. Meaning, until then the accused is innocent, But in this bill the premise is that Hindus are guilty & only because a Muslim tells the police anything, Hindu will be arrested non-bailable treating Hindu guilty without trial. 4. The responsibility of proving the crime is on the complainant. But in this bill, the arrested Hindu has to alone prove that she / he is innocent while without verifying the truth, the witnesses or words by the Muslim will be taken as the final word. This is a complete mockery of justice & religious discrimination against Hindus. 5. By this bill, the Union Govt is giving all Police in Bharat in the hands of Muslims. The SP level officer of the police has to report to the Muslim complainant every week at the complainant’s home about the progress of the investigations! This way even the Jihadists will be able to get away with the severest of attacks on the nation whereas the Hindus will rot in the jails. Giving all controls of the police & judiciary in the hands of Muslims through this bill puts Bharat as a nation in permanent danger making every other community unsafe. 6. Hindus are not allowed to utter the word ‘Muslim’ or if the Muslim businessman complains that his business is not doing well because of the Hindu businessman, then the Hindu businessman will be arrested & tried under this Communal violence bill. Dr Togadia urged all Hindus in Bharat to write letters in civilized & parliamentary language to the Hon. President of Bharat, to the Prime Minister of Bharat & to the Hon. Chief Justice of Bharat opposing the said bill. He also appealed all political parties to oppose the bill not only because it may affect the state powers but more importantly it gives full control of the police & judiciary & thereby of the nation to Muslims making Bharat most unsafe for all others. If the Govt yet brings in the Communal Bill targeting Hindus then VHP will do nation-wide democratic agitations.
Naim Naqvi
The biased author colors a long essay about the struggle of Aryans without telling the atrocities committed on Buddhists and Jains all through the ages. Then he jumps suddenly upon the present bill describing it as "The bill in its present form is viewed as an anti-Hindu piece of proposed legislation. It is loaded heavily in favour of the minority community, read Muslims." It whole statement is a figment of his imagination. He doesn't discuss the contents of bill and doesn't tell us what to do if the machinery of a state government becomes an accomplice of barbaric crime against a community or group. What should be the redress for that deliberate crime? Let the fanatics of state machinery be allowed to perpetuate their brutality with a hidden agenda of settling the historical scores with the generation which have had nothing to do with the controversial past which a RSS plank. Then he passes his judgment : "The statistics on riots speak for the majority community because in most of the cases of communal violence the riots were started by the Muslim community. Now if the new law proposes to punish the majority community for the fault of the minority community, it will indeed be a travesty of truth. The principles of Jurisprudence will go haywire." Did he read the reports of Commissions that investigated the riots? I would request him to produce one report to back us his argument. Like always he writes sporting his colored glasses. You need no brains to spread the venom and lies. Wisdom has its limits. Ignorance suffers no such handicap. The unfortunate part develops for society when pen is put on paper to spread it.

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