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Prime Minister is not responsible for India's social ills
Union government and even Delhi state government cannot be blamed for recent gang rape of a female on a moving bus in the city. It would be unfair to charge the Prime Minister for India's social ills.

MANY INDIANS are protesting and demanding immediate justice for the gang rape victim in New Delhi. The argument goes like this: in order to punish guilty one can resort to any means. This is not correct and anyway even the junior most minister in New Delhi has nothing to do with this incident and they can’t be accused of anything.

If one tries to construct a scene of the gang rape, the guilty could not have been even half-erect. The proof is that they were beating the victim brutally. Putting the girl under severe trauma and distress with which they wanted to enjoy? One can say that rape is never done for pleasure. People raping a female usually forget the ground realities because of bodily impulses whose reasons could be hormonal.

One can make a parallel construct. The victim’s male friend’s hands were tied and mouth shut and he was not beaten. As per laws which may not have anything to do with Indian Penal Code (IPC), it should be considered a worse crime though it looks contrary to common sense. If it were the case the New Delhi administration could be accused for ‘something’. But an incident where men were behaving like uncivilized and barbaric beasts, how can the Union government or for that matter any government be blamed? Simply because the bus passed through some police stations, that is why some officers should be suspended is a wrong application of law. Any way prime minister’s office has nothing to do with the incident.

There are many loopholes in the IPC and the fact is that a lot of females are raped in New Delhi and other places all over India, but the fact is that it is more a social problem than a legal issue. It requires socio-psycho-sexual therapies other than product therapy to address the problem. Indian males are more chauvinist than probably other non-Muslim Asian males and they should be provided with all kinds of therapies to overcome deformities in sexual relations though caution should be made against the universalization of mind and therefore that of therapies. Indians are Indians and it would always require local therapies; local solution for local problems.

The world at large requires to get rid of Manichean beliefs which make world opinion divided into binary. Most of humans are grey and that is the most important thing. Women should not be demonized and should be treated respectfully. They should not be considered mere sexual being and prejudices and biases against them should end. People should treat menstrual periods as normal biological happening and should not consider women ‘impure’ because of this. They should not be socially considered as burden and for that economic empowerment of women in India should take place. But it needs to be emphasized that feminism is no solution to Indian middle classes and poor females’ problems either and the family should always remain the most important social unit for all.

Genuine urbanization should be tried without breaking social contracts, if possible. Sexually males and females both should be educated for lasting and stable sexual relations. Male should learn to understand the desires of females and so should females. Both should try more foreplay and after play in sex. More caressing should take place in Indian sex. The society should consider libido as good thing and sexuality should not be curbed. Sex should be more frequent and it should not be done solely for reproduction. The products should be gender-sensitive and gender-neutral both depending on the type of product. Education should be made more universal though sex education should be imparted with a lot of deliberations and precautions.  

As per law, for any crime is punished according to the law of land applicable at the date of crime. Making special laws for any particular incident is not good. The same is true for Union Carbide; it paid the compensation as per the laws of land those which were applicable at the time of Bhopal tragedy. Also, the degree of precision should be almost same for all; nobody should be discriminated nor preferred. True, these are ideal things and generally deviations do take place. It does not mean that better laws cannot be made and institutions and individuals cannot learn from any incident.

The fact is that this is heinous crime and guilty should be brought to justice at the earliest. But then one needs to understand that India is not a Nordic country and if all becomes honest and rape is completely controlled so that not a single sexual assault is committed against any woman anywhere then Indians would either mutate to develop new psychological disorders or become amorphous converted people. In both cases many would become psychiatrist patients. Prostitution may also get increased. It would help individuals but would distort the statistics more. The fact is that sex is not fully accepted in Indian society and it requires Indians to change many of their sexual habits to undo violence in sex. But free sex would also destroy Indian society completely.

It should be noted that Anglicization and Westernization is done more because of exploiting and creating economic opportunities than because of ideological convictions. It would not cure the deformities in Indian society as caste and class are big factors. Even the West’s much desired and tried ‘caste-to-race’ conversion of Indian society would not be free of caste and class biases as the advanced ‘races’ would be from higher classes and higher castes.

Prime Minister Dr. ManMohan Singh speaking ‘theek hai’ at the end of his address to the nation over the rape issue should be properly interpreted. Nobody should think that Sonia Gandhi and Rahul Gandhi control the Prime Minister beyond the level the Congress Party wants them to do so. He was not referring to either of them. Most probably he was not referring to anyone but it was deliberate. This may have to do with the Congress’ and the UPA’s relationship with the principal opposition party, the BJP and their supporters the SP and the BSP. Nobody should forget that the girl belonged to the UP and the Congress Party requires key support from both the SP and the BSP in order to continue governing New Delhi.

Editorial NOTE: This article is categorized under Opinion Section. The views expressed in this article are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent the views of In case you have a opposing view, please click here to share the same in the comments section.
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