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Priorities before Arvind Kejriwal after becoming Delhi's Chief Minister
AAP leader, Arvind Kejriwal will be sworn in as Delhi's Chief Minister after he met Lt. Governor Najib Jung today. Before meeting the Delhi's L-G, Kejriwal declared that in a referendum the public has advised them to form government in Delhi with the outside support of the Congress party.

In its manifesto AAP has promised many things to the public which in experts' opinion are hard to achieve. Specially the promise of reducing power tariff to 50% and supplying 700 litres of drinkable water to Delhiites free of cost on daily basis.

Apart from this some other key priorities before Arvind Kejriwal should be:

1. He must force the Union Government to grant full statehood to Delhi so that the Delhi police comes under his purview.

2. He must fight the forces of nepotism, blackmarketing, inefficiency and corruption.

3. He is committed to special audit of electricity companies. He must have the special audit of other departments like Department of Transport, Delhi Transport Corporation, Public Works Department conducted and take quick action on these audit reports and punish the corrupt official in all departments severely.

4. He must have the management audit of all departments including electricity companies undertaken so that the surplus staff in these departments could be shunted and they are made  slim and trim as well as efficient. Inefficiency breeds  corruption.

5. He should order sales tax, excise tax raids and anti-hoarding raids, etc. conducted by various inspectors and check evasion of taxes and hoarding of essential goods. Those inspectors who are found lax and corrupt must be punished severely.

6. He must conduct raids on big business dealers by weights and measure inspectors to ensure that these dealers weigh and measure everything straight and customers are not duped. Those inspectors who fail to perform their duties or are corrupt should be dealt with severely.

7. He must order an inquiry into Commonwealth Games Scam quickly and ask the inquiry commission to submit a report in a very short period. On the basis of these reports, strict action should be taken against the guilty.

8. He must ensure healthcare, sanitation, food, clothing and housing for all.

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Following are those 18 terms which have made AAP a unique entity in Delhi's political puzzle. 1) Ending VIP culture, special security, special funds, and Lutyens' bungalows for ministers 2) Passage of Jan Lokpal bill in Delhi assembly, implying consent for probing scams under Cong and BJP watch 3) Swaraj: People to decide on issues related to their mohallas, colonies and bylanes 4) Full statehood for Delhi, with control over DDA and Delhi Police 5) Audit of discom accounts for setting fair power tariff 6) Independent agency to test calibration of power meters; excess billed amount to be refunded to consumers 7) Crackdown on water mafia, reorganization of Delhi Jal Board, and 700-litre free water supply to every home 8) Regularization of all unauthorized colonies within one year 9) No demolition of slums until their residents are given pucca homes on easy terms 10) No contractual employment of blue- and whitecollar workers in the government sector 11) Simplification of VAT, rates, and better infrastructure for industry 12) No FDI in retail in Delhi 13) Special protection force for women; new courts and more judges to decide cases of crime against women in 3-6 months 14) No acquisition of village land without gram sabha permission; increase in lal dora land 15) 500 new government schools; end system of donation in private schools 16) Opening new government hospitals 17) New courts and more judges to solve all other cases within six months to one year 18) Build pressure on Centre for solutions to city's problems All these conditions are reasonable and Congress is bound by them now.
Prophets of Doom ?Since yesterday morning when Arvind Kejriwal announced that AAP will form a government in Delhi , prophets of doom have sprung into action everywhere - mostly on TVThey are saying :> AAP government cannot deliver on its impractical poll promises> AAP has sacrificed its principle of taking no support> AAP has betrayed the people of Delhi> AAP is lusting for power - like all other parties> AAP has no experience in running a government> People will soon get disillusioned with AAP...............etcThen there are some who are not happy being mere dooms-dayer !They want to pro-actively bring about the downfall of AAP by laying a carefully concealed trap for AAP to walk into !Take Dr Harshvardhan of BJPHe challenges AAP government to arrest / prosecute within next 30 days , those persons who were held guilty by the Shunglu Commission , in respect of CWG scamBeing a polite gentleman , he does not name names ( Sheila Dikshit ? )He says , exposing and punishing the corrupt is an important poll promise of AAPYou would think Sheila Dikshit would get offended with Dr HarshvardhanOh , but No !Quite the contraryShe too wants Arvind to walk into this trap !That would give her just the desired excuse to withdraw that " Outside Support " of Congress to bring down the AAP governmentI hope Arvind is smart enough to see through these macabre machinations of mediocre minions , who want to lead AAP , up a garden path !DEAR ARVIND , Exposing the corrupt is " IMPORTANT - but not URGENT "It is NOT your priority No 1Delivering pro-poor reforms is both " IMPORTANT and URGENT "Stay your course and watch out for the trapsRemaining honest in the days to come is far more important than exposing the corruption of the past* hemen parekh

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