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Prophet Mohammed - 'The Hero Of Mankind'
The Prophet of Islam, Hazrat Mohammed (PBUH) was born in Mecca 1400 years ago. His father died before his birth and his mother also died when he was a kid. Initially, he was taken care of by his grandfather Hazrat Abdul Mattalib, who also died when he was 8. His uncle, Hazrat Abu Talib brought him up with utmost care and affection.

Hazrat Abu Talib was his guardian in his terrestrial journey till he acquired the manhood and prophethood. Prophet used to accompany his uncle in merchant’s caravans to different parts of Arab world. Before the divine declaration of his prophethood he used to spend much of his time in prayer and worship of God in a cave called Hira near the city of Mecca.

According to the famous American author Dr Michael Hart, “Prophet Mohd (PBUH) was the only man in history who was supremely successful on both the religious and secular levels.” English author Thomas Carlyle called him ‘the hero of the Prophets.’

Going through the history of world religions, we can find that authentic documents of most of the 'Holy Men' are not readily available. Much of what we have is imparted by generation transfer of folk stories and traditions. However, Prophet Mohd (PBUH) was born in full light of history. His every thought and move is well documented and clearly laid down in history books. ‘Quran’, the Holy Book, was revealed to him by God.

He was, as per the Islamic faith, the last Prophet upon earth, ordained by the Supreme Power Allah. He was chosen to guide the humanity to lead the upright and virtuous life. Unlike other school of thoughts prevalent in his time, the Prophet of Islam preached to learn and conquer nature instead of worshipping it. That was the dawn of a new scientific era.

God has given us conscience and wisdom, which enables us to differentiate us between right and wrong, good and evil, light and darkness. He expects us not to astray in our journey through life. However, out of our ignorance and based on free will, we fail to listen the voice of our soul. God sends his prophets when He feels that mankind needs someone to remind His message and bring us back to the path of truth.

Before the advent of Islam, religions of Arabia were based on conjecture and assumption. The society was in a state of moral, religious, economic and social chaos. It was structured on greed, debauchery, and violence. The institution of religion was just a way of life to follow the dictates of authority. Prophet introduced the highest moral standards that were based on compassion, humility, devotion to God and egalitarianism. It replaced the old well-entrenched tribal attitudes of pride in wealth, family and class and self-centered behavior. New tenets were inducted for the proper distribution of wealth in society. With the concepts of Zakat and Khums (proportionate sharing the bounties of God), wealth was re-circulated so that even the poorest segments of the society were infused with security, energy and assurance.

Prophet Mohd (PBUH) taught the mankind to learn from Observation of Reality and follow the Reason. In the pre Islamic period, Arabian society was ruled by tribal heads. Prophet of Islam broke those chains of servitude and slavery. He showed people how to live together in Justice, Harmony and Peace. The institution of religion was just a way of life to follow the dictates of authority. Weak and ignorant inhabitants of the desert were being exploited by the powerful people who were strong, shrewd and cruel. Society has been vitiated by cruelty and oppression. The Beduiens of Arabia would bury their daughter alive as it was a subject of shame to have a daughter. The lives of slaves were dependent absolutely at the pleasure of master. Life of ordinary Arab was based of superstition and veneration of their kings who were also mere mortals.

His life was an embodiment of virtues and he set an example of an ideal human being at individual and social levels. He united the diametrically opposite ideologies and ferocious Arab tribes into a cohesive whole. In his life, he faced with very aggressive proponents but he never initiated or instigated any wars. He made sure that when war was imposed upon nascent Islamic state, Muslims would engage in them battles with great discipline, avoiding injury to the innocent and using only the minimum force needed. Women, children and non-combatants were not to be harmed. When the enemy stopped fighting, he was to be given immediate sanctuary. Striking a blow in anger, even in battle, was prohibited.

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