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Protector who needs protection
In my life if anything ever made me emotional is inequality in the society. I always hated the discrimination, discrimination whether it is on the basis of cast, religion, colour, status or on the basis of sex. Discrimination on the basis of sex is made to extort men and force him to become protector.
Men are continuously being reminded by the society that their entity is just to protect and provide the women. This starts from his birth and ends when he is dead. Recently saw some of my friends are sharing some stuff on social media about a man who is standing selling stuffed toys in centre of Delhi at the age of 75. These friends were sharing it with caption "salute to him", without knowing that society has chosen this for every men, work and protect till death.

I have seen so many old and also young but conservative people continuously saying that there is a role set of everyone in our great society to perform. Men's role is to work and earn and women role is to stay at home and take care of children. Women organisations have been fighting for this conservatism and I personally have never supported this sex based discrimination ever, neither before becoming a Men's Rights Activist nor after.

But this conservatism has harmed men more than women and women have got succeeded in breaking all the boundaries set by the society for them only by the help of men. Now women are free from their roles but the men are still trapped in these roles. Men themselves are not able to come out of this conservatism because the role of protector has been made to restrict a man from living a liberal life.

Women have never let men come out of their conservative role of being protector, even when the women have become financially equal and are able to take equal responsibilities. The funny part is it is only women who create sex based discrimination and easily put all blame on men.

They never let a man forget that his prime role is to protect a woman only and if a man is not doing that, fails to do that or denies to be a protector they declare that he is not a man. An actress singing song "aurat ki hifazat jo kar na paye us mard ko kya kehte hain" (what to call a man who can't protect his woman) sarcastically tells men that if you are not a protector you are not a man.

The situation now has become worst because men themselves feel their existence in society is only as a protector and provider and when man does not get chance to perform his conservative role he gets confused. Most of the men think that life is only about acquiring degrees, getting a good paying job, getting married and taking care of (protecting) a family.

Society has not given them option to think about their own life and to think about enjoying it. This protector syndrome is being filled in to a man so deep by the feminist controlled Indian family system that he is being taught only to be a protector and provider to every women on the name of relations like mother, sister, wife and daughter.

Everyone expect a man to play a protector role but what are being done to protect this beautiful creation of god. He has continuously been neglected by the society his rights, his tears, his pain everything has been ignored and to use him always as a protector conspiringly, he has been tagged "strong".

Who says man is stronger, he is not made of iron, he is also a human, a man also feels pain like a woman does. The pressure to perform the role of a provider and this protector syndrome leads a man to a stressful life. He often go into depression or tends to commit suicide, if he fails to deliver at any point of time or the society makes him believe that he is not performing his traditional role satisfactory.

Due to this depression sometime this protector end up killing himself and his protectee, which we have been witnessing from cases in media where men killing whole family when his protectee is taken away from him.

The way society, judiciary and media taking revenge from a man for being a man, I strongly feel that actually only this protector needs protection. We have NCRB's data which shows married men, protector named formally as husband, committing 2 times more suicides than women. This is because we have been continuously neglecting men?s issue, their problems and their weakness and expect him to act as protector till his death.

The so called patriarchy dominated by feminism has left men in a state where he himself do not feel his pain. He is not allowed to express his pain through his tears, if dares to do that he is called a coward. Stop tagging a man "strong" just to use him, men are also human being, they also feel pain, in fact men feel more pain because they don?t know to express it through words.

Editorial NOTE: This article is categorized under Opinion Section. The views expressed in this article are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent the views of In case you have a opposing view, please click here to share the same in the comments section.
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