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Pulwama massacre must be avenged!
Pakistan has done damage to India's reputation by blasting to death about 40 CRPF personnel moving in a long convoy from Jammu to Srinagar. A radicalized 20-year old Kashmiri young man who was under training of the enemy's terror wing for over one year unnoticed by own security and intelligence wings, drove in a civilian car filled with about 60 kg of explosives and deliberately collided with a CRPF vehicle.

It was fatal to allow a civilian car on the road when a long convoy was using the highway. Who allowed it and why must be brought out and published for the knowledge of the general public. Is there a black sheep in the flock? If so, why did it have a free hand? Are there more of that ilk? If so, when will they be weeded out? These are serious questions that need immediate attention of the Indian policy makers and custodians of our security.

Common citizens are aware of the fact that there are some men who live in India but sing songs in praise of Pakistan. They must be proceeded against as per law of the land and put behind the bars. Hurriyat and other separatists must not be looked after by the State as they plan against our people. Stop their free medical treatment and let them die a natural death.

The Cabinet Committee on Security Affairs met under the chairmanship of the Pradhan Mantri Shri Narendra Modi at his residence on February 15, a day after the fatal blast at Pulwama. What was the outcome? Well, it is not yet out in the public domain and should not be. Security of the country must not be made public at this stage. Tit-bits like preparation of a brochure on the said attack to confront Pakistan are doing rounds in the newshound circle. It should not be given more importance than what other options including the military options were discussed and when is an action on ground expected to be taken. Giving Pakistan a brochure on the Pulwama attack will be an exercise in futility like in the past and let us not repeat it like morons.

A golden decision arrived at was to withdraw the Most Favoured Nation status given to Pakistan by an earlier regime. Now the wrong has been righted. As a matter of fact Pakistan should be made to feel like a pariah in the comity of nations. Even China may be persuaded to see the light of the day and keep terrorists at bay. After all terrorists and separatists from the Chinese province of Xinjiang are being given lessons in terrorism and separatism by the mullahs in Pakistan.

Obviously, military option is not going to be seriously considered because it needs the element of surprise which is well impossible at the present juncture. The element of surprise is necessary to win a war and right now it is not there.

How about declaring Pakistan a Terrorist State and severe all diplomatic and commercial connections with it? Well, it is indeed a popular option which a common man will love to see in action. Nevertheless, there are many international implications and India will be required to carry other major powers on board. The western powers like USA are holding Pakistan accountable for the terror attack on Pulwama but China is significantly quiet on the matter as of now. Pakistan as usual is in the denial mode ut no one fails to notice the sense of guilt that it cannot hide. They say in Hindi "Chor ki dadhi mein tinka" and many are noticeable from a distance without using a telescope.

Our Pradhan Mantri has gone public to say that Pakistan will have to pay a heavy price for this act of terror and we know that the terroristan will not be able to hide its face nor its guilt behind a fig leaf. Of course, everyone knows that India will not be declaring a war at this stage because to wage a war or many battles the element of surprise has to be maintained. Now Pakistan is prepared to face an attack by India and, therefore India will not put into action a military option, at least not for now. Pradhan Mantri Modi will definitely keep his options close to his chest and divulge the plan of action when the time is ripe. The cards held close to the chest should be revealed only when the time is ripe and appropriate action will produce results. Modi ji is a pragmatic man and an astute statesman and even the enemy does not expect him to go into military attack now as it may not bring the kind of success that the country expects. It will have to be debated and action taken when it would be appropriate. Let the enemy keep guessing and get tired. Give the enemy a battle when he expects it least and is tired of waiting.

Surprise is one of the Ten Principles of War and an important one. All military strategists and even tacticians realize the importance of the element of surprise in winning a war. Let us in India make the best use of it. Prime Minister Narendra Modi has now given full freedom to the Indian Armed Forces to choose time, place and method of avenging the terrorist strike by Pakistan and its cohorts at Pulwama. Let us allow our brave officers and jawans to make best use of their training and chivalry to bring the enemy across the border down on his knees.

One day India will engage Pakistan into a battle where it would be a fight to finish and the word Pakistan will be obliterated from the map of the world and slip into oblivion. Let us have the patience to wait for that big day when the big battle will begin in the right earnest and the enemy will be least prepared. Will be caught napping and given a mortal blow.

Editorial NOTE: This article is categorized under Opinion Section. The views expressed in this article are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent the views of In case you have a opposing view, please click here to share the same in the comments section.
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