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Queen Elizabeth II is a direct descendant of Prophet Muhammad - true or false?
Once again many newspapers and websites have started writing about the relation of Queen Elizabeth II of Britain with Prophet Muhammad (SAW). This figment of imagination of few self-proclaimed genealogists needs to be discussed with certain data available with us rather than believing them blindly.

A report of Times of India titled "Queen a direct descendant of the Prophet-Report?" was published on 9 April 2018 based on the article written by Abdel Hamid Al Awni, published in Moroccan newspaper Al-Ousboue. 

This article of Al Awni reiterates the claims of Harold Brooks-Baker who had claimed in 1986 that queen Elizabeth was the 43rd direct descendant of the Prophet through his daughter Fatimah (AS). We need to remember that Fatimah was the only living child of the Prophet and her progeny is called Syed/Sharif/Sherif/Sayyed/Mir etc. She was married to Ali ibn AbiTalib (AS) and left this world for eternal abode leaving behind 4 children namely Hasan (AS), Husain (AS), Zainab (AS) and Kulsoom (AS).

In his article, Al Awni remarks, "This makes the blood of the Prophet in the veins of Kings who ruled Morocco, Andulasia and Europe."

The article of Times of India states, "If true, the latest claims make the world's longest-reigning living monarch, 91-year-old queen Elizabeth II, who is head of the Commonwealth, a cousin of both King Mohammad VI of Morocco and King Abdullah II of Jordan."

It is better to study the first claimant to find out the truth of the matter. According to Wikipedia, Harold Brooks-Baker was an American British financier, journalist, publisher and self proclaimed expert on genealogy. He joined Burke's Peerage Partnership in 1984 as its publishing director and managed the publication of genealogical books.

Now let us go swimming into the ocean of genealogical studies to ascertain the facts about the connection of Queen Elizabeth with the Prophet Muhammad, the founder of Islam. According to claims of these genealogists, Abu Al Qasim Mohammad ibn Abbad who founded the Abbadid dynasty and not Abbasid as claimed by Times of India was having a daughter named Zaida who fled to the court of King Alfonso VI during the attack of Almoravids. She converted to Christianity and bore Alfonso VI a son called Sancha and his bloodline runs through Richard of Conisburgh, the 3rd Earl of Cambridge, and grandson of King Edward III.

After reading above genealogical discourse it becomes easy to find out the truth as it claimed that Queen Elizabeth was related to the Prophet through Abu al Qasim Mohammad ibn Abbad, the ruler of Seville, as his daughter Zaida was married to King Alfosno.

Let us examine the genealogy of Abu al Qasim Mohammad ibn Abbad who belonged to Banu Abbad clan of Banu Lakhm tribe of Hira in Iraq. Banu Lakhm is completely different from Quraish tribe of Prophet Muhammad. Banu Lakhm traces its roots back to Qahtan of Qahtani tribe of Yemen which migrated to different parts of the Arab world.

Prophet Muhammad was a member of the Banu Hashim clan of Quraish tribe of Arabia which traces its roots to Adnan and called as Adnanites. Traditional Arabs used to classify themselves according to their houses, clans and tribes. In old Arab world, two major tribes were present – Adnanites, a tribe which descended from Adnan and covered northern, central and western Arab; and Qahnanites, a tribe hailing from Qahtan which mostly lived in southern and eastern Arabia.

I don't understand how such an expert of genealogy failed to understand that Qahtanite and Adnanite tribes are completely different and lived in different parts of Arabia. Their ancestors were completely different and both had their own rules, rituals, customs and traditions before the advent of Islam. Prophet Muhammad and his progeny are from the house of Banu Hashim, clan of Quraish and tribe of Adnan whereas Abu al Qasim Mohammad ibn Abbad, the founder of Abbadid dynasty of Seville was from the house of Banu Lakhm, clan of Kahlan and tribe of Qahtan.

In my humble submission, this so-called theory of Queen Elizabeth II being a direct descendant of Prophet Muhammad is purely based on assumptions of author(s)/genealogist(s) rather than having any historical or genealogical proof for the same.

Editorial NOTE: This article is categorized under Opinion Section. The views expressed in this article are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent the views of In case you have a opposing view, please click here to share the same in the comments section.
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