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Rahul Gandhi not announced PM candidate only to protect his image from getting dented: Political Analysts
Indian National Congress has made it clear that it is not going to project Rahul Gandhi directly as the party's PM in waiting. Instead the party has announced his name as the head of the party's Lok Sabha elections campaign.

The party made its stand clear first time on yesterday after the core committee's meeting and then today Sonia Gandhi, while responding to the workers' demand at the AICC's convention, said firmly that core committee's decision on Rahul Gandhi is final.   

Party was under immense pressure not only from workers but also some senior leaders were pitching hard for Rahul's name to be declared as Congress's  PM candidate. But, what forced the party to hide under the excuse that it was never the Congress's tradition to announce the name its PM candidate before the election result.

Is Congress afraid of putting Rahul Gandhi face to face with BJP's PM in waiting Narendra Modi? Or the Congress was having some doubts over the merits and demerits of announcing Rahul's name?

We spoke to some political analysts and tried to get the answer of this very important question, why the Congress refrained from declaring Rahul's name for PM's post.

Senior journalist and political expert Avadhesh Kumar said that the reason behind not announcing Rahul's name was that the party did not want to dent his image in case the Congress looses the Lok Sabha elections.

“Congress has fear in its mind that if the party loose the forthcoming general elections with Rahul as its PM candidate then it will be very bad for Rahul's as well as for the image of party. People will start thinking that the Congress lost under the leadership the Rahul. It will tarnish his image as a politician. So all this has been done to secure the political image of Rahul. And may be yes they are somehow fearful that he could not stand against the Modi.”

Professor of Political Science at Delhi University Dr. Pradip Kr. Datta said that although the Congress has not declared Rahul's name for the top post right now but few days before the elections his name will be formally announced.  

“Its all part of strategy of the Congress. BJP also initially named Modi only the head of the Lok Sabha election campaign team, but in the end they declared him their PM candidate. So I think that in the end Congress will also name Rahul Gandhi as its PM candidate. All this is a matter of time. As far I can see Congress has no other alternative than to announce the PM candidate, and they will surely name Rahul as PM candidate.”

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hemen parekh
ABC has spoken ! Arrogant Brahmin of Congress ( ABC ) says," You cannot be a PM Tea Vendor of India ! You are destined to die a tea vendor And breed some more tea vendors Live in slums, You Who are a mere tea vendor Vegetable vendor Newspaper vendor Delivery boy Roadside cobbler Sweeper of the street Maid servant to my wife Ayah of my children , You cannot be a PM ! You must continue to live In abject poverty And learn to survive On Rs 27 per day ( what we have fixed fairly ! ) Drink 2 cups of tea And eat 2 slices of bread, Till you die of starvation Or choose to commit suicide ( Choice is yours ! ) But you cannot be a PM ! You may continue to die of dengue Or of malaria or TB Or a disease of your choice You, Who are a mere Dalit Backward Class Scheduled caste Manual Scavenger Harijan , Bhangi Searcher of food in piles of garbage : Go jump into gutters Or in polluted rivers Stop dreaming of clean air Or a glass of clean water Inhale the acrid smell of chemicals Till your lungs corrode ! Don't sleep if you cannot On our freezing footpaths, But do not dream Of becoming a PM ! You stupid fool , Learn well your Gita , Bible , Koran And when we slap you with an insult ( " You cannot be a PM " ) Turn your other cheek ! And silently wait For rest of this Century ( a mere 86 years ! ) As you have waited For the past 66 years Till then Keep toiling In the dark dungeons called Dharavi ( we have one in every city ) Or under the scorching sun Of our parched fields And if you won't vote for us Who cares ? You Who are a mere 400 million , Who cares for you ! How dare you dream To be our PM ? A post that We The sycophants Have reserved for our exalted leader For eternity to come ! Didn't you hear our leader say , Congress is idea Not an institution, And poverty is a state of mind ? So , stop imagining the unimaginable You cannot be our PM - ever " The ABC has spoken At the AICC session , Now it is your turn to speak Vendors of India ! * hemen parekh ( 18 Jan 2014 / Mumbai )
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