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Rahul Gandhi's great 'Gotra' blunder
Sometimes when you start lying or pretending to be someone else than what you actually are, during heavy scrutiny you are bound to be trapped. The same happened in case of Rahul Gandhi.

To win majority support Rahul Gandhi presented himself as Hindu. I have no objection. I always believe that Hinduism is not a religion rather a way of life. Hinduism is 'Sanatana Dharma'. Thus every Indian irrespective of religion is a Hindu or Hindustani.

Then comes his other identity that of a 'Janeudhari Brahmin.' This is a ridiculous term because Brahmin means one has to be Janeudhari but not the reverse is right. That means all Brahmins are Janeudhari but all Janeudharis are not Brahmins. Bhumihar, many Kayastha, Khyatriays and Banias too wear Janeu but they are not Brahmins.

Now the Congress has declared that Rahul Gandhi's Gotra is 'Dattatreya'. I think it's time that I should inform Congress regarding Gotra and expose their selective approach towards Janeudhari Brahmins.

Gotra by definition is 'Cow pen' or 'herd of Cows'. The specific meaning is family lineage (as it were herd within enclosure). Gotra is commonly considered as equivalent to clan which broadly refers to people who are descendants in an unbroken male line from a common male ancestor or patriline.

There's also scientific reason why the Gotra is patriline. As per science it is the male chromosomes that decide the sex of the offspring because a male has both X and Y chromosomes. A female has two X chromosomes (XX makes a girl child whereas XY makes a male child). That's why we always try to convince conservative people (who support female foeticide) for not blaming women because for a son its male's Y chromosomes that's responsible.

Now coming back to Rahul Gandhi's case. Jawaharlal Nehru's Gotra was 'Dattatreya' because he was a Brahmin.  His sons would have inherited his Gotra. Indira Gandhi can't transfer her father's Gotra to her son. Thus Rajiv Gandhi being son of a Parsi (Feroz Gandhi) can't have Dattatreya Gotra because Y chromosome of Feroz Gandhi was responsible for Rajiv Gandhi's birth. That means Rajiv Gandhi is from a Parsi clan and so is Rahul Gandhi.

When Rahul Gandhi claimed that he is Brahmin, I had no problem because as per the Vedas "Bramham Janati itee Bramhanah'. That means a Brahmin need not be born to Brahmin parents. 

Now my next question is what's wrong in admitting that Rahul Gandhi is a Parsi? Parsi community is the smallest minority community in this country but is considered by the majority community as their own. Parsi people are most civilised and accommodative and so Hindus consider them as their own. In any case Indian majority never cares if the PM comes from a minority community. Dr Manmohan Singh, a Sikh, also a minority community, served as the PM for a decade.

When you build you base with lies, you are sure to lose trust. That's exactly what happened in Rahul Gandhi's case. I suggest him to present his true identity. People look for capability and credibility and never for caste, religion or race. Will his coteries understand this?

Editorial NOTE: This article is categorized under Opinion Section. The views expressed in this article are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent the views of In case you have a opposing view, please click here to share the same in the comments section.
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Naim Naqvi
Shocked that a learned man like you would emphasize so much over an irrelevant subject like Rahul Gandhi's gotra. It is as unimportant as Hema Malini marriage with Dharmendra or more so. Convenience is the name of the game. Religion and heredity are just an identity that we acquire without efforts. If you don’t mind Shri Acharya Ji - The Sanskrit term "Gotra" was initially used by the Vedic people for the identification of the lineages. Maharshi Panini has defined gotra in his grammar Ashtadhyayi. At the beginning, these gentes identified themselves by the names of various rishis (Angirasa, Atri, Gautam, Kashyapa, Bhrigu, Vasistha, Kutsa,and Bharadwaja; the first seven of these are often enumerated as Saptarishis). It is to be noted that Vishwamitra was initially a Kshatriya king, who later chose and rose to become an ascetic rishi. Hence the gotra was applied to the grouping stemming from one of these rishis as his descendants. There are 49 established Lead Hindu Gotras.. All members of a particular Gotra are believed to possess certain common characteristics by way of nature or profession. The term Gothra was used in its present sense for the first time in the Brahmanas. It was systematised by about the 4th century BC to accommodate changed social rules and laws and by the time of the rulers it was a well-established system. Over the years the number of gotras increased due to: (1) Descendants of original rishi also started new family lineage or new gotras, (2) By inter marriage with other sub-groups of the same caste, and (3) Inspired by another rishi whose name they bear as their own Gotra. In the 1945 court case of Madhavrao vs Raghavendrarao, which involved a Deshastha Brahmin couple, the definition of gotra as descending from eight sages and then branching out to several families was thrown out by the Bombay High Court. The court called the idea of Brahmin families descending from an unbroken line of common ancestors as indicated by the names of their respective gotras "impossible to accept." The court consulted relevant Hindu texts and stressed the need for Hindu society and law to keep up with the times, emphasising that notions of good social behaviour and the general ideology of the Hindu society had changed. The court also said that the mass of material in the Hindu texts is so vast and so full of contradictions that it is a near-impossible task to reduce it to order and coherence.
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