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Rahul Gandhi’s speech and some questions on it
On Friday Rahul Gandhi, the Congress's Vice-President addressed delegates from across the country at the AICC session at Talkatora Stadium in New Delhi. It may be an attempt on his part (I cannot say desperate, as I have never seen anything passionate about Rahul Gandhi) to scatter the discontentment among the highly demoralised members of his party (following the electoral debacle in recently concluded assembly elections followed by the unwanted and unprecedented developments) but for me it was seriously short of content.

In fact instead of activating any adrenaline there were storm of counter questions in me. Let me share his speech highlights and my counter questions on them and I’m sure I deserve an answer to each and every one of them.

Highlights of Rahul Gandhi's speech at AICC meet:

Rahul Gandhi: Democracy is not ruled by one man.

My Question - If I’m not wrong then this is nothing but a typical and sweltering attack on your arch rival  Narendra Modi. Let me tell you Narendra Modi has come to this stage by climbing the ladder from its very first step democratically. My question is on what credential you are the Vice- President of Congress party? Isn't it ruled by one family?

Rahul Gandhi: We've asked the youth and women, will ask Dalits, farmers, laborers and businessmen what they want and make a manifesto accordingly.

My Question- If you have asked youth and women…then where is that manifesto? Why didn’t you ask so far dalits….etc? I mean you have been ruling since a decade. Who or What stopped you all these years? Isn’t it something like aping the AAP’s strategy?

Rahul Gandhi: We enforced a minimum wage and gave the country the highest growth rate in its history.

My Question- Well where is the growth? What about the inflation and price rise?

Rahul Gandhi: We will ask the block presidents, workers, district presidents to directly select candidates for the constituencies in next Lok Sabha.

My Question- Again isn’t it an attempt to imitate the AAP’s strategy? Why didn’t you do this all these years? You are talking of democracy…what about the high command culture in your party itself?

Rahul Gandhi: In the next year, we will work towards bringing the poor like security guards, labourers into the middle class level.

My Question- Why did this term “Poor” still exist in our country in first place? The Congress party has the highest record of the reign in our nation. Why did it fail to eradicate poverty, hunger and paucity in India? Why the gap between poor & affluent widened resoundingly?

Rahul Gandhi: The workers' voice will be heard by the Congress governments.

My Question- Really? That means you’re confirming that the worker’s voice was never heard by the Congress Govt…isn’t it’? Will you share the reason? Or else you mean that that workers are less equals so far in your party?

Rahul Gandhi: We have to open the Congress party to youth, the new generation, new thoughts.

My Question- Well is it the reason why the dismal presence of youth in your party at present? Because gerontocracy has a big clutch in your party instead of meritocracy of the youths (of course “You are different from other youngsters”) who were debarred of opportunity in your party so far…isn’t it?

Rahul Gandhi: I want to see 50% women at AICC sessions, Parliament and among chief ministers of state governments.

My Question- Well let me tell you Mr. Gandhi I have a sarcastic smile on my face hearing this. First of all who stopped you till this date doing this? Will you name me at least one Congress Women CM at present? Still the women reservation bill is pending and you are ruling for a decade? How much time you need?

Or you still feel that you can sell blankets in summer and expect us to be stupid enough to actually buy some of them? I still wonder why your own sister Ms. Priyanka Gandhi isn’t in active politics till date in spite of having hard core politics in her blood?

Rahul Gandhi: Nine cylinders are not enough; the women of India want 12 cylinders.

My Question- Well…where were you since last one year? Mr. Gandhi when I was bleeding while compromising my kitchen budget with high inflation, meteoritic price rise along with a 6 (later 9) LPG cap…why did you have a deep slumber? Didn’t it pinch you all these days?

Why did you deathly silent since four years when price rise of essential was sucking our blood? Even you woke up only at the edge of an election? Come on….do you still think we are brainless?

Rahul Gandhi: Our opposition is so good it can even sell combs to bald people. Interestingly, the newest party can even give hair cut to bald people.

My Question- Well in that case you must start selling combs to Mr. Digvijaya Singh if that helps you to become a leader. My question is did you accept that since last decade you've been making enough people go bald by giving huge amount of stress and difficulty of living a normal life?

In fact I've serious problem with this statement. Isn't it highly derogatory and profusely criticize to those people who lost hairs on their heads as well as those people who meet their daily expenses by selling combs. Also do you feel public are fool to fall trap in such selling? Isn't it an insult to the asserting voting generation?

Rahul Gandhi: Our party MPs will choose the PM.

My Question- Then who had chosen Manmohan Singh as PM? He is yet to be elected by public in a direct election! And what about Uttarakhand CM episode? Isn’t it a fact that the closed envelopes from high command in your party decide the CMs instead of legislative members?

Rahul Gandhi: We are not assembled as individuals, we are here as trustees of an idea. This idea is greater than me, the PM, the Congress president and you.

My Question: What an Idea Sir JI? People are actually hemorrhaged with this idea. It has gone beyond its expiry date. It will only inject toxins to already inflected body. Time to make it history…isn't it?

Rahul Gandhi: I am a soldier of the Congress. I am willing to do whatever you want me to do.

My Question- The day you tattered the ordinance by the PM…. it said it all. Can you deny it?

Rahul Gandhi: India teaches us to remain united in the face of adversity.

My Question- On what ground you’re saying this? Do you mean pseudo secularism which only divides people in the name of religion? The only visible party at this time talking of unity without any appeasement policies is your rival! Don’t you think you have a record of uniting people in terms of vote-bank politics and vested appeasements?

Rahul Gandhi: No matter how much our shortcomings frustrate us, we love our country.

My Question- Now you agree after a decade of ruling that you have short comings. Your love to country is very well proved if one see Quatrochhi's episode or Anderson's episode (Bhopal Gas accident accused) and 7 other such cases! Family, party always precedes national interest.

Rahul Gandhi: We give power to people in terms RTI, NREGA and the Right to Food

My Question: Well if you are serious about transparency then why Congress party is reluctant to come under RTI? After all Charity begins at home….right? What’s your take on onions and hot potatoes few months back? Are they not an essential part of our food?

Besides your government forced bring RTI act followed by Supreme Court's direction after lot of fine tuning by NAC. The real credit of RTI, RTE, Lokapal etc goes to Anna, Kejariwal, Kiran Bedi and their colleagues who fought in the street and courts for years. At last and not the least will give some more genuine insights on scams as Coalgate, 2G and Robert Vadhra to be precise?

Finally let me ask 'Whom you are fooling Mr. Rahul Gandhi?

Editorial NOTE: This article is categorized under Opinion Section. The views expressed in this article are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent the views of In case you have a opposing view, please click here to share the same in the comments section.
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