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Rains in Gurgaon: People say it's good, but bad also due to poor public infrastructure
Gurgaon is experiencing a pleasant weather since last few days with cool breeze and soothing rainfall touching lives of every single resident here. Everybody have their own ways of enjoying it. Some give reasons to smile and jump up in the rain, whereas, some yell at the weather, reason being their loss of money or time due to the heavy rains and storms.

While speaking to few people in Gurgaon we tried to come up with some bright and some dark sides of the "monsoon weather".

Here are some people talking about the much brighter and positive side of the rain:

On being asked how he likes to enjoy the rainy weather, a Vice-President at one of the leading companies of Gurgaon, says, "My way of enjoying the monsoon will be taking a leave from all the office work and just sit at home. While I watch the raindrops, the pakoras and illish fries will lure me to stay inside."

Well it seems Mr. V-P has already set his plans for the next rainfall, with all the mouth watering dishes, just to make it a one of a kind moment for him.

But despite so many plus points, what's monsoon without a little trouble? For him, being at home and not watching TV due to the power cuts because of the rains is a major problem.

One more person from Gurgaon, Ajay Yadav, who works at media company, while expressing his exciting monsoon plans said, "Monsoon means respite from scorching heat. Since I love nature I would like to go out to any forest area and witness the rains there only. The sound of the rain coming out of the thick forest just fascinates me like anything. Sit in a tree house and read novels while the rain falls outside the window, what more can one wish for?"

Well, monsoon is the season of love, the love that the best friends share, the love that the siblings express by throwing each other into the rain. It is the time when one forgets about the age and goes back to the age when making boats out of paper and competing with one another was the essence of life.

Rains always offer every person a completely different reason to thank the almighty for the beautiful weather and the showers, enriching our lives.

For a sports lover, rains are the best excuse to forget the boring studies or the tiring job and just leap into the puddle of mud, like specially placed for them to enjoy a sport of their choice. Football, especially during the rainy season, simply accelerates the level of excitement and the will to live life.

Anurag Gupta, working at a BPO and a huge football fan shared his experience, "Football is a thing which can never be out of fashion. It is a style which is always in. Talking about the monsoon, it brings up the kid in every guy. Getting all dirty in the mud, kicking the ball and slipping away on the ground, well who does that regularly? Rains are the reason for all the old friends to unite and play some game. It is that time of year when asking for holidays from the office is not an issue."

Sumbul, a young enthusiast, has the love for her family in mind when it comes about rains. She said, "Gurgaon is having awesome weather these days. I would love to enjoy the day with my lovely daughter and my most loving husband. I would love to go for an outing with my family and enjoy the precious moments gifted by the rain to me."

How can rain be so good to everybody? A coin has always two side. Like there are people who love rains, there are people who don't like rains.

Jaya, a student who travels back and forth to Gurgaon, likes the rain a lot, getting all messed up in the rain, doing the chhap chhap in the puddle is her way of enjoying the rain but, when you get up early in the morning so that you can be at a place on time, the rain can be your real enemy. All the traffic jams, with vehicles stubborn to move an inch, one can easily lose his mind. And the humidity one has to face after the good rainfall, its like icing on the cake.

Kalpana Mukherjee,a hardworking, independent woman, who works with a media company, said, "Monsoons in Gurgaon might be a momentary relief, but in the long run it creates a mess for the residents. The roads are all chaotic, filled with waters and traffic. The most irritating thing about the rains in Gurgaon is that suddenly the rickshaw drivers feel that they are the king of the world and they charge exorbitant amount for short distances. The private autos are also the same. If you are a girl, then matters just go out of hand as they are not ready to bargain and charge high amount of money for short distances."

Sumbul Zaidi, who was all optimistic about the rains, has a tiny-miny problem with it as well, she says,

"Rains are all good till the time they do not enter our homes. Water logging in the society makes living a hell. How can one enjoy the rain with all the water getting inside the houses and you get busy in sweeping the floors."

Well, what Sumbul goes through, is also a big menace which the Gurgaonites face every year. Despite many complaints made to the MCG and MCG trying to figure out the solution, there could not be a permanent or even a temporary solution of the problem that Suhasini and others face.

This was not the biggest problem that the Gurgaonites face, there is even a bigger problem that Rahul Saini is going through this monsoon. He said, "Monsoon is all good but the most irritating part, according to me is that when I try to study or read something, all the bugs/moths which usually can be seen during the monsoon season, surround the lamp which make it difficult for me to continue with my work."

So, what solution does the MCG or the Pest Control have to Rahul's problem?!

This is monsoon where a single drop can lighten up someone's world and that very single drop can also ruin someone's day and night both!

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