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Raj Thackeray has a point
There has been a sentiment in Mumbai that the Marathi culture is under attack. Less popular leaders among mumbaikars like Lalu Yadav and Amar Singh have been making frequent visits to Mumbai and other places in Maharashtra for celebrating UP fest.
THE POLITICS in India has always been caste and community ridden but the trend that is catching up fast in Maharashtra (among the Maharashtra Navnirman Sena supporters) is the linguistic politics. The north Indians, especially people coming from the states like UP and Bihar are being beaten in broad day light on the streets of Mumbai. This is just a sign of the grave situation in Maharashtra and a glimpse of what mumbaikars feel about their brethren coming in from the north of India.
The attack on the house of Amitabh Bachchan, supposedly executed by the Maharashtra Navnirman Sena (MNS) workers made the headlines, but what was the purpose of the attack? Apparently, the attack is being seen in the context of Amitabh Bachchan’s proximity with Amar Singh.
There has been a sentiment in Mumbai that the Marathi culture is under attack. Less popular leaders among mumbaikars like Lalu Yadav and Amar Singh have been making frequent visits to Mumbai and other districts of Maharashtra for celebrating UP festivities.
But the question comes that why it is only people from Bihar and UP and from other BIMARU (Bihar, Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan, Uttar Pradesh) states who have been made a target in recent years, whether it is the recent antagonism in the Maharashtra or beating of the candidates from Bihar and UP in Assam who travelled to appear for the railways recruitment exams. There has been a large-scale migration from these states to other states, which have relatively sound financial condition and a lot more opportunities and avenues for growth.
The states of Bihar and UP have had a rich tradition of producing great leaders, bureaucrats and intellectuals but the land of Buddha has now come to have the image of a place represented by a host of sticky problems. This image refuses to die down. It seems to be a general perception that these states are like a cancer on the body of India, which is inhibiting the overall personality of a young nation ready to face the world but is being bogged down by the internal complexities.
It is an accepted fact now that the city of Mumbai, which has the biggest slum, is overburdened by the millions coming in from various parts of the country in the search of livelihood. Of course, we all love our homes and we do expect that anyone visiting our home should behave. You can so easily see slum dwellers across Mumbai easing off themselves on the highways, they have to be stopped or at least persuaded not to come if Mumbai has to survive, either of which does not seem to be feasible or practical. The most constructive step would be providing them with the opportunities in their own backyard. Otherwise, the trend will move on to other cities like Bangalore, Hyderabad and Chennai.
Raj Thackeray certainly has a point keeping all these facts in the backdrop but Thackeray’s usually belligerent stand is unbearable in this episode, at least. He has ignited an issue (it was never an issue of course), which will only help escalate tension in the state. If you go through the social networking sites like Orkut and visit the communities of MNS, you would get to see a lot of heated exchanges between so called mumbaikars and north Indians, which could raise the eyebrows of anyone as to what they are fighting for? The youth has the responsibility of behaving patiently and prudently. This is not a matter to fight upon.
The whole episode is quite similar to when we Indians move to a foreign country in search of a better living. There are so many Indians, who are doing menial or less lucrative jobs in those foreign lands. Out of them, a few are from Bihar and UP. They occasionally have to suffer the hostility of the native population. Take the example of Malaysia, which has been in the news for attacks on the ethnic Indian community. From other foreign countries also, news about racial or other forms of discrimination and assault keeps coming in.
We do not have any right to raise our voice for our countrymen living abroad if we treat our countrymen here in the very same manner.
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K vivek
I am aghast to know that suddenly UPites have startted celebrating UP Diwas functions . If you are so emotional about UP diwas please go to UP and celebrate it. But if Up ‘Bhaiyyas’ want to celebrate in Mumbai , then the best they can do is catch a train to Allahabad and celebrate it in the train. I must remind you that in Agra / Allhabad, Gwalior , Vadodra, Indore , Belgaum and Hubli . It is the Maharashtrains who are under attack.If by anychance you feel that by taking the side to North Indians you are going to win elections this is just a ploy to divide Marathi vote bank. So that neither MNS nor shivsena wins. The ultimate aim to slowly break away Muimbai into a separate region,. And when that happens Honorable shri Balasaheb would have to migrate to Pune. I must tell you that already in Pune the Non Maharashtrians are acquiring all the medium white collar jobs of ITs / ITEs and BPOs. So much so that in Pune to set up a shop in say Mobile. sales . groceries cloth is only allowed to gujjus, In IT / ITES & BPOs mainly south Indians and some North Indians and few Mahrashtrians get the job, In furniture /food. Medical stores is Punjabis gujju or UP Biharis who have a monopoly. Only Riksha drivers and vegetable vendors and bhel puri walas are the ones who would be Maharashtrians .Builders ? agents are Gujju/ Christians / Muslims or Marwaris. Barbers are mainly Muslims of Up Biharis, That too the pani poor walas are all from UP and MP. There is already a Gujrathi colony where it is told that the houses on rent and sale are only sold to Gujjus . Lastly when I went to s shop and aksed for a Vadapav the shop keeper said the days of vadapav are over . It is either Kutchi dabeli or else sandwich; though symbolic it speak the truth of Maharshtra ingeneral and Mumbai, pune nashik in particular. I know that mUmbai is actually lost out and what Raj are trying is last minute battle like the famous Baji Prabhu Deshpande . I know that you have lost already in Mumbai. I think at least in time you stop this repeating in Pune Nashik atleast Thanks Vivek K
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