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Ram Temple or Babri Mosque: It's no more an emotive issue for ordinary Indians
On December 6th, the Parliament was adjourned in the honor of anti-apartheid hero late Nelson Mandela followed by his demise in the late night of 5th December, 2013. The World condoles the loss of a true Gandhian and a courageous leader, whose admirers are not limited to any country. Thus the adjournment was for a very noble reason.

But every year since 1992, 6th December is always an adjournment day for Parliament because on this day Babri Mosque (disputed structure) was demolished in Ayodhya. That period was definitely a horrific period as emotions between Hindus and Muslims were at highest level of bitterness. This was cashed by rival political parties. Every year on this day and on various forums both rival parties do raise this issue to make a vote bank politics by polarizing across religion line sensitizing the sentiments.

However, I am not here to discuss merits or demerits of either side's logic of demolition, nor I would attempt to justify or unjustify the demolition. I also don't intend to say who did wrong and who did right. Everything is under Court's jurisdiction and I believe that law will take its own course. However the point is whether the Ram Temple-Babri Mosque dispute still remains an emotive issue?

From Hindus point of view, I don’t see any enthusiasm on Ram Janmabhoomi issue! I have discussed with many friends over the years on this issue, whether it’s emotive to them. The sincere and honest answers are appropriate. According to them, on slightest provocation, Hindus usually get sensitized because there was the concept that the Mosque was built over a demolished temple. Thus as long as that structure remains, even though Ram Lala was worshipped inside the structure, there remains an emotion.

This appeared to them as a matter of shame! Once the structure is demolished, then none care whether a new temple is constructed or not. There is no dearth of temples in India and no problem if a new temple is not constructed. That’s why BJP dropped this issue earlier and Advani too admitted that Ram Temple is no more an electoral issue.

In fact whoever demolished the Babri structure might be realizing that they simply killed a golden egg laying hen! Ram temple was never an emotive issue in South-India and not now in Hindi heartland too! That’s why on the function of so-called ‘Shourya Divas’ they don’t find any takers and concluded the formalities in the presence of very small group of activists.

From Muslim's point of view, it’s really difficult to say what their emotion is to this issue. However feedback from my Muslim friends and the general visible attitude of this religion also shows that demolition of Babri Mosque too is no more an emotive issue for them.

According to my Muslim friends’ feedback, they never considered Babri-structure as a Mosque as no namaz was practiced there since many years. According to Islam, this can’t be a Mosque. Further Islam never allows a place to be a Mosque built over a purposefully demolished other religious structures! Ramlala too was worshipped there since fifties. Thus it was never a religious place for Muslims.

However a historical pride of Muslim domination was attached to this structure. Thus its demolition hurt them a lot. They never expected that in a democracy, for whatever reason a structure bearing emotions of sizeable public can be demolished. But the demolition was already done. Since then too much water has flown down in all rivers.

They saw that their emotion is being reaped opportunistically by vested interests. Also twenty two years is a very long gap. The polity and politics both have changed. Now, the politics is centered on growth, development, inclusiveness, etc. Thus they too are no more emotional on this issue.

I asked one Muslim friend if a new Ram temple is constructed on that disputed area, what would be his reaction. He laughed and said, “Babri Masjid was demolished no doubt, but a temple only can be built either with our consent or there would be no temple ever even if there is a favorable verdict by the Supreme Court! None in this polity would ever try to demolish any disputed structure nor can construct a disputed structure!”

The confidence says everything. This also proved negligible attendance on observance of black day by vested interest groups. Thus it proves that people have moved on! Now political parties need to move on too for maintaining and strengthening the integrity and harmony of the nation.

Editorial NOTE: This article is categorized under Opinion Section. The views expressed in this article are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent the views of In case you have a opposing view, please click here to share the same in the comments section.
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