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Rama is the creator of the Brahmin caste
Rama did not have any other option but to create first caste; Brahmins-in order to continue his preaching and the Sanatana Dharma. Rama is the biggest investor and the biggest Unionist, India has ever produced.

In order to understand the caste system and its origin, one needs to start with the first historical God, Rama. Rama incarnation took place around five millennia back. Human consciousness is not more than three millennia old. Rama’s time was dictated by auditory hallucinations with the absence of the bicameral brain. India was highly distributed society even then with many more advanced than the rest of their brethren. Humans could be present in many parts of India most notably in the Southern India. Many races should be present all around India. Therefore, Indian demography should have been very complex since beginning.

Rama was the incarnation of Vishnu and obviously he should have bicameral advanced brain. He preached and he invested. At the invitation of Southern Indians with Hanuman being the wisest among them and also their ambassador, Rama went to the South to tame a devil king named as Ravana in Ramayana. He did not kill him but let him marry a Northern Indian girl, Brahmin, from present point of view. It is believed that the girl belonged to Mandor village in Rajasthan. Rama from present vocabulary exported Brahminism, introduced Vaishnavism and improved inter-sectarian harmony by worshiping Shivalingum at Rameshvaram.

Rama seeing very diverse India with many people being practically unconsciousness and incompetent and also few dreaming then to create Indian supercomputer; Param, worried about the loss of his preaching. Rama till to date is the biggest investor and biggest unionist in India but he understood that in order to keep the society intact and create the biggest possible India and also to protect his preaching for future he needs to induce an inequality by creating a caste.

By the laws of distributions there were many fair people in the North of India and talented too as per the standard of the time. He called this caste as the Brahmin—the first caste in Hinduism both in hierarchy and in sequence. That caste would be very proud about itself, was fair and relatively intelligent. Even though Rama should have left flexibility of inclusion of others into this caste, the caste should have been more or less fixed since birth.

Rama’s incarnation primary purpose was to create first caste rather than to preach morality and ethics. Obviously when true religion was invented five millennia back where except by the laws of distributions nobody had consciousness—there was relative consciousness and not the absolute one, caste is the natural outcome in racially heterogeneous society to protect the preaching and continue the dharma. This led to dominance of fair people since beginning in Indian society.

All could not have learned therefore, better if few learned and preserved. Rama after listening to external auditory instructions asked Brahmins to dissolve his preaching and redistribute them in future texts. In this sense Rama is the first capitalist. He is definitely an investor and not a socialist. Whether he created second caste Kshatriya or not can not be inferred but this is certain that Rama is the originator of Brahmins and therefore biggest historic person in Sanatana Dharma.

After Rama, Brahmins started discovering newer theories and philosophies and also discovered newer Gods. But the caste system was incomplete as the Hindu society was mostly divided into Brahmins and non-Brahmins. Sure, Brahmins had color and intelligence and therefore that distinction had genetic and biological origin. But the rest did not have those huge differences in color, intelligence and physiques. Indians had many commonalties too. But other people also wanted functionalities distributed according to their birth in order to hedge against risks and make their future certain. Only thing is that they did not have standards and basis for dividing the whole society on the lines of castes.

Then two things happened in India: first, arrival of a minority Caucasian race through the North-Western border who primarily settled in Punjab and along the Gangetic planes though many of them should have migrated to various places in India and second, incarnation of Krishna. The White color of the immigrants added to the consciousness of people even though it was again pre-conscious era. Brahmins had established theories which the Indo-Europeans accepted. Both mixed and with the help of Krishna the other castes were also created. The color should have been promotion to maximum.

Krishna in the war of Mahabharata let more-Brahmin-lesser-Kshatriya Pandavas win over more-Kshatriya-lesser-Brahmin Kauravas. The color of the Whites matched maximum with Brahmins and they hybridized maximum but Brahmins are equally indigenous people and obviously the most nationalist. The rest hybridized with warrior class and Kshatriyas were born. They got some color and national consciousness because of this. The same was true for the third upper caste, Vish. Therefore, the castes should be considered partly a result of hybridization and nationalization of all races done over the centuries.

It is all together a different thing that Kshatriyas and Vish had been much criticized in Krishna’s preaching. While Rama is the originator of Brahmins, Krishna let Brahminism and Brahminical values won in the Great War. While the war was most certainly the war of righteousness for Krishna and for the rest of Hindus, for Pandavas and for Kauravas it was because of the conflicting self-interests. The lower castes should have been also created by Krishna and outcastes were determined because of the color and ability. They were the leftovers. The superiority of Brahmins, two other upper castes, lower castes and outcastes were required to continue the caste dominance and caste apartheid.

Both Rama and Krishna had Brahmin-Kshatriya origin. It would be like abusing Krishna if he is called Yadav. Many communists may think about the war of Mahabharata as victory of dark over fair but then this is a crazy idea. Never in history of the North has dark won over fair. Consumerism induced nationalism guarantee they it will never happen in future as well, as long as India continue to grow.

But ultimately this was the beauty of Rama who established caste system in a very capitalist manner. Sure, only the wearer knows where the shoe pinches and in that sense caste apartheid has had been bad for many but it is the caste system which has protected India since ancient times; first from the offshoots of Hinduism and then from Islam and Christianity.

Again, Rama is the biggest investor and his investment both in terms of creating color and class consciousness would affect Indian society till there is one. One can ask why did Brahmins not worship him as extensively as they do with Krishna, the answer is till the medieval period Rama was the exclusive Ishvara of practicizing high priest community. Those Brahmins considered it as sacred to keep Rama as their secret deity. Rama was reinvented after the Islam arrived in India. The above explanation is consistent and is not a fiction but if no temple in India accepts it then it is likely to be incorrect.

Editorial NOTE: This article is categorized under Opinion Section. The views expressed in this article are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent the views of In case you have a opposing view, please click here to share the same in the comments section.
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