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Rape allegations or feminist terrorism?
Very sad to feel that Indian society is already in chaos after the news that head of a South Delhi based NGO Khurshid Anwar South Delhi committed suicide due to rape 'allegations', FIR and the media trial against him. Isn't it feminist terrorism going on by blasting a “PAGE-bomb of rape-allegation” against any rival male? And that too, the allegation was made after two months.

The irony of the rape allegation against Khurshid is that he and the girl, who made the allegation, had met during December16 rape protests in national capital last year”.

Now after his death, who else knows or who will find out whether it was an alleged-rape or a “consented love” or even there was any sexual act between them in the night when the girl stayed, by her own choice, at Khurshid’s house after an alcohal party?

After this suicide and the recent high-profile allegations on Tarun Tejpal, Justice AK Ganguly; we probably should review the draconian laws against males at home and at workplace and also review the very concepts of freedom.

Freedom At Midnight is a book's title and is only a historical event. It's not a birth right of any kid, youth, aged, rich, poor, male, female, alcoholed or unalcoholed, to roam in dark or dim-light on highway, street, at midnight time or at party or at girl friend's or boy friend's boss's house, to expect protection by police or society from loot, murder or harassment or even rape.

So, prevention is basic concept ‘of security’ of everyone everywhere. "Men should be away from alcohol and women/kids should keep themselves away from drunk men" and also "women should avoid mid-night outings/party with strangers/friends/boss/colleagues".

If men can not take things for granted, then women also can not take things for granted in mid-night alcoholic and boozing male-female cocktail parties? Why women cry foul always only after being "behaved the way they did not wish"?

In fact, rationality and equality says that for rape-like crimes, "hard punishment for men" and "strict preventive laws for women" seems to be only solution of women's safety and social peace, because, "if the society is given the responsibility to protect women, then naturally, the society should also be given the right to regulate them".

Within same family we have children, women, adults, senior-citizens. Don't we try to protect all with 'different' regulating rules? That does not mean we should start "equality-shouting". Don't we regulate our children from going to a place or at such a time when there is a possibility of presence of a child-molester (paedophile)?

Yes, if even after all these preventives measures rape happens in society, then death punishment for culprits is justified. In fact, "publicly beaten to death" would be also be the the best deterrence (Fear of Law to Citizens).

Editorial NOTE: This article is categorized under Opinion Section. The views expressed in this article are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent the views of In case you have a opposing view, please click here to share the same in the comments section.
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