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Rapes in India reflects the failure of Indian society
It appears that there is no end to rape cases in our country. A 6 year old girl was raped three days back in a school by a school staff in Bangalore, which still has to be solved. Guardians are protesting against the possible police inaction. In Lucknow also, a twenty year girl was not only raped but murdered brutally after inhuman tortures similar to that of a Nirbhaya episode. These two cases caught media attention, although rapes are happening every now and then and doesn't appear to stop.

Police, governments and administrators are always being blamed. I don't say that they shouldn't be blamed. They have the responsibility to check crime. It's sometime petty that the political leaning comes against maintaining strong law and order. Thus the government as well as police department must be charged for not able to curb such incidents.

At the same time let us ask ourselves, how we as a civil society work to check such heinous crimes? Can the police and government alone can curb such menace without participation and support from the society? For a reality check, let me cite example of 'Operation Dhritarashtra' organized by Zee News and aired on 18th and 19th July 2014.

In this hidden camera program, they chose cities such as Delhi, Bhopal, Kolkata etc as the location. Timing of the shooting was 10 pm to 12 midnight. According to their plan, they put a car with black window glasses in some vital yet less crowded location. Inside the car there was an audio tape which voices in girl tone, like 'No, never, please, don't, in a panic voice. Anyone listening from outside would be clear in his mind that a girl is being raped inside the stationary car!

Then the experiment started. Many people passed by the side of the car, hear the panic voice but didn't stop. Some left the place smiling; some ran away out of fear! Isn't it a surprise? When you know a girl probably being raped inside the car, how can you ignore this and leave the place without thinking of the victim? Isn't it because those people thought that the girl being raped doesn't belong to his sister/daughter/wife. Why to intervene when there is no relation? Isn't such thought selfish?

Humans are a social animal. If there is no blood relation, at least there is a social relation. Further we live in a democracy. Here, every citizen has certain responsibility and accountability. You may be physically weak against the criminals. But what stops you to alert other public, inform police or at least raise a voice. Why should one be so fearful and detached himself on what's going on because the rape victim may not be his relative? What would the same person feel when other too ignore the rape of his relative?

Point is that civil society too is very selfish, cowardice and ignorant. That's why such crimes are increasing day by day. Criminals know that a distressed girl has no support from the surrounding stakes holder of civil society. They may scream and even indulge in vandalism remaining part of a crowd but will not do anything himself for saving anybody from being raped.

Self safety and self interest is paramount. When civil society becomes selfish and cowardice, definitely criminals will be ruling. The Chinese proverb rightly says that 'Goat like people get's wolves like rulers!'

No government can provide police security to all the citizens neither police can be provided in every square meter area. Police too can't be efficient and sincere if the society is inefficient, self centered and ignorant. People in the police in fact come from the same society. How can they be different?

An alert, vigil and responsible society always makes police, government and administration not only vigilant, accountable but also efficient. If the society is strong and responsible, criminals can't have field days and crime ought to come down. If we need that the law and order condition in our society and country to be improved, then we need to change ourselves first.

We need to make our self responsible and accountable for everything that happens in our society and country. If we became opportunists, selfish and coward, then our daughters/sisters/mothers would always be raped continuously till such time we wake up from our inertia. The choice is ours. Choice is whether we as a civil society prevail or we let the rapist to prevail on our relatives.

Good news is that although very few, but there are some people who did intervene in that reality check by Zee News. An 86 year old gentleman attempted to smash the window glass to save the girl under torture. Similarly a 78 year old watchman started knocking the car with his stick. Some gentleman did raise his voice, tried to unlock the car window. Very interesting is to see a teenage guy calling his friend immediately and tried saving the victim girl.

That means humanity is still alive in our society although in a small quantity. Isn't it time for all of us to wake up? If the society as whole assert can these criminals rape our girls? Shouldn't we be active after Nirbhaya case?

Point is more we take time to assert, the rapes are only going to increase. How many rapes should we afford before a final awakening?

Editorial NOTE: This article is categorized under Opinion Section. The views expressed in this article are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent the views of In case you have a opposing view, please click here to share the same in the comments section.
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