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Release of the Juvenile Rapist Part 2
As was expected and predicted, with the outcry at the release of this sub-human organism that was responsible for the rape, mutilation and ultimately death of the girl called "Nirbhaya", the highly esteemed parliamentarians decided that they would stop playing their 'juvenile' games in the house and get the required bill passed.

However, this bill will do nothing to stop the release of the murderer and rapist who now gets out with a smile on his face. It has been three years since the little horror of a human has been in the rehab center. Since three years our wonderful politicians have tried to outdo each other with games that benefit nobody but themselves.

These are the games they play with the citizens of India. They get their salaries, their perks, their subsidized food in the canteens and of course a large kickbacks from all and sundry whom they shower with favors. If anyone is to blame for the mess and the horror that is India in too many places within the country, it is these politicians who have been playing with the lives of innocents. Why do they do this? Nobody knows. It seems that their humanity has been lost with cynicism and indifference towards whom they regard as their 'subjects' becomes endemic.

The law that has come about now after this useless member of society will be released comes three years too late. What were our leaders doing these three years? They were playing their little games is one that we the sorry citizens of India understand fully. However, there is an accountability issue now which needs to be addressed and this has to be put on the head or heads of the leaders both state and central.

I write this knowing fully that the government will pay no attention to the reams of papers being written on this issue. The cynicism of the government at the highest levels is such that they know the people will get back to their lives and forget this, given enough time. I do wish that we in the media along with activists and citizens could get together at a sustained level and keep at it till common sense laws are formulated and implemented.

We have at the moment politicians and their spokespersons mouthing platitudes and patting themselves on their backs for having passed a law that has come too late to prevent this evil human being from being released. Make no mistake. There have been plenty of such incidents. There have been accusations against the very parliamentarians that have indulged themselves in such wanton crimes against women. And then you have many of these same politicians making excuses for the young criminals saying that boys will be boys and some mistakes will happen.

Where does this end? In this country it seems that it never will. Is this a country where civilized people will ever govern? Are we are so morally bankrupt that there is no longer any leader left that will take a lead in stating the obvious without falling prey to the pressures of his own party politics? There should be some. I personally urge these honest men who know great wrongs are being committed in the name of political correctness and false loyalty to organizations that are being eaten away due to the rot within, to come forward on public platforms and announce to whosoever will listen and act.

I would urge the judges of this nation to leave aside their law books for the time being, stop being their own prisoners and announce that this is not done. Remember that the law books were written by one of their own and they have changed many times across the decades and centuries. It is time we tore up our false loyalties to institutions that have become outdated and obsolete and yes, if our law books and other books that we consider sacred cannot help in righting such terrible wrongs in society then it is time to tear those apart too and write new ones that restore honor and dignity to the human beings that live in this part of the world.

I for one, hang my head in shame and today, I would rather be somewhere else rather than in a country which allows for its citizens to tolerate the most unjust laws and forces it to accept these very laws.

It is time to rise! It is time to force change from the top down. It is time.

Editorial NOTE: This article is categorized under Opinion Section. The views expressed in this article are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent the views of In case you have a opposing view, please click here to share the same in the comments section.
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