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Relevance of Aam Aadmi Party in Gurgaon
After the unprecedented success of Aam Aadmi Party in Delhi elections, AAP is now eyeing to strengthen its footprints in Haryana. Haryana's capital city Gurgaon actually has a lot of relevance for AAP and vice versa. From non enthusiastic voters to high level of corruption, Gurgaon is a city needs to be cleaned with Kejriwal's broom. Being the Secretary of Aam Aadmi Party(AAP) in Gurgaon, I have tried to project the relevance of the party in Gurgaon. As a new party, we want and need all the support that we can get. However, we are also trying to do away with the ills of the political scenario in and around Delhi. Gurgaon, being an important city is closely looked into by our party members.

Corruption in Gurgaon - AAP has identified corruption in every corner of this city, like HUDA (Registry for Electric connection, water connection and completion of house). Nothing can happen without paying bribe. Mafias of all kinds are ruling the city of Gurgaon. 

Parking mafia is everywhere, Sabzi Mandi mafia, encroachment in the market, education mafia (Donation for admission in the school and half of the private schools are violating the RTE act.), land registry mafia, water tankers mafia and PDS mafia - we can keep counting. In someway or other this have made life difficult for Gurgaon's common man.

AAP works against corruption, as is well known by now. Thus, we are asking information through RTI and exposing the corrupt officers and the offices. Carrying out sting operations and exposing them and complaining to higher authority to take action is the way we are working. Time bound for the job and the penalty for delay will be imposed on concerned people.

Fake voting has been used for winning the election where a MLA has been summoned and FIR has been registered against MLA, BLO and an ACP. Gurgaon parking mafia, land registry by mafia has been reported to DC.

Gurgaon people: Reluctant voters- Gurgaon voters in large percentage do not take part in the elections because Congress, BJP and INLD are the more or less parties which are not the party of common people and they did not solve people's primary issues like corruption.

Now the voters will have the option to vote for party of vision which can change the politics, its corrupt system and give good governance by involving the common people in the development of the country.

Weaknesses of Police authorities in Gurgaon- In Gurgaon the traffic management, storm water, sewer, roads, security, street light and drinking water requires lot of improvement. The metro needs to be extended to Manesar from Huda city center and Hero Honda Chowk to Dwarka to reduce traffic jams.

The security issue is going to be a big the problem in the city. More police staff is required in the city as the population is increasing and would be approximately 20 lakh in the near future. The accountability of the police is to fix these problems and to be answerable to the public for various kinds of crimes. More CCTV needs to be mounted in the crime zones and civil society can be also involved in improving environment of the security and curb the criminal activities in the city.

Gurgon's reaction to AAP-
So far AAP has received a warm welcome by the Gurgaonities. Gurgaon people are coming to AAP offices and they have joined the party with a lot of hope. Lot of calls are coming daily in support of the party as people hope for a better future for their children.

In the next week around 30 centers will be opened up for the membership drive and volunteers for AAP will work relentlessly. At least two volunteers will be given responsibilities of 20 houses to convince the people for the system change.

Future development plans for Gurgaon- If the Manesar and Dwarka are connected by metro, it will reduce the traffic jam and in the next phase Noida also may be taken up. In the meanwhile the NOIDA- FARIDABAD-GURGAON road construction is going to start shortly, which can be the big mile stone.

The KMP construction job, which has not been completed due to ineffectiveness (was to be completed in 2009) of the Govt. of Haryana would be taken up in the top priority. More routes to be opened for city buses. Traffic management improvement, more flyovers will be constructed for smooth traffic. Service lines are to be cleared from encroachment by the private people.

On Ashok Khemka and honest officers- We have seen this in the last few years that honest bureaucrats who stopped or raised the issue of corrupt activities are being troubled by the ruling  governments across the country. The common people will support the honest officers and teach a lesson to the corrupt politicians. The time has come when the voters can not be cheated by the corrupt politicians any more and for that Aam Aadmi Party will show them their way to fight.

Aam Aadmi Party's doors are opened for the honest officers. India should respect the fight against corruption by some of our honest officers like Ashok Khemka, Durga Shakti Nagpal, Sameet Sharma, Mugdha Sinha, Anand Swaroop, Vikas Kumar, Damyanti Sen, Poonam Malakodaiya, Rahul Sharma, Uma Shankar, Sanjeev Chaturvedi, Manjunath, Satyender Dubey, Narender Kumar, Subhra Saxena, Navneet Kumar Rana, Hari Shankar Pandey, Dr SP Singh and Ziaul Haque.

Instead of the awards they have been victimized by the government and the mafia.

(About the Contributor - Balbir Singh, Aam Aadmi Party's Secretary in Gurgaon, has retired as a warrant officer from the Indian Air Force)

Editorial NOTE: This article is categorized under Opinion Section. The views expressed in this article are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent the views of In case you have a opposing view, please click here to share the same in the comments section.
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hemen parekh
A Black Swan ? Will the 2014 national elections throw up a " Black Swan " event ? Nassim Taleb ( author of " Black Swan " ) , describes a Black Swan event as follows : > It is an " OUTLIER ", as it lies outside the realm of regular expectations , because nothing in the past can convincingly point to its possibility > It carries an " EXTREME IMPACT " > In spite of its outlier status , human nature makes us concoct " EXPLANATION " for its occurrence , after the fact , making it explainable and PREDICTABLE In brief , > Rarity > Extreme Impact > Retrospective Predictability According to Taleb , > The highly expected " not happening ", is also a Black Swan Example of Black Swan ? > Kumar Vishwas ( AAP ) contesting Amethi Lok Sabha seat against Rahul Gandhi in 2014 - and defeating him ! Here is why : > Amethi Lok Sabha seat is kind of " Reserved " for the Gandhi Family for past many decades . To save face , no other political party fields any heavy-weight candidate from Amethi ( RARITY ) > A Kumar Vishwas contesting Rahul Gandhi will encourage , hundreds of Aam Aadmi Davids to take on mighty Congress / BJP Goliaths , in their respective constituencies . All the Congress / BJP stalwarts lose their deposits ! ( EXTREME IMPACT ) > What makes Kumar Vishwas victory over Rahul , so PREDICTABLE ? Simple * People don't want " more of the same " for another 5 years . ( viz : Dynasty Rule ) * People want a change * People believe , AAP will eliminate corruption * People think AAP will work for the benefit of the poor * People have seen what AAP government delivered within 48 hours of assuming power in Delhi * BJP / Congress leaders will neither read this blog nor read " Black Swan " ! No doubt , experts debating election results on TV channels , in June 2014 ( after the fact ) , will concoct many other " Explanations " to justify the occurrence of this Black Swan ! * hemen parekh ( 03 Jan 2014 / Mumbai )

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