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Religion or evolution - which is better for a better world?
If we objectively look at the world's history, the number of good people have far more outnumbered bad people in history and it is continuing. This is particularly true in recent times since the advent of machines in Europe. This is since when Homo-Sapiens have dominated the most.

Or else the human civilization would have perished or destroyed. Animals mostly care about their food and the most basic necessities. Majority of animals do not have cognition and therefore humans differ a lot from them. Humans have evolved into more complex species after developing a complex life and continuing since Anthropocene.

But is it because of religion or evolution or somewhere in between? The fact is that all religions preach goodness as it is perceived among the dominant followers of religions. But then evolution has its own laws: one of them being that humans have adapted to good habits for survivability and continuing the evolution for longevity of human race. Therefore, it may appear the dominating reason for goodness among us. Now all humans in all times have distributions and this explains variations in habits.

But then there is a relation between religions and evolutions: religions were the byproducts of psychological evolutions and they were taught for the betterment of the people. They were the necessity of time as much as Internet is in today's time. In fact, religions are great savior. So are the evolutions. 

Only thing is that religions may preach conflicting ideologies while evolutions as a rule, barring psychological evolutions, generally speaking, do not create conflict. However; many religions preach about the judgment day or the doomsday: end of human race because of moral arguments or as planned and wished by the creator; an argument against evolution in immediate times.

Now there are many other contradictions between religions and evolutions too, the most important among them are those about genesis, so one should not be surprised by the argument about the day of resurrection. I think all should believe in the continuing evolution of human race for the betterment of it and for its longevity. I am dead sure that both religions and beliefs in evolutions are important for our growth and positive transformations into better and more possessed humans.

Religions arrived or were invented or were combinations of both, because there was underlying concept of God, call it by any name; Ishvar, El, Allah or by other, present among various differing ancient humans all over the globe. The very concept of God was there for structuring and organizing the societies and also a natural defense mechanism against the abuse of power by the relatively more powerful people. The concept of God was the biggest unifier among a similar set of people but on the other hand it was divisive too in the past. It is a sad thing that arguments about religions are still driving many humans crazy even in the present times.

But the fact is that without religions the human race would not have attained that great height, which it has today and idea of God by any name has been overall helpful to all of us. Equally true is the fact that without constant evolution by conscious choice there would be no wealth and all the beauties that we admire in ourselves and our culture would not be there. 

Spiritualism and materialism may drive each other, pushing positively both most of the times. The fact is that evolution is a must for updating our consciousness and also because the human brain changes, though extremely slowly in one's lifetime, with time.

As a result of constant evolution atheism is now a dominant theme in many parts of the world though it must be accepted that humans have been atheists since the beginning of establishment of formal religions or even before. Alternative sexuality is another challenge humans are facing nowadays. 

While atheism does not pose any threat to humans' survival on earth, the fact is that alternative sexuality along with careless hybridization may pose challenge to survivability of human race as widening of genetic pools may make humans unable to procreate in distant future. They shall have, in that case, to depend upon the sex with extraterrestrial people for continuing the human race on earth. 

No one should believe it as cost-free. It is the wrong politics, which can cause huge damage to human civilization and altering sexual behaviour because of political opinion and its vice versa could be dangerous things.

For the continuity and betterment of human race there should be a balance between religious preaching and evolutionary beliefs. All humans, particularly atheists, need to understand that when the idea of God was there inside ancient humans' brains as a neurological reality, the arrival of formal structured religions should be considered a good and positive thing and a much required happening. Religion is the biggest binder other than being a huge divider. But its positivity at present is more important than its negativity in the past. 

All humans need to understand that there are different kinds of people with differing beliefs - all results of predominantly psychological evolutions, though physical, chemical and biological evolutions also mattered. Now since all beliefs, unless proven archaic and wrong, have some merits and they need to be minimally tolerated by non-believers and atheists. 

Once humans as a group understand the relativity about beliefs, traditions, and cultures, then they will be more tolerant about those of others'. But it is the understanding of evolutions and constant faith in them which can make humans so understanding and accommodating.

As an evolutionary principle the fact is that the concept of God is not any evolutionary flaw but is consistent with the basics of psychological evolutions. The idea of God is very positive or minimally could be used positively in the present contexts. 

We need to become superhuman in order to survive but we need not shred all inertias of the past. Modernity does not imply breaking away all links with the past. The fact is that there just cannot be a decent life on moon for humans and if earth's science is to be believed then there is very little chance of humans as a group colonizing another planet thousands of light years away.

Up to 20-30 light years away from this solar system the NASA is almost sure that there is no trace of biology. So mostly, the possibility is very high that we have no macroscopic transmigration from earth for centuries and we may have to live together as neighbours till the geophysical factors permit us doing so. 

If we realize that we cannot undo others' existence by curse and wishthinking then we can live peacefully and symbiotically with people of differing opinions. The fact is that both religion and evolution have helped us survive and helped us live decently and therefore, both should be credited.      

Editorial NOTE: This article is categorized under Opinion Section. The views expressed in this article are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent the views of In case you have a opposing view, please click here to share the same in the comments section.
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Religion is primarily based on fear, particularly, fear of the unknown. When winds blew violently and caused devastation, our primitive forefathers started worshiping the wind as God and assigned a stone to represent wind god. Similarly when rains caused flood and brought havoc, our primitive forefathers started worshiping rain God and assigned a stone to it. Thus all the natural powers like fire, rivers, oceans, etc. became God and were assigned carved or uncarved stoned to represent them. Then there were certain super-natural forces like volcanoes and they too were worshiped. Meanwhile man who was a hunter became an agriculturist and artisan as well as a traders. So, he started worshiping the goddess of wealth and because of his greed, he started worshiping every power which gave him benefit like Sun, Moon, etc. These gods were now given human shapes and other shapes and placed in temples to be worshiped by all. These temples were managed by priestly class which was very clever and intelligent. Meanwhile certain powerful people emerged as leaders of men in their respective areas and started ruling the people. They sought the help of the priestly class in declaring their divine right to rule. Meanwhile some of the priestly class people who were more intelligent than even the rulers thought of a Creator who must have created all the powers which were called god. So, this Creator was called God with a capital G. Meanwhile rulers were fighting amongst each other to capture more territory and seeking the blessing of various gods through the priests. These battles took up the life of a number of people who were reluctant to die. To create Martyrs, priestly class came up with the idea of heavens. They opined that those who were Martyred in the cause of the King or their respective religions, would go to heaven where they would have the company of menses less fairies having scented sweat, gay slaves, and wine to drink and honey to eat. Thus many Martyrs were prepared to die for the King and the religion by clever priests. The various religions found by rival priests fought amongst themselves and killed so many people. Coming to the modern times, Hitler killed 6 million people because they belonged to a particular religion caused Judaism. In the partition of this country, 1 million were killed because of their religion. So, SAY NO TO RELIGION AND YES TO ATHEISM AND AGNOSTICISM.
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