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Religious extremism is a beginning of the end
A well-known writer somewhere in his book had rightly said that the major reason behind the chaos in the world is only the word 'Belief', which has shaken the very roots of the humanity. People are battling in most parts of the world not because of the universal peace restoration, but only to gain power and defend their beliefs, even though they may not be confident about their beliefs.

Nobody has seen the God, yet for million of years, his followers disguised him in the mosques, churches, temples and in many other places. Why should one follow other human beings? Even though all human beings are born in the same way. The color of blood of all human beings is same; however, colors can be different.

From the very beginning of this world, human beings have been involved in power struggles. One group defeats other group and with the passage of time the same defeated group plans revenge.
The same game continues in many forms among different groups across the world. In Pakistan, same game is being played on the grounds of politics and religion. The white-collar criminals claim to be religious men whose doctrine is nothing but an extreme ignorance in this age of information. They want to destroy the liberty of the people who live in peace and prosperity. None has right to impose any religion on other people. But here the situation is totally different and offenders have disguised their original shapes and are spread silly and ignorant beliefs.

These mullahs consider themselves as the soldiers of God! One wonders why would God select offenders to preach his teachings? Also how could God’s teachings be based on sectarian violence and spreading terror within the society?

Balochs are exhausted within Pakistani federation, while in Khyber Pakhtoonkhwa Pashtuns are demanding a separate territory to live in. Similar waves can be felt in Sindh province, where nationalists want separate land from Pakistan.

Religious extremists are gaining ground in peaceful land of the Sindh, which has been a beacon for the world. An old version of the law of ‘might is right’ has always been the ambition of the people around the world. Religion itself cannot be criticized, as it is only a set of rules to implement them for social control, however, failing of these rules often turns the heads of the people towards mutiny.

In last couple of months, several hundred Shias have been killed brutally in bomb blasts in Pakistan. According to media reports, Sipah-e-Sahaba (a religious militant wing of Deobandi thought) was responsible for Shia killings. It is said that religion and sate are both the strong social institutes, which can be an effective elements for the social control, while on the contrary; in Pakistan both institutes have completely failed to restore the peace and prosperity.

Pakistan is, undoubtedly, a secure shelter for the militant wings. The rapid growth of religious extremism is a threat to the peace loving people of Sindh and Pakistan. According to their doctrine, Shias are infidels; hence they must be killed to decrease their numbers.

Growing religious extremism in Shikarpur

Shikarpur has a unique and glorious past. It was called ‘Paris of the East’ which has now lost its glory right after the partition of the sub-continent. There was peace, love and prosperity but presently fear of death is always knocking on the doors of every citizen. No one feels secure in any way in the city. Hindu communities did tremendous work for their native city of Shikarpur in their own times. Educational institutions, hospitals, business centers, recreational places were the fashion of the day, however, soon after the forced migration of Hindu communities the city collapsed and lost its uniqueness and glory.

Presently, there are a number of mosques, madarasas of Bareilvis, Deobandis, Shiites but one wonders why their teachings have failed to stop this anarchy? Why are their preachings are ineffective in removing these socio-economical ills?

Students in madrassas are taught to hate other sects, which is strictly against the teachings of Islam. The people who send their children to these institutions are those who cannot afford to send them to schools, while on the other hand government schools have completely failed to provide quality education. The people of Shikarpur don’t need to be preached these poisonous teachings.

Role of the Religious Institutes in sustaining social control

Semi-literate mullahs have misinterpreted and misused the religion, according to their own interests, which have resulted in sectarian violence within society. Shikarpur, once a prosperous city, lost its glory soon after the partition of the sub-continent.

None of the religious parties has come up with a healthy program to remove these ills. They spread only sectarian violence within society. There is no message of oneness of God in their teachings, which is the very core of Muslim belief. They encourage sectarian violence through bomb blasts to kill their own Muslim brothers brutally.

Recent incidents of bomb blasts and failure of security agencies

The State has completely failed to provide security to the public, which causes uncertainty within society. Domestic sectarian violence is leading country towards a civil war, which obviously is an indicator to invite external forces to control the state.

The first sectarian violence was the TWO-NATION theory, which created Islamic state of Pakistan, but that dream could not come true during last 66 years. After Balochistan, same tides of terrorism have set foot in the peaceful soil of Sindh. It has filled the hearts of the native people with strong hatred against militant wings of Sipah-e-Sahaba and Lashkar-e-Jhangvi.

The government of Pakistan has banned these outfits, but still they exist. They openly spread terror and the administration watches silently.

Role of religious organizations in development

These organisations do not have any development programmes, which can reduce the unrest within the society. They only master the art of gathering people. People are poverty stricken here. They are in dire need of immediate relief. International organisations were busy helping people during various disasters, but religious organisations, except a few were absent from the scene.

Religious organizations are a wrath of God for the poor people of this land. People do not have any solid employment opportunities; hence they are inclined towards these extremist mindsets. It has been observed that above 70% of the people joining them are poverty stricken, while the remaining people are white-collar criminals. These organizations are a combination of illiterate and semi-literate people.

Government educational institutions have failed to provide adequate education hence, the religious organizations are gaining ground to win the hearts of these people. International community must take this condition seriously as such groups are a threat to the whole world.


Editorial NOTE: This article is categorized under Opinion Section. The views expressed in this article are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent the views of In case you have a opposing view, please click here to share the same in the comments section.
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