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'Rescue Your Mom' - The recently released book which can help save our planet
"Rescue Your Mom" is a book that serves many goals at a time. Released on this 29th of August, 2017, right on late Michael Jackson's birthday as a tribute to him, imparting further value to his messages on world peace, unity, care, and environmental awareness.

While it captures people's attention through its inspiring story visible right on its front cover, it also proves to be influential in pushing people's mindset towards taking action in time. It evokes emotions and feelings in the hearts of the people about the pain and struggles that our helpless Mother Earth and all other innocent animals have to endure because of the careless activities of humans, and how it can ultimately lead to an unsustainable future for all the lives on planet earth. Not only that, what it asks people to do is what it actually does itself, and that is what inspires people to do the same.

Yes, on one hand, it encourages people to take action in time and contribute their effort and help to the nonprofit organizations of the world, while on the other, it donates more than 90 per cent of its funds directly to those organizations (more than 60+ world's largest organizations) that are constantly striving to restore the balance in nature, and ultimately save this planet and all its lives including us by setting everything back to normal once again. Moreover, this book also covers some interesting topics—impelling people to change their mindset for a better world ahead, including: -

Money can never be "everything" for which most people commit crimes, harm the environment, and take lives of others. It not only tells how but also tells why it can't be, so that it stops people from engaging themselves anymore in any harmful/illegal activities just for the sake of earning money.

A better procedure for the Elections of Leaders (Ministers and Presidents), and how to make them actually work so that none of them is able to forget fulfilling their promises anymore that they make to the common people before the election and usually forget once they come into power. And also how to render them harmless even when they are in operation in case if they do not work up to the expectations of the people or become harmful to their lives in some way.

Education is not for getting a good job, while job is not for simply earning money. It strongly makes people (students and job seekers) understand what education and job is actually meant for and why money is not to be associated with them to make choices in education or job. This will prohibit many young people from going into wrong direction who get involved in any jobs just for earning money be it legal or illegal, for which later they suffer with their excellent life ruined forever.

It tells the people about the potential benefits of world unity and its impact on their lives, and why we should become united.

It also tells about how to become a good person in life and how to actually become a good human being! It strongly coveys the message to the people that becoming a good human being first is more essential than becoming anything else in life.

And many more...

What makes "Rescue Your Mom" so special is that, it captures people's attention in the very first instance through its title which uses "Mom" to represent Mother Earth. And later makes them realize that is how they should have actually cared for the planet like their own mom. Mother Earth is the mother of all mothers, so it needed equal respect, love, and care from us as we do to our own mothers. This is the thing that touches people's heart when they see the book for the first time.

So this one book—fulfills so many goals altogether! Isn't that amazing?! People are so happy to read it and many have even got positive minded too right after reading it and are feeling quite thankful to the author for writing such an eye opening book that shows them the right way to life! The most important thing is—it's story needs to be covered. As more people comes to know about it, greater will be the help and support the book will be able to extend to the nonprofit organizations that are working day and night to safeguard our future as well as of our children. Now, it is us who can make it possible and make the change happen.

Please be sure to visit the book's official website to know more about it or watch it's short trailer. I would only say: the book is an invaluable gift to one's life or to the people. It's only that how long it takes us to realize its value and make it worth the effort.


Intelligence has made us, homo sapiens, the most dominant species on this planet. But with absolute power comes responsibility. In the pursuit of the golden dream, we have abdicated our responsibility to the environment, to nature, to other species of life. Can we continue to regard this as the domain of a handful of climate summits, environmental scientists and activists, or is it time for each of us to take a cold hard look at the reality rushing towards us and act now!

"Rescue your Mom" makes a passionate plea for us to heed the desperate cry of nature, the earth, and the animals being sacrificed at the altar of our ambition. Mother Nature needs us. It's time we stop taking and start giving. It's time to Rescue our Mom.

About the Book:

"Rescue Your Mom" is a hope to help save our helpless Mother in time. Help in saving our only home before we lose all hope.

Mother Earth needs you. Be a part of the change we can all make and believe in. The time to act is now and not in the future. Act in time before all efforts become worthless. And now, everybody can help in saving Mother Earth by simply purchasing this book! On buying, most of its profit goes in restoring our helpless mother—Mother Earth, and in saving lots of innocent lives. The sooner we act, the more we save, and increase the possibility of living on a healthy planet that will continue to sustain life. Buy it today—Act Now!

This one little book is supporting 60+ big organisations of the world, spread across 85 countries on 6 continents. It is you now who can make it worth the effort. Millions are now joining hands together to make the change happen as early as possible because we believe—together we can! Remember, we are billions, but only if we work together. Your one little help today can be worth millions tomorrow.

A must have book in every home that teaches every individual—from a kid to an adult—his responsibilities towards this planet and his own life. It helps us realize the true purpose of our life and the right way to fulfill it in time.

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