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Rise of ISIS- Is the third World War looming?
As on today, ISIS (Islamic State of Iraq and Syria) captured entire South-East Syria and entire North-East Iraq. At the moment it's knocking the door at Baghdad although all measures are taken by them to consolidate their base in the areas they have already captured. As believed, they declared a caliphate in their acquired areas of Syria & Iraq.

As of now ISIS is believed to have only 11000 soldiers. Still they appear to be invincible. It's because they have sufficient high tech sophisticated weapon, they are highly skilled technocrats and smartly using social media to spread terror by broadcasting brutal mass murders, have enough technology to identify enemy soldiers and have an excellent strategy to thwart any attack on them.

India is in tension because there are 40 Indians feared to be kept hostage by ISIS. Many experts believe that not only Indians, but many other foreign nationals in fact are kept captive by ISIS in good condition and safely. This act is in fact a deterrent to air strike by foreign countries especially America. It means the captives are used as shields.

When they captured Mosul, they called back civilians to remain peaceful. They restored electricity; made sure that they get gas and rations at very cheap prices. All these speak how they act strategically and not just whimsically. When they attacked Mosul and Tikrit, their number was just around 6000, but 30000 strong Iraqi military simply fled failing to face the war strategy of ISIS.

In addition to this they have got wealth amounting to 200 billion dollars. They are smartly in business of oil trading from their captured/conquered zones. Now they already have taken control of Iraqi Chemical weapon facility.

They are different from Taliban who followed medieval system and weaponry. Although previously they were inspired by Al Qaeda (their previous name was Iraqi Al Qaeda) but in the early 2014, divorce between Al Qaeda and ISIS formally occurred. In the time to come ISIS would be the new name of terror.

Many experts see it as Sunni extremism resulting out of Iraqi Prime Minister Maliki's discriminatory attitude toward Iraqi Sunni minority (including Sunni tribal). Maliki is inclined to Iran, the Shia dominated state and many also believe that Iran is fighting a war in Iraq on behalf of Iraqi government against insurgent ISIS.

Some experts believe that the end of this terror could be reached if Iraq is divided into three parts. Let the Sunni dominated area go to ISIS Caliphate, Shia dominated area remains as Shia Iraq and third region be a Kurdistan. Even America and other western countries sometime ago were in favor of such division to end 8 year long civil war.

But is this conclusion to end this terror is logical? Let's examine few more things. Many Iraqi Sunnis are appealing to fight against ISIS jointly with Iraqi Shias! That means it's no more a Sunni versus Shia conflict in Iraq. Further it's also reconfirmed that ISIS is neither a local outfit nor a regional one. Of the six ISIS militants killed by now, were identified as Pakistani and Bangladeshi nationals! That means ISIS is a multi-national front!

Yes, if it's closely scrutinized, one would find that the real aim of ISIS is a crusade. It's crusade for Wahhabism form of Islam which is a radical, brutal and very hardcore form of Islam. Wahhabism is being promoted by government of Saudi Arab since more than two centuries. Al-Qaeda, Taliban, Boko Haram etc are some bi-products of this crusade. Saudi Arab has supported this in enmity with Iran.

Now let's see this development in right perspective. The public revolution in Sudan, Libya, Egypt, Syria and Yemen are part of the larger plan of Wahhabi crusade. Once there is a safe Caliphate for ISIS, then with tacit support from Saudi Arab it would spread throughout the Muslim world in Asia, Africa and even Europe.

Many experts see danger in India too, because some radical elements may join them. Thus in this crusade, it doesn't matter, Sunni, Shia or any other thing. It just matter Wahhabism and of course controlling the oil capital of the globe.

America and NATO nations perhaps realised this. Even America is not daring to send its military. Rather they are ready to forget all enmity with Iran to stop ISIS. But the way ISIS is advancing and consolidating, many experts fear that there would be war in more than 100 countries for this crusade. Thus entire World has to be on any one side of the war.

Thus definitely a third world war is looming large in coming future which could be worst kind of bloody crusade. The Global nations must need to sit together to find a solution. Solution could be possible from Saudi Arab, which is real promoter, but who knows whether the phenomenon of ISIS would also ditch Saudi Arab, the way they ditched Al Qaeda!

In the South Asian region, danger is looming very largely in Pakistan and Bangladesh where a civil war could start all of a sudden. India and China too can be victim of at least terrorism. Thus it's time for all the countries to forget their differences and find out ways and means to counter this menace. Else, large scale bloodshed would be inevitable.

Editorial NOTE: This article is categorized under Opinion Section. The views expressed in this article are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent the views of In case you have a opposing view, please click here to share the same in the comments section.
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