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Rise of the Hindu Taliban
Three years after the BJP came to power at the Centre, a few things have become very clear. The most important of course is that a healthy economy has derailed.

A more sinister development is the increasing attacks on Muslims and Dalits. Like the Jews in Hitler's time, Muslims in India, especially of the lower strata, are being targeted. Their livelihoods are being taken away in the name of cow protection. They are also being killed for the same reason. Dalits too have been facing similar issues. In some places, they have even been attacked for sporting moustaches by upper castes whose manhood has apparently been threatened. 

The government has been facing a lot of flak over these issues. Disillusionment has begun to creep in as people find that they are being taxed to death.  Unemployment, joblessness , etc the list of woes is long.

There is no doubt that PM Modi has a vision for the nation. He has charisma and the political will to implement decisions boldly albeit rather thoughtlessly. The vote for the BJP has always been a vote for Modi and the change he promised. Things have changed, true, but not always for the better. India has a large middle class which is struggling to meet its expenses. People are spending less. Minimum government has become a sick joke.  Aadhar is like a Damocles sword which threatens to fall on one's head if it is not linked to your PAN card, driving licence, mobile number and so on and so forth. People are afraid to speak out for Big Brother is watching. 

The BJP has realised that there is a rising tide of discontent in the country as the promised 'ramrajya' has not materialised. So what does it do? What it has always done best, of course – polarise the country by playing the communal card! Earlier, it was the Babri Masjid, then it was beef, and now it is the Taj Mahal. A BJP legislator, Sangeet Som, one of the accused in the Muzaffarnagar riots and someone who seems to be highly deficient in historical knowledge, declared that the monument is a blot on the country! A not-so-stealthy move is afoot to erase it from our heritage. It is such people who will be the undoing of Modi and his grand vision for the country.  They will unmake India by unravelling its secular fabric. Refusing to appease minorities is one thing but systematically targeting them for violent attacks is another.

Like most decent and sane Hindus, I want peace and progress for my country, and not civil war. Every country has a past but we need to move on. Look at Pakistan. It is still stuck in the past and in a straitjacket of its own making, precisely because of such dumb politicians. Conversely, look at China which put its past aside and single-mindedly focused on becoming a power to be reckoned with. One can fault China for its human rights record and its bullying tendencies but today it is poised to become the next superpower, as Trump's America retreats into itself.

Most Indians want jobs and the freedom to live their lives as they choose. They are not interested in what the Mughals did centuries ago. So, Modi ji, please educate and rein in your partymen. Throw out the morons and the deadwood – the cow vigilantes, the Muslim and Dalit haters and the enemies of the Taj Mahal.  If they continue to harp on the past and its glories and humiliations, they will bite the dust and take you down with them. 

We don't need a Hindu Taliban in this country.  First they attack Muslims and Dalits, next they will attack women and lock them up at home.  Finally, they will realise that they no longer need you because 'vikas' is not their cup of tea after all. All they want is brute power.  And when brute power falls into the hands of the mob you know what will happen. The India you dream of will die before it's born. Swachch Bharat is fine and dandy but what is the point if Hindu and Muslim blood is going to flow on the newly cleaned streets, Modi ji?

Editorial NOTE: This article is categorized under Opinion Section. The views expressed in this article are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent the views of In case you have a opposing view, please click here to share the same in the comments section.
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