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Robert Vadra is too strong to be harmed, numbers speak
In an earlier article titled 'Antony or Priyanka may be considered for PM's post if Rahul refuses', I had pointed out certain things about Robert Vadra, the son-in-law of Sonia Gandhi. Read on to find out what numbers have to say about the fate of Arvind Kejriwal and son-in-law of Sonia Gandhi.

IT WOULDN'T be out of context if I say something about Robert Vadra. Numerologically, he is very strong. He was born on April 18, 1969. He married Priyanka on February 18. His birth number is 9. His occult number is 36 (3+6=9). His Sun sign is related to 9. He is now 43-years-old.

It is related to his fate number 38 (numbers 2 and 7 are mutually lucky). The Sun signs of Robert and Priyanka are in harmonious positions. Their Moon signs are ruled by the same planet. The lord of the birth star of Priyanka is Saturn and that of Robert is Venus. Both planets are extremely friendly. These factors indicate strong attachment between wife and husband.

The prediction is yet to be proved correct or incorrect. But, Robert Vadra is now hitting the headlines, thanks to the irrepressible social activist Arvind Kejriwal. Vadra could not have achieved the publicity of the present dimension with even a multi-crore media advertisement!

India Against Corruption has raised questions about the manifold rise in Vadra's wealth. The date was october 5. Date is related to the fate number 23 of Priyanka (2+3=5). Also it is related to the fate number 32 of Sonia Gandhi (3+2=5). Significantly, year 2012 represents 5 (2+0+1+2=5). Vadra reportedly set up 5 companies. Total share reportedly was 50 lakhs (5+0=5). The companies were said to have been set up on or after November 1, 2007. Fate number of the date is 12. Birth date of Priyanka is 12.

Will the allegations against Vadra adversely affect the political fortune of the Congress in the upcoming assembly elections and the 16th Lok Sabha election normally due in 2014? Let us have an unbiased and unprejudiced study.

Kejriwal can be considerd as a small chip of the old block, Jayaprakash Narayan. Birth number of JP was 2. Numbers 2 and 7 are numerological twins. They are mutually attractive and mutually lucky. Birth number of Kejriwal is 7. He was born on August 16, 1968. His Sun sign is related to 1 and 4. Occult number of Kejriwal is 40 (4+0=4). Name begins with the first alphabet "A". Occult value of A is 1. Occult number of first name is 19 (1+9=10,1+0=1). India Against Corruption has 22 characters (2+2=4). Occult number of the name is 75 (7+5=12,1+2=3). This is related to the fate number 39 of Kejriwal (3+9=12,1+2=3).

Wonderful similarites, indeed! He is now 44-year-old. Ages 45 to 49 will be lucky for him by various counts. Let us go back to the results in in the finals of the T-20. West Indies lifted the Cup.

Name, West Indies has 10 characters (1+0=1). Occult number of West Indies is 37 (3+7=10,1+0=1). Captain is Darren Sammy. Name begins with the 4th alphabet D. Occult value of D is 4. Occult number of first name Darren is 19 (1+9=10,1+0=1). The second name begins with the 19th alphabet S (1+9=10,1+0=1). Occult number of Sammy is 13 (1+3=4). It was the 4th edition of the World T-20.

Darren Sammy was born on December 20, 1983. Birth number is 2. So, numbers 2 and 7 are equally lucky. Final was played on October 7. Fate number of October 7, 2012 is 13 (1+3=4). Marlon Samuels was the top scorer. His name also begins with the 13th alphabet M, having occult value 4. His birth number is 5. Hence the year 2012 is significant for him.

Occult number of Marlon Samuels is 45 (4+5=9). West Indies defeated Sri Lanka by 36 runs (3+6=9). Aussie women won the World T-20 on the same day. Occult number of Australia is 22 (2+2=4). Australia defeated England by 4 runs. Player of the tournament is Charlotte Edwards. Her occult number is 59 (5+14,1+4=5). It is related to 2012.

Total Revolution Movement by JP:

Jayaprakash Narayan spearheaded the movement in the 70s. Ultimately, that culminated in the emergency rule in June 1975. Lok Sabha election due in 1976 was postponed. Election was held in 1977. Congress lost power. The Congress was literally whitewashed in the Hindi belt. Even Indira Gandhi and son Sanjay Gandhi lost their elections.

Morarji Desai was sworn in as the first non-congress PM. Birth number of JP and Morarji was 2. Birth number of other prominent non-Congress PMs (VP Singh and Vajpayee) was 7. Birth number of Kejriwal, as already stated, is 7.

Lok Sabha election 2014 unlucky for Congress:

Normally, the 16th Lok Sabha election is due in 2014. Frankly, the political climate of 2014 cannot be predicted now. However, according to clear number patterns, the election year is critical for Congress. Election year 2014 represents 7(2+0+1+4=7). Lok Sabha term 16 represents 7(1+6=7).

Naturally, such a coincidence is lucky. Yes, it is lucky, but not for the Congress! On what basis? The first time the Congress lost power was in 1977 (1+9+7+7=24,2+4=6). It was in the 6th Lok Sabha election.

Next time the Congress lost power was in the 9th Lok sabha election. Election year was 1989 (1+9+8+9=27,2+7=9). The third time was in 1998 (1+9+9+8=27, 2+7=9). It was in the 12th Lok Sabha election (1+2=3). Number 9 is a multiple of 3. The fourth time the Congress lost power was in 1999 (1+9+9+9=28,2+8=10,1+0=1). That was the 13th Lok Sabha election (1+3=4).

Numbers 1 and 4 are mutually lucky. I have ignored the Lok sabha election held in 1996. Then Vajpayee was sworn in as PM and ruled for only 13 days. Subsequently, the Congress supported the Deve Gowda government from outside.

After he resigned, the IK Gujral government was also supported from outside by the Congress. Thus, even though the Congress was out of office,the party had influenced the governments headed by Gowda and Gujral. That is why I have ignored the 11th Lok Sabha election held in 1996. Thus, the Congress lost power in the 6th, 9th and 12th Lok Sabha elections. That clearly forms a number series (3,6 and 9). Also, the second defeat was 12 years after the first defeat. The third defeat was after 9 yers from the second defeat.

Nine is a multiple of three. As already said, the Congress lost power in the 13th Lok Sabha election. If, number 3 again plays a pivotal role,the congress will lose power in the 16h Lok Sabha election. Because 16 is the 3rd after 13. Also, it will be 37years after the first defeat in 1977. Number 37 adds up to 1 (3+7=10,1+0=1). That is related to number 4 (numbers 1 and 4 are mutually lucky).

Coming back to Kejriwal, he may be a catalyst in the 16th Lok Sabha election by virtue of his birth date 16. But, he will lose his credibility, if he tests his parliamentary luck by launching a new political outfit. Briefly, the volcanic social activist will cease to be a damp squib! As regards the Congress and UPA the damage can be controlled to a certain level, if Lok Sabha election is preponed to 2013.

Editorial NOTE: This article is categorized under Opinion Section. The views expressed in this article are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent the views of In case you have a opposing view, please click here to share the same in the comments section.
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