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Robin Hood 702 - Modern Robin Hood to help the needy
The Robin Hood 702 is a self proclaimed Las Vegas Robin Hood, who is all set to launch an attack on the city's casino, that too to help the needy. The gambler Robin Hood702 who takes part of his name from Las Vegas Area Code 702
The Robin Hood 702 is a self proclaimed Las Vegas Robin Hood, who is all set to launch an attack on the city’s casino, that too to help the needy. The mysterious modern day Robin Hood has asked those who are in debt to submit their applications with their story to his website, so that he can keep the Robin Hood’s tradition of taking it from rich and providing to poor intact.
Robinhood702 said the he was looking for anyone that’s in debt, that who needs some help. He added that he was looking for the story that would touch his heart. The gambler Robin Hood702 who takes part of his name from Las Vegas Area Code 702 chose a cancer touched family from Detroit from tens of thousands of the stories he received on his site last year.
He flew Kurt, Megan and their ill daughter Madison Kegler first class to Vegas, then treat them to a luxurious holiday with a deluxe suite, great restaurants and stage shows. The best part was when the Kegler’s got wads of $100 notes Robin Hood 702 won from the blackjack tables, totalling $35000, which were enough to clear Madison’s cancer medical bills.
.RobinHood702 will again he going on a trip to Las vegas for the goodwill mission early in the new year. Robin Hood 702 said that he did not want people who would want him to win half a million dollars but would want to help those who were really struggling and needed $25 to $50000 that could change their whole life.
However, if the modern Robin Hood loses on the table, he has still promised to pay half of what his applicant had asked for
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elizabeyh johnson
my name is elizabeth. ineed some help reel is my story.i live in california for 11 years in the same place.then my mother got lung i gave up everything to move to texas to take care of her.then when i got down there the cancer had ssread to her brain. i got to spend one month with her and watch her die with it. then my father die the following month.after she did then i got stuck with all the bills for both and no i am terminallyill. my self bill collecter's are calling me on the phone all the time.then my draughter feinace kicked her out. and she has no place to stay. i only get 300.00 a month from ssi and that is it.i can't even get a loan to help my draughter out. i can't stand to see my draughter this way it hurt's me really bad. i would'n ask for help if i did'n need the help. i am crying out for help. but no is willing to help me. i am about ready to blow my brain's out i would'n do that to my self i am just talking to my self. i am tired of the goverment.i ask for help but no one here's a word i say.i need help bad for me and my draughter too she is not in good health either.i hope you pick me to help. god will thank you for it to. here is my phone number 520 424 9333 .thanh you so much and god bless you. elizabeth johnson. i am 57 years old and very ill with over 20 diease wrong with me and i have doctor ntoe's to verify what i am saying.i would like to pay off some bill's and try and take me a vacation. and enjoy myself.and thank you again and god bless.
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