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Roy crashes on Monday: Numerological review of release date
Roy film crashes on Monday, that's what the box office collection reports suggest. The release date for any movie should always be clean of bad numbers. And, always remember that February month is never considered as suitable for film release.

In the past four years, more than 20 films have failed in front of my eyes. There were ways to avoid the failure, it was just needed to avoid the date which had bad numbers. There were so many other dates available in January in all those four years, but none were selected for the films.

How to analyze the film release date's goodness or otherwise? The only main thing needed for the analysis of the release date of your new film is the date in its full format, including month and year. The three values are calculated from the date, they are written down in a matrix format.

And finally, it is analyzed to spot good and bad numbers in it. Obviously, that release date would produce good results which doesn't have any bad numbers, namely 11, 35, 38 or 63. In case such numbers are present, there is always the option to change the release date, prepone or postpone it.

We will take the example of Hindi film Roy which was released last Friday, we will review its release date. Roy's release date is Feb 13, 2015. The three values generating from the date are like this-

Date= 13

Full date 13/02/2015 total= 1+3+0+2+2+0+1+5= 14 .

Total of the above two= 13 + 14= 27

We write date and destiny like this-

14 = 27

The Unstable 4-7 Immediately comes into play

I have told you on previous occasions too, number 4 and 7 are unstable in nature, they tend to become 5 and 2 respectively.

In the above case, the whole pattern stabilizes when the 34 turns into 35. Now, the new pattern look like this-

15= 28

Pay heed to its right side vertical number

For the success of any film, it is important that the release date matrix doesn't have any of these bad numbers, they create failure effect.

11= Dull film, repeated increase and decrease in collections

12= Lack of collection

35= Dead story, flop status, low collections, bad name for the actors

38= Flop story, Indicator of failures in upcoming films too, low collections

63= Dull or flop story, bad name for the actors, sharp fall in income.

Roy Release date had a '35'

In the above case of Roy release date, we find a '35' on its right side vertical number. Vertical right number is very important section, it must necessarily be a good number.

When you check the release date of Akshay Kumar OUATIM, you will spot the same defect, namely number 35. And this defect is being, mindlessly repeated over the past few years. What are the intentions of the numerologist associated with it, to keep the films of other actors subdued and favor only the Khan film?

Importance Of good Title and Date?

A film title, set to correct lucky number before the filming begins, creates good content, story, acting and everything. Stepping in just before the release can't change the content of the film, make it good.

Release date is like birth date of the film, this date has its own great importance sense that goodness of the date creates likability for the film. And when there are bad numbers, opposite effect should be expected.

Talking about upcoming films, I spotted a '63' in the changed release date of Mallika Sherawat starer political drama 'Dirty Politics'.

For Roy, I had told the hints to Rishi Kapoor but they didn't change the date. I request the readers or anybody from media to push this hint forward and make it visible to the concerned film maker and the actor, OK. Plz don't dis-appoint me.

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