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Ruling and opposition parties must show unity over foreign policy
Post-surgical strikes when there's a tense diplomatic environment between India and Pakistan, there is also an unfortunate parallel domestic politics going on in India over the strikes. Then there are trolling wars also in social media.

Apart from abuses (from both the sides) there are some ridiculous questions being asked by anti-Modi groups. I am not here to defend PM Narendra Modi, but I want to correct the assumptions behind the baseless questions/allegations.

One post reads, the Bhakts (Modi fans) are swearing to boycott China products following China's support to Pakistan but ignoring the fact that their messiah Modi himself signed 22 bilateral trade agreements with China after taking over the charge as Prime Minister of India. Clearly, the anti-Modi group wanted to expose the hypocrisy of Modi fans (Bhakts).

But the problem with the anti-Modi group is that they consider everyone, who demands boycott of Chinese products, as Modi fans. That's not true. Every Indian citizen has the right to accept or reject any product. It's not like that a person who is opposing Chinese products is a Modi fan.

Then, when Narendra Modi asked people to boycott Chinese products? In fact, being the Prime Minister of India he can never ask people to boycott foreign products breaching WTO codes. Thus if some people out of their anger against China wanted to boycott its products, why label them as Modi fans. Can't they be simply fans of India? Or fans of India is synonymous to being fans of Modi? Isn't the analogy of India is Indira and Indira is India works in reverse politics among anti Modi groups?

Yes, the Modi government has signed 22 trade agreements with China, but for what purpose? Aren't those agreements in favour of India to reduce the bilateral trade deficit between India and China? An understanding of issues will make one criticise others with some base. Mindless trolling only ends in exposing one's cynic mind-set.

Then there was another post. It reads, 'China blocked acknowledgment of Masood Azhar as a global terrorist but ready to talk on India's NSG entry. Bhakt's catch where the head is and where is the tail of this dragon.' Clearly, this is also aimed at criticising Modi fans on their opposition to China citing two contradictory statements of the Communist nation.

But a little understanding of the politics, especially the geopolitics, one would realise China's game and will feel embarrassed to be part of opposition to pro-India group. China is keeping a close look at India's domestic politics and wants to take advantage of the difference between the ruling and opposition parties. It wants to talk on the issue of India's entry into NSG because irrespective of China's position, India will get the entry because of global support.

China can delay it for some time but can't stop India. Thus before the Chinese premier's visit to India for BRICS summit, it has shown it's positive intent on NSG to save itself from being isolated. Thus you can consider it as head.

Then what's the tail? It's simple as the tail is opposition party's irresponsible politics that exposes the crack among India's unity against foreign countries. China said it blocked Masood Azhar's branding as a terrorist because it doesn't want India to take political advantage.

Now, just decode what it means for India and what the political advantage is. A simple analysis will tell that Indian government means BJP government or BJP party and political advantage means the advantage over opposition especially in upcoming assembly elections. That means, apart from Pakistan, China is also focusing on anti-BJP parties for its interest and India's opposition parties are so blind in electoral politics of hate, they can't even realise that a foreign country is taking advantage of the internal political divide.

The bottom line is, the opposition must be mature enough to realise that they have to criticise the government in such a manner that the government understands the message and at the same time the world can't apprehend that there is no political unity in India when it is about addressing external issues.

But then the present opposition parties in India especially the Congress never understood such sane things. Just see, even after Prashant Kishore's guidance Rahul Gandhi made 'Khoon ki Dalali' remark against PM Modi. Shouldn't they realise that such terms are beneficial to Modi and damaging to Congress?

'Mout ka Soudagar' remark by the Congress chief ensured that the party could never make a come back in Gujarat. 'Zehar ki Kheti' reference reduced the Congress to 44 seats in the Lok Sabha. Time will tell what this 'Khoon ki Dalali' remark has in its store for the Congress, but definitely this will benefit PM Modi.

Politics is a game of wit and wisdom rather than abuse and cynicism. The Congress is not ready to realise this. But what about other opposition parties? Why to follow a sinking ship? Isn't it time for some soul searching and deep deliberation on the style of politics by non-Congress opposition?

Editorial NOTE: This article is categorized under Opinion Section. The views expressed in this article are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent the views of In case you have a opposing view, please click here to share the same in the comments section.
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