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Scientifically Speaking: Why do we celebrate Navratri by fasting and worshiping idols?
Hindu tradition is rich in all aspects. Crores of deities, thousands of customs and hundreds of festivals, it is one of the oldest traditions in the world. The best part about these customs is the hidden scientific facts behind them that most people are not aware of, but still follow them blindly in order to please god. As Navratri has begun, today we will discuss about the scientific facts hidden behind Navratri as well as the customs linked to it.

Why do we celebrate Durga Puja or Navratri?

Durga Puja, also known as Navratri is here. It is seen as the most auspicious time of the year for Hindus and there are several other customs and traditions we follow during Navratri season. But, have you ever wondered why we celebrate Navratri in the first place?

The traditions we follow today are not establishments of present times but of the past. If you have noticed, Navratri is the only festival we celebrate twice a year. Though, there are countless beliefs linked to Navratri, the festival also has significant benefits scientifically.

Actually, both these months are of changing climates. With the change in seasons, several other changes take place including our eating habits. Thus, by keeping a fast during Navratri, our body gets time to adjust accordingly and prepare itself for the approaching changing climate.

In fact, these nine days are seen as the time, when one would clean their internal body system (by fasting), avoiding much salt and sugar, acquiring some positive energy and self confidence, boosting self determination and eventually getting ready for the challenges of the upcoming change in season. Notably, fasts are said to be the medium of improving will power and self determination.

Why Do We Fast?

Fasting is an age-old tradition and it should be kept as it has abundance of goodness to offer for our body. In fact, this is an old Indian medical treatment.

Scientifically, the piling of toxic materials in the digestive system of our body cause diseases. Thus, regular cleansing of toxic materials is required to keeps one's body healthy. As we keep fast, the digestive organs get some rest, as a result all body mechanisms get cleared and settled. A complete fasting is best for health, and should be done to give our body and system much needed rest.

Lack of fasting can cause emotional imbalances that lead to making people tense,annoyed and agitated. As fasting lowers the acid content in the body, it acts as an antidote. It aids people to save and retain their mental health balance.

Why do we worship Idols?

Hindu tradition promotes idol worship more than any other religion, but for all the right reasons. Actually, the act was engaged with an aim to boost concentration at the time of prayers. Psychiatrists believe that a person forms his thoughts on the basis of what he sees. For instance, if there are four different types of objects lying in front of a person, his thinking will change according to the object he/she will see.

Likewise, an idol worship was initiated in ancient India, so that when people would view an idol, it would become easy for them to concentrate to gain spiritual energy without any mental distraction.

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