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Scientology's Hubbard has a fraud history
Long before France pressed these latest fraud charges against Scientology, L Ron Hubbard was convicted of fraud in that country and sentenced to four years in prison. However, the cult's founder never served his prison sentence
BY NOW, most people have learned that France has decided to prosecute scientology’s French organisation, alongwith seven of its top managers, on fraud and drugs charges. News articles about the case usually mention that scientology was acquitted of fraud charges there in 2002; sometimes they mention that scientology officials were convicted of fraud in Lyon in 1997, and in Marseille in 1999. Surprisingly, however, the fraud conviction of the cult’s founder, L Ron Hubbard, on fraud charges in 1978, does not seem to be mentioned in any of the English-language reports.

After a seven-year public inquiry and a lengthy trial, the Paris tribunal found four top scientologists, including Hubbard, guilty of making fraudulent claims that physical cures and professional success could be achieved through scientology. Hubbard, who did not attend the trial and had already fled the country, was sentenced to four years imprisonment.

The judge concluded that the facts and statements by the witnesses were ’ample proof’ of the veracity of the charge.

Quoting Hubbard’s own words, the judge found that scientology made false promises with the sole aim of ’increasing the financial revenue’.

An article from the Catholic Sentinel reports that "the court examined evidence of large profits made by an organisation, which declares itself to be non-profit, the psycho-therapeutic nature of a treatment dispensed by people with no medical qualifications and the claim made by Scientology to be capable of curing some 70 per cent of human illnesses," such as radioactive burn from the effects of an atomic bomb, etc.

Hubbard never served his prison sentence because he was essentially on the run from the law, sailing in the Caribbean on his yacht Apollo, trying to avoid not only French authorities but the US authorities as well. In 1978, the US federal government was preparing for the trial of Hubbard’s wife Mary Sue and numerous other scientology officials, on conspiracy and burglary charges. Hubbard, alongwith scientology lawyer Kendrick Moxon, were named as ’unindicted co-conspirators’ in that case. This means the federal prosecutors were very sure they were involved, but couldn’t quite generate the evidence for a sure conviction. Sue and the others ended up serving several years in federal prison. In addition, the internal revenue service had evidence that Hubbard was taking millions of dollars ’off the top’ of scientology profits and hiding it in overseas banks.

Hubbard never returned to France and was banned from the United Kingdom because he would not discuss his conviction with British authorities. Hubbard died in 1986 on his secluded California ranch.

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THE ETERNAL FIGHT BETWEEN RONBOTS AND RONBOT-HUNTERS WILL NEVER END! The Scientologists still under the mind control of the anti-God Cult’s Ronbot staff, still have not received full disclosure on the facts that Ex-Scientologists now know about THE GREATEST SCAM ON EARTH!!. The Ronbots still in the Anti-God Cult are not allowed to question ANYTHING and are not allowed to research anything. Yet they are encouraged under the Fair-Game policy to hurt, harm, sue, slander, attack, hit, abuse, libel, lie, scam, rob, etc. or even kill Ex-Scientologists or their own families who dare to expose the facts and the truth. These Ronbots—now called ZOMBIES AND SCILONS by the non-ex-scientology public, are used as sacrificial lambs by the Cult to open groundless and frivolous lawsuits only designed to destroy and make the ex-Scientologists and the public afraid to expose them. But “Ronbot Hunters” or “Zombie Hunters”are now learning the UCC and Common law remedies to stop and destroy the Godless Ronbots -- who allowed un-ethical lawsuits to be made in their names. The Ronbots use the anti-God “Fair-Game” policy to destroy Ex-Scientologists, innocent mothers and fathers and now Ronbot Hunters are learning to use the Constitution and Commercial remedies, contract laws and the Uniform Commercial Code (UCC) to protect their rights. THE ETERNAL FIGHT OF GOOD VS. EVIL HAS A NEW FACE. The fact that fanatical Ronbots are not allowed to read what they will or desire, tells you that the Cult fears knowledge of the truth. But the truth can only be exposed by “the statements of the majority”, with personal first hand knowledge of Scientology. Since Ronbots never know all the facts, their statements in defense of the Cult is biased, because they are prohibited from research of the facts – their opinions are also invalid. To learn the truth -- you must learn what the MAJORITY of free-minded Ex-Scientologists claim. They claim this well known fact—that the Church of Scientology is a GODLESS CULT. They also claim that the Study technology of Dianetics was stolen from two laws of nature. Physiological Reactions and the laws of Cause and Effect. This evil anti-god cult has its own Navy and armed bases, CIA type agencies, saboteurs, assassins, bullies to hit and set you up, infiltrators and spies in other churches and in the government. They have brain-washed Ronbots with weapons of mass destruction (fully automatic) just ready to blow you away. They are dangerous to all mankind and to all real religions of the world. Do not fear to learn what both sides have to say on any issue. Always seek full disclosure on everything. Read what Ex-Scientologists have to say, find out what the MAJORITY CLAIMS. Find the truth and never allow others to tell you what to think, do or say. Always seek out the truth -- even if you will be fired or kicked-out from the Cult. Don’t be a ZOMBIE – use your own self-determinism –dare to demand the truth!!! FREEDON OF RELIGION --- IS ALSO FREEDOM TO LEARN THE TRUTH. Sincerely yours, Ronbothunter All Rights Reserved
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