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Sex as an ideology
The growth is not cost-free. It leads to increase in libido and search for alternative theories. Sex as an ideology could be dividing and predating. Having sex is most objective reflection of survival of the fittest.
THE ABILITY to constantly innovate and to grow, adds positive attributes to the consciousness. The proliferation of technologies, products and capital leads to proliferation of ideologies and of identities based on them. It may make past somewhat irrelevant. But the religions and ideologies are the most important things even today. Be it Krishna preaching the renunciation of worldly matters in the Bhagavad Gita, Jesus ordering evangelization of Jews through hybridization in the Gospel or Mohammad ordering a ban on usury, religions appear to contain what the preachers of all religions would call as the 'demonic aspects' of human lives: liberal sex and generation of capital.
Religions provide glue but the majority of them at their times contained the evolutionary aspects of economic lives. Through hybridization with Caucasians, non-African and non-Caucasians got the color but almost all forgot the Caucasian part of their race. This was due to nationalization and regionalization of minds; a kind of illiteracy, but mostly it was natural as humans of the time were not that rational. In this regard White Christianity is the freest among all identities and that is why the Whites are the lead first producers. 
Had religions not contained sex and generation of capital, there would not have been that much glue and therefore, diversity would have been more but also there would not have been that much difference between Whites and the Rests. The earth would have been more materialistic but more complicated in composition and would have demanded more products since beginning. True, the Whites would also have become more powerful as capitalism would have arrived earlier. In other words, the earth humans could have rescaled their consciousness by sharper memory and more objectivity laced with rationality; an act of conscious choice. 
Bible being the most liberal preaching and in some part even endorsing capitalism did not stop Christians from developing any faculty. Of course, in parts it also preaches socialism but that did not stop Europeans and later Americans to innovate and grow. Because of religious preaching, the non-African and non-White Christians forgot the fairest contribution to their race and therefore, they became staunchest believers in religions and ideologies. 
Probably not keeping the data, memory loss and even misunderstanding and misinterpretation were requirements for preaching the religions. Higher consciousness arrives from lower consciousness and rationality from irrationality: this is the law of evolution. But it has made permanent divisions and edges in the societies. The stabilization of the world and the growth offer newer opportunities and newer ways of thinking where religion is more related with asserting one's political identity. The relaxation of ideological polarity and in many cases its annulling increases the urge to do more sex and better sex with increasing time. It is a more selfish and lesser ideological world today. 
People strive for material success more and are prone to the negative effects of the non-linearity due to connectivity. The ever-increasing idea of becoming of single human race requires new ideologies based on objectivity and simplest among them are sex and consumerism. Both are related in many parts of the world. Consumerism has no alternative as it is tuned in with modern id and ego. Nor sex has any alternative in modern societies. Increased sex may promote both poles of the politics: Left and Right, depending on the type of the societies. But the consumerism in the non-West would favor Right more. 
Sex as ideology requires very high degree of rationality and objectivity. It would require understanding and comprehension of absoluteness. Unless and until people understand the absolute, the relativism would lead to distorted psychology and increased conflicts. Sex as ideology would not make earth as a more peaceful place as sex is the most objective expression of the principle of survival of the fittest: the one who knows most enjoys the most, utilize the technologies most and even learns most. 
With time the differences increase more than they do because of consumerism. It would obviously not change the world order as the Westerners understand sex most. In fact it would be other way round as the sex would increase the predation and conversion. It would be end of nativity and liberalism in the world throughout and the Leftism in the West could become demonic. The wish to immigrate would increase and with that the wish to make slaves and of becoming slaves. Frankly speaking, the West, particularly the US, does not have political space for the immigrants though it would continue to accept immigrants all across the spectrum because of the selfishness and also because of religious zeal to convert others.
For the majority of the non-Western people more sex could imply a kind of conversion. It would be foolish to try so as both religion and sex can co-exist. What is required is the understanding of both the whole and its parts. People need to be learned other than being educated. All need to keep all their senses on alert and should not be color-blind because of the consumerism induced nationalism. Growth is not cost-free as it leads to increased libido and make the societies looking for newer ideologies something that many are unable to discover themselves. Sex as ideology is blatant nihilism for the non-West and a tool for conversion in the hands of the West. It is not universalist as many would argue and it would not lead to anywhere in positive direction. It would be foolish to restructure and reorganize societies because of the increased libido in any part of the world.
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