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Sexy is beautiful, time will prove NCW chief right
In the absence of any creditable guidelines, word 'sexy' has been interpreted differently by different writers. All women have a passionate desire to be sexy on their own terms and rightly so. The world is shrinking and we can't remain aloof from the influences of other cultures or places. The comment of NCW Chief may be premature but time will definitely prove her right.

WOMEN SHOULD not be offended when they are called ‘sexy’ and they should take it as compliment, states chairperson of Indian National commission for women. The remark has invited scathing attacks by various conservative organizations; criticism indicates mindset of by-gone era, which considered the word ‘sexy’ was offensive as it primarily meant to indicate adulterous character.

Moral brigade feels this word will encourage women to be on equal terms with male sexuality and start dreaming and follow a male idea of erotic sex. Strange these people talk of gender equality but want to deny that equality to half of population in matters of sex. Going by this logic, should we demolish Khauraho or sun temples of Konark, which are capable of generating much wider erotic sense? Erotic cartoons and words can be seen all over public places yet there is no report of any change in behavioural change in females.

A national political party is also making noises against the remark but it appears to be due to political compulsion. In the absences of any creditable definition of word sexy or any standard method to ascertain it, different writers have divergent views and interpret it differently. There is no uniform formula or a single mould with which the sexiness of all women can be ascertained. It is frequently stated that beauty is in the eye of beholder. Anything that attracts one may not appeal to others. However most of them agree that body posture and attitude provides fairly good idea of sexiness. To hide their body, should burka-type clothing be made compulsory for all women?

It is generally observed that sexy individuals have high self image. It gives them great confidence to be happy about themselves without inviting attention. In present times it is more of expression of self confidence. The ultimate secret behind sexy is being happy with self without desiring someone’s appreciation. World over all women have passionate desire to be sexy and have the right to be so in their own terms and shouldn't compare themselves, or anyone else's sexiness by any prescribed standards of their society.

It is often stated that business of sexiness is western culture and does not fit in Indian environment. Nothing is stationary and change is a continuous process. The world is shrinking and we as citizens of the globe can’t remain aloof from influence of other areas. Day is not far off when society’s outlook will change. In late thirties and forties of last century profession of female artists in film industry was looked down upon but today they are celebrities. Chairperson of NCW is correct when she states that time have changed and ‘sexy’ should not be taken as derogatory. It may be slight premature but that time is bound to come. Let us join hands to support her in new approach of feminine sexuality.

Editorial NOTE: This article is categorized under Opinion Section. The views expressed in this article are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent the views of In case you have a opposing view, please click here to share the same in the comments section.
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