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Shame and guilt are necessary for survival of the civilisation
To begin with, shame and guilt were unknown to our primitive forefathers who lived almost like animals and rule of jungle prevailed. There was no institution of marriage, religion or law and everybody who was fittest, survived. All the resources were cornered by whoever was powerful.

However, slowly and slowly civilisation dawned on man and as he turned agriculturist, he most probably developed the institution of marriage, religion and law and chose one most powerful man amongst men as ruler. However, incest was not taken into account and there were various incestuous marriages.

As man became more civilised, he developed the art of reading and writing and wrote various laws about marriage, inheritance and other social conducts giving all the laws the sanctity of religion. However, the principle of "Divine Rights of the Monarch" developed and he was taken to be an appointee of God and could make any rules he liked.

Slowly and slowly, with the spread of more civilisation, democratic institutions emerged in countries like Greece and India. Magna Carta formed the basis of democratisation of the English people and subsequently European people. With the progress in science, even those comforts like fan, sewing machines, etc. which were not available to kings, became available to common man.

However, the advanced European races set out to civilise the rest of the world in their words but actually embarked upon an advent of imperialism. With the gaining of freedom of America from British yoke, democracy started developing elsewhere and rule of law became a rule rather than an exception. "The Divine Rights of the Monarchs" went down the drain and with it came the desire for a fuller democracy which hitherto was confined only to rich men. It was then extended to the poorest of the poor man and later on, the suffragettes forced men to give the right of adult franchise to the woman.

With law established in most of the western world, the institution of marriage and religion and other civil codes were also well established and hue and cry was raised for ending imperialism and feudalism. With the strengthening of various social institutions through law and religion, man developed feelings of shame and guilt if he broke the established civil code and was also punished.

As democracy spread more and more, rule of law replaced the brutal rule of force and people started behaving in a civilised way in the Western world but in countries like India and other countries of Asia and Africa, democracy came all of a sudden and cunning and powerful people sought to manipulate the poor and uneducated person through shiftiness to build official and unofficial empires for themselves.

They hardly felt any guilt but made the poor persons feel guilty and ashamed which resulted in violent as well as silent revolt against these rulers and now people are trying to put shame and guilt into the heart of these rulers and elitist people also so that Lalu, Asaram, Tarun Tejpal, etc. are all behind the bars. It is felt that the feelings of guilt and shame are very necessary for he survival of the civilisation so that no man or woman is physically or morally exploited.

Editorial NOTE: This article is categorized under Opinion Section. The views expressed in this article are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent the views of In case you have a opposing view, please click here to share the same in the comments section.
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