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Shashi Tharoor and Congress' petty narrative based on appeasement and division will only help Narendra Modi!
It appears that Shashi Tharoor has taken over charge from Digvijay Singh to hurl ridiculous and controversial statements at the BJP, and he appears to have support from Congress President Rahul Gandhi.

Rahul Gandhi had warned every Congressman not to issue any reckless and irresponsible comments. But Tharoor continues on his commenting spree and Rahul Gandhi continues to be a silent spectator.

After his Hindu Pakistan and Hindu Taliban comments, Shashi Tharoor has now ridiculed Prime Minister Narendra Modi on his wearing different head gears during his visits to tribal areas especially in the Northeast, comparing it to Modi's refusal to wear a Muslim skull cap. The exact statement is as below:

"I ask you, why does our Prime Minister wear all sorts of outlandish headgear wherever he goes around the country or around the World? Why does he always refuse to wear a Muslim skull cap? You see him in Naga headgears with feathers. You have seen him in various kinds of extraordinary outfits which is a right for a Prime Minister to do. Indira Gandhi has also been photographed wearing various costumes. But why he still always says no to one? Why does he refuse to wear a green, the colour he says is identified with Muslim appeasement?"

If you go through the above statement, you can easily understand the entire meaning Tharoor wants to propagate. He questioned Modi's refusal to wear a Muslim skull cap in 2011. The intent of this statement is to loudly propagate that Narendra Modi is anti-Muslim and non secular because for the Congress, Muslims are a vote bank.

During iftaar many politicians including a few BJP leaders enthusiastically wear the skull cap to appear as secular. But have you ever seen a Muslim leader wearing a pagdi or sporting a teeka on his forehead?

Anyways, Shashi Tharoor has made a cardinal mistake in invoking this issue over which I don't think he has any answers.

There's a difference between religious attire and cultural attire (or say regional attire). Thus, whenever Modi goes to a region, he connects with those people wearing their traditional and cultural headgear.

The point to be noted is that 80 per cent of the Naga population is Christian. But these headgears have nothing to do with religion. Indira Gandhi too, respected regional cultures and traditions but she never endorsed any religious symbolism. Have you ever seen Indira Gandhi wearing a burka? Thus, Tharoor is far from distinguishing between religion and regional culture.

Secondly, while appeasing Muslims, he in fact, has insulted tribal people especially people from the Northeast, who despite conversions have kept their traditional attires intact.

For the Congress, 25 seats of Northeast may not mean anything because they are focussing on minority votes, but then, such blatant appeasement induces a counter polarisation that will damage Congress' prospects in the 2019 general election.

Thirdly, the cardinal mistake from Tharoor is that he officially associated the green colour with Muslims. Is it right? Earlier, the same Congress party had introduced saffron terror as Hindu terror. Is it right that religions are being symbolised by a colour?

Sahasi Tharoor perhaps has forgotten that the Indian flag has both saffron and green colours along with white colour. Contrarily, according to Modi, saffron represents energy revolution, white colour represents 'White Revolution' (milk), and green represents the 'Green Revolution' (agriculture) while blue represents water and sky (source: Zee News).

The bottom line is that the Congress doesn't have any credible narrative to counter Narendra Modi. The tactic of appeasement, polarization, division on caste, creed and religion is not going to work. It will rather strengthen Narendra Modi at the electoral front and send the Congress into oblivion.

Editorial NOTE: This article is categorized under Opinion Section. The views expressed in this article are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent the views of In case you have a opposing view, please click here to share the same in the comments section.
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