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Should the UP assembly exist only on Facebook?
Anuradha Chak, editor of Lucknow Talk, a paper brought out by the Save Lucknow Forum has this to say about the condition of the politics in our nation and the 125-year-old Uttar Pradesh assembly.

TODAY, THE 8th of January 2013 is not a day of celebrations, but a day to mourn the demise of 125-year-old institution, the Uttar Pradesh Vidhan Sabha. Even as the UP government celebrates the existence of the Council House as it was once known in Lucknow, the time has come to mourn the demise of this august institution.

The demise is evident as the discussions which should have taken place inside the Vidhan Sabha are now taking place on social networking sites likes Facebook. What Mohan Bhagwat said - whether he meant it or not - about India and Bharat being two different countries and cultures is all too evident now.

The lumpenisation of Bharat and the marginalization of India from the political mainstream is now a thing that has become apparent to all except the dullest of journalists. The disconnect between Bharat and India and the resultant political and social irritation, which manifests itself in candle-light marches and signature campaigns is there for all to see. Yet there is some consolation that it took 125 years to reach this state.

Even this consolation is short-lived. For Indian independence is only 60 years old and Bharat emerged only after that in 1947. Today, Indians and Bharatiyas have very different goals and aims. An average Indian family in the metros comprises two parents and one child or at the most two children, three to four laptops, four to five mobile phones, two to three TVs, DVDs, Home theatres and Internet connection, two or three PCs and one LPG connection, an average small town or semi urban Bharatiya family comprises two parents, two grandparents, four to five children, one motorcycle, one TV set and an old PC. Sometimes no PC and two LPG connections.

The aims are very different too. While Bharat struggles for political presence, government jobs and academic excellence; India seeks parties and page 3 and the corporate growth model. When they clash there is a disturbance which clearly shows that India is absent from the UP Assembly.

What is worrying is the lumpenisation and criminalisation of Bharat and the growth of disrespect for law and order, the failure of the law enforcement machinery and the failure of the judiciary and the failure of the legislature. All this also shows that while the Indian press still retains some segment of success the Bharatiya press has failed too. Corruption, guile and failure stalk the corridors of the fourth estate too.

Jawaharlal Nehru’s dream of a free and fair press is now passé. The working Journalists Act is defunct and an editor has been reduced to the level of a foreman of the editorial in India where the newspaper has become soap and page 3 is all that matters. However in Bharat there are still some editors who think beyond their marketing teams.

There are some 152 persons with criminal cases pending against them in the UP Assembly. They are not part of the symptom, they are not the disease either they are dead carcass generated by the disease which has held the entire machinery in a paroxysm. The demise of the August House that we mourn today only shows that the need for electoral reforms is overdue. Can we ban all those facing criminal charges from contesting an election? Generally the view is no, we can’t do it because legal procedures take too long. An innocent can be framed to prevent him or her from contesting. So then we need electoral reforms and we need judicial reforms, do we also need police reforms and administrative reforms? What does Facebook have to say on this? After all we must listen to India’s views too. These were just mine. And I am not sure where I belong - India or Bharat?

There is only one thing that India and Bharat have in common - both love the US. America is their ideal and they both want to be Americans but they have the resources of a Somali so what are the Americans going to do about these two countries after all the American economy needs the Indian market to survive, they have ridden piggy back on Europe and the Arabs long enough. So will they help us make these reforms when push comes to shove?

Editorial NOTE: This article is categorized under Opinion Section. The views expressed in this article are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent the views of In case you have a opposing view, please click here to share the same in the comments section.
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