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Should we tolerate the dirtiest election campaign going on for the forthcoming polls?
Election in a democracy is always a celebration and power of citizen is exercised fully. This should be a time when various parties, individuals and groups should present their vision, road map, ideological stand point and why they stand. This is also an opportunity for every candidate and party to expose opponents’ faulty presentations, gimmicks or their past record. All such contests necessarily should be done in a very civilised manner using decent language and of course adding some humor.

Unfortunately the General Election 2014 seems to be becoming a dirty election, if some of the barbs/jibes is any indication until now. All political parties and their members are stooping very low in attacking each other on personal ground using foul language. This doesn’t show any civility rather display shamelessness in its absolute avtar!

Not only the uncivilised and vulgar barbs, but also party-hoppers is frequently changing sides. Parties too are in a spree to induct rebels of other parties, unwanted people, criminals, tainted persons in to their party fold without any concern about new inductee’s character and whether he matches to the ideology of the party or not. These are happening so fast and so thick that it’s really difficult to know who changed his sides and for what reason.

When AAP was catching the imagination of the people, all hoped that this election would be a decent one. First AAP lost credibility, than all lost their ideologies. It is no doubt very saddening, but are political parties responsible for this?

Let’s take Pramod Muthalik’s case. Everyone knows his mindset. But Karnataka BJP had to induct him because despite his extremist view, he had a sizable fan following. He may not win a seat by himself but can make any one especially BJP winning a seat because of his support. Thus he was inducted on the basis of winnability criteria. Same was for the Congress when they inducted another Ram Sene founding member. However after furore, both of them were removed within 24 hours.

Sabir Ali's case is an interesting one. Sabir Ali started his carrier in Lalu Yadav-led RJD, and then jumped to LJP followed by joining JDU. He was expelled from JDU post his Modi appreciation. BJP wanted to salvage the development with two things in mind. First Sabir Ali has a sizable fan following; secondly, BJP was desperate to get Muslim faces. It was Naqvi’s tweet that made BJP to go for the U-turn and expelled Sabir Ali in 48 hours. But there are still B. Sriramulu, Jagadmbika Pal and others who continue to be BJP candidate because they have the winning ability.

The Congress also inducted many people in to its fold including the contestant from Saharanpur Lok Sabha seat Rashid Masood. Masood had reportedly given communal hatred speech against Modi. He too is in Judicial Custody for 14 days. But Congress defended his candidature for at least two reasons. First Masood is winnable candidate and secondly, the Congress wants minority support. BJP although strongly criticised this, but perhaps forgotten Varun Gandhi's speech of hatred in 2009. Varun won the election and later on cleared from the litigation too.

Sonia Gandhi, after her remark of ‘Poision Farming (Jahar ki Kheti)’ had again said that ‘development is not only issue; rather secularism is the main issue’. That means she is attacking Modi on secular-communal game but not contesting on development. Everyone knew how Modi returns the favour! That means the contest apart from of dirty language, may lead to sensitive communal-provocation one too!

I wonder why the political people resort to such unholy methods. Are they considering the people as fools? Are we really fools? Somehow I am convinced that we are really instigating the political parties to do such things. We never defeat the party-hoppers, hate mongers, opportunists. We never reject people with foul and vulgar languages, opportunistic alliances. We never reacted seriously against indecent politics.

It’s part of the game of politicians to attract people. If people are attracted to such derogatory politics, why blame politicians? If we clap on vulgar, dirty and provocative speeches, what’s their fault? We also make such people win election and defeat relatively and absolutely a gentleman !

We always blame that the country’s polity is very dirty. Have we ever thought what our contribution is in make this polity dirty? Can we introspect now? Can we act now? Can we ensure to defeat the wrong, indecent and unwanted people in this election? Can we make good people to win? Can we encourage good people to come to electoral politics?

We always have two options. Either be a part to change and clean the polity and the political discourse or remain dirty while blaming our polity and system as dirtiest! In the first option we are making ourselves deserving a democracy and in second case making ourselves undeserving to a democracy!

Editorial NOTE: This article is categorized under Opinion Section. The views expressed in this article are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent the views of In case you have a opposing view, please click here to share the same in the comments section.
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