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Show no mercy towards Pakistanis
On being asked about video evidence of surgical strike to counter the accusation of Pakistan that no surgical strike took place on a TV debate recently, bold BJP MP Meenakshi Lekhi candidly said, "To hell with Pakistan people."

Earlier defence minister Manohar Parikkar very rightly stated, "Pakistan is a hell on Earth." Other BJP and nationalist people like Giriraj Singh have also been periodically suggesting that "anti-national" Indians should go to Pakistan. 

For a large section of BJP and nationalist Indians, Pakistan is a failed, rogue and terror state whose main ideology is not only anti-India but anti-Hindu too. Now terrorists and fanatic elements have a final say in the administration of Pakistan. 

Due to Pak-sponsored terrorism in India, the nation has lost lakhs of lives and still the menace of terror remains the biggest threat to the people here.

Earlier, it was Punjab where Pak supported and sponsored Sikh terrorism, killing thousands of people in the state and other parts of the country. 

Now the nation is facing Islamic terrorism which started from Kashmir but slowly and slowly, the entire nation is in the grip of this Islamic terrorism. Thousands of people have lost their lives in this Pak sponsored terrorism. 

But still, our Prime Minister Narendra Modi is urging Pakistan for a war against poverty and unemployment and exhorted Hindus to treat Muslims as their own although Hindus are the worst type of victims of Islamic terrorism.

Now the people of Pakistan blindly support Pak-sponsored terrorism and Islamic jingoism. Shockingly, large scale Indian Muslims are with Pakistan. One can see regular hoisting of Pak flag and Pakistan zindabad slogans in Muslim dominated areas. 

India is such a nation which has faced worst type of terrorism since independence. Now the natural question comes that, who is at war with India? Is India at war with Pak sponsored terrorists? 

Sadly, our country has to fight on so many fronts simultaneously. India  also has to fight the internal threat posed by pro-Pak elements in form of secularists, peaceniks, journalists, film artists, activists, civil society groups, NGOs etc. 

In Kashmir, these elements openly support anti-nationals, rioters, arsonists, stone pelters and police armoury looters. They are least concerned about the pain of the deaths of martyrs and terror victims by the Pak sponsored deadly ISI-linked Islamic-terror game played against the people of India. 

The group of so-called vocal liberals, dialogue-seekers, soft liners etc., is very powerful in India. Most of the non-BJP leaders and groups criticise their own government and security forces. They are precisely strengthening those forces which are trying to destabilise and weaken our own nation. 

The more Indians support Pakistani artists, the more they support those Pakistanis arming themselves for a thousand years war with India. India has to strengthen not only its military but also has to recognise and fight these civilian groups. India must be determined to fight these internal enemies as well as to defend itself against Pakistan-based terror and jihad groups. 

Although the Modi government has proved its determination with its "surgical strike", but the Indian leadership must also control home grown terror and jihad groups, especially in Kashmir. 

India should not allow the glorification of terrorists and outlaws. In the past, terrorists like Afzal Guru, Yakub Menon etc. got honourable burials and lakhs of people attended their funeral processions. This is enough proof to show, how Indian Muslims are supportive to anti-nationals and terrorists. 

Attempts at peace and dialogue brought no results. Shimla agreement led to Sikh terrorism, the release of Muslim terrorists brought Islamic terrorism, Vajpayee's Lahore bus diplomacy led to Kargil war, Modi's birthday diplomacy delivered Pathankot and Uri bloodbaths. How long should India see the slaughtering of its own citizens?

The Indian state and Indians never accepted communal two nation theory of Jinnah. But Pakistan and its population have completely rejected Indians and Hindus. 

Now, Pakistan and its Muslim population have totally wiped out Hindu population but in India Muslim population is the second largest and growing very fast.

India's multi-religious, multicultural, secularism has failed totally and it is facing the worst type of terrorism. 

Now, the very existence of Islamic Pakistan has become a threat to India. The conflict started with two nation theory and the creation of an Islamic Pakistan which has turned into a conflict against Hindus with the participation of people of Pakistan. 

A rogue, terror, fanatic, nuclear-armed neighbour, Pakistan has become a big danger for India. It is in a mood to fight a thousand years war. To fight the terror and killing machine, India must learn something from Putin or Bush. 

India must shun secularism and tolerance to wipe out terror and jihad. India must arm its troops with more modern weapons to fight terrorism. 

India must forget the term love and kindness for Pakistan. Founding principles such as secularism, tolerance, brotherhood etc have become hollow and suicidal. 

Our Constitution framers did not imagine that Indian secularism will produce jihadis and ISIS bombers. Anti-national elements are protected by our out dated constitutional principles. 

One thing is clear now that in India, minority groups are most active in terror activities. Indian secularism is the extension of minority communalism. This appeasement to minorities is responsible for minority communalism. 

In a secular and democratic nation, all must be equal. No special support should be given to any religious group. Actually, Muslims are not a minority in India. They are second largest majority community. 

Now, a wrong impression has been created in the minds of these groups that they are the victims of state neglect and exploitation. Communal civil codes, minority institutions, etc, are also responsible for the development of this type of feeling.

Secularists, communists, Islamists, NGOs, rights groups, civil society groups etc., have also been developing this type of spirit of alienation, hate and violence in the minds of these groups. 

Actually, Muslims are the single biggest vote bank and second biggest community after Hindus. But due to communal vote bank politics, they have got minority tag and corner maximum number of benefits. 

Muslims must be reformed as secular, liberal, modern, tolerant and non-violent people. Now in Kashmir, it is seen that mosques and madrasas are being used to create communal disturbances. So the government must close such mosques and madrasas that fan communal violence. 

Our nationalism must be based on zero tolerance to religious based terrorism. Indian government must be tough with terrorists and anti-nationals. 

No mercy should be shown to terrorists, anti-nationals, stone pelters, rioters, arsonists, police armoury looters and slaughterers of Kashmiri Hindus. 

A Guantanamo type jail must be constructed to keep the terrorists and anti-nationals. Special courts must be set up to try and punish the terrorists and anti-nationals. 

India must scrap Article-370 with immediate effect. Special package culture to Kashmir and terrorists must be stopped in the name of healing touch and rehabilitation. India must strengthen its military preparation against Pakistan.

Editorial NOTE: This article is categorized under Opinion Section. The views expressed in this article are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent the views of In case you have a opposing view, please click here to share the same in the comments section.
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