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'Smash Brahmanical patriarchy' isn't a social activism rather a political movement by Antillectuals for 2019 general election
I was going through the article of Sanghapali Aruna 'My poster in Jack Dorsey's hands wasn't the point: real threats to trolls was me seeking safety of oppressed' on Twitter posted on Firstpost on 21 November 2018.

I wanted to know why she used a poster 'Smash Bramhnical patriarchy'. More I read, I realised the Dalit activist is less an activist and more a political front of so called Indian Secular Industry and at best be a best example of being an Antillectual.

Before going to there I must say that Twitter CEO must be careful whenever he is handed of a poster of racism or counter racism. Western people are fond of putting India in to disrepute although all those western societies are full of racism, violent killings, gun culture and much more. However I leave this matter here only saying one thing that If India bans twitter, then it will lose half of its revenue. Thus he must be careful.

Now coming back to Sanghapali Aruna's article, before that let me honest of the fact that there was a mediaeval period when Brahmins intellectually ruled the Indian society and framed some laws (not compatible with Vedas) to ostrich some community in the name of untouchable. Bramhins were neither rich nor a ruling class yet they were intentionally misinterpreted the Vedic laws to put them on the highest position. A small ready reference can be obtained from one of my article 'For a casteless society, restoration of true Sanatan Dharms of Vedic era is required'.

However, I find some references in that article such as 'the meeting was one of organised one of several meetings that Dorsey attended on his trip and was organised by Twitter India to better understand the challenges for women and vulnerable minority communities for India especially on the eve of 2019 Lok Sabha election'. This proved that it's not a social issue rather a political issue. She further writes 'Giving my testimony at that meeting was a way to name the systemic violence Dalits, Muslims, Christians, Sikhs, Ravidassias, Buddhists and other religious and cultural communities face every day on Twitter, From Casteist, Islamophobic and anti-Christian slurs to outright calls for violence, we face unspeakable mounts of harassment on the platforms currently provides no way to report casteist hate speech and it's algorithm is as yet untrained to recognise casteist slurs'.

From above two reference you must be clear that it's not about caste issues rather about anti-BJP and anti-Modi politics more so like 'Award wapsi gang'. Anyway let me counter her with some solid points. Did Narendra Modi come to power with votes of only Brahmns? In fact the BJP had the highest number of Dalit MPs, ST MPs and OBC MPs. Were the caste discriminations or oppressions started since 2014 and never existed before that? Point not to be forgotten is that BR Ambedkar who is considered the messiah of Dalits was in fact a foster child of a Bramhan. Anyway I just want to ask is patriarchy is only among Hindus? I think Hindus are more moderate and left than many of patriarchal cultures. Muslims are not even diluting anything from the patriarchy traditions yet Bramhanical patriarchy is responsible for Islamophobia?

For her information I want to say that sixty percent of present day Bramhins are living below poverty line. Rest forty percent if sustain themselves it is due to their merit and not any help/privilege from society and governments. Ask any Bramhin, they will tell that they feel like third class citizen of India just because their ancestors did frame some brutal or patriarchal social laws.

Laks of Kashmiri pundits massacred in Kashmir. They became refugees in their own country. They are Brahmins. What more you smash them? Come every election, all abuse Brahmins because they are insignificant population having no vote bank. They are always humiliated and cornered in every sector of today's governance or society. When you troll as 'Brahmanical' it's also a casteist slur yet you can't be booked. But if some take the name of a caste, they will immediately be behind the bars. That's the position of Brahmins in today's India. They are just suffering for the sins they have not committed (or their forefathers committed. As per Constitution none should be punished for the wrongs done by his parents, forefathers of ancestors).

How many Dalits were beaten by Brahmins? How many Muslims or Christians were killed or lynched by Brahmins. Find out the fact. You will find the accused belong to one of the quota class. Brahmins in India silently remained knowing that they are outnumbered and mostly abused community like Jews during World War-II.

Why don't you ask Mayawati who couldn't end discriminations to Dalits despite being CM of UP multiple times & earning billions in wealth? Why you have not asked for the cases before 2014? Have you ever raised a voice against Kashmiris who killed pundits? No, you wouldn't ask because you are not there for any social issue. You are a political front of so called Indian secular Industry. That's why you remained mum when Rahul Gandhi claimed being a 'janeudhari Brahmin'?

Point is India in earlier period was ruled by foreign powers because of many Jaichands. Today's Antillectuals are no less than Jaichands. Now question is who the hell Twitter CEO is to interfere in Indian political scenario. Shouldn't it be banned like it is in China?

Thankfully, Indian public is very smart. They can understand the antics of these groups in dividing people for political self-interest. None will care what you say or even the Twitter CEO says. India will move on leaving antillectual gimmicks. 

Editorial NOTE: This article is categorized under Opinion Section. The views expressed in this article are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent the views of In case you have a opposing view, please click here to share the same in the comments section.
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