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Smoking and erectile dysfunction are linked to each other
Smoking is surprisingly the most severe and most dangerous way of life addiction which is an addiction difficult to evade but not impossible. It is an act in which tobacco and its harmful ingredients are used in through different forms: such as cigarettes, pipes, tobacco rolls, cigars etc.
The research found that cigarettes contains more than 60 chemical compounds out of which most are dangerous ingredients, which are fatal for the body as it causes cancer. Nicotine is also one of the compounds of tobacco smoke which is considered to be accountable for addiction to the smoking.

Consequence of smoking

This habit is addiction which most people desire to renounce but still due to lack of self control they fight stop smoking. Smoking leads to various health hazards for example cancers, heart diseases, strokes, reduce stamina and high blood pressure etc. Though, one of the most threaten diseases caused by smoking is known to be impotency. This disorder is proportionate to male erectile function where the function of the male organ is hindered which results to no or limited erection of the male organ of reproduction. The effect of impotency on men can be understood by looking at the Statistical report depicted below.

Statistical report:

  • Individuals who used over 20 cigarettes a day had a 60 per cent greater possibility of male impotence than men who did not smoke.

  • In a life-time, at least 15 per cent smokers who are men have faced erectile dysfunction (ED).

  • Men who smoked before and smoke now were 30 per cent more likely to experience from impotence.

  • 12 per cent men who never smoked have moreover suffered ED.

Sex is an essential part of every romantic relationship and a good sex life helps to enhance a relationship. A poor sex life often leads to problems in a relationship and is capable of destroying the love life.

Getting an erection and being able to maintain it long enough for sexual intercourse to take place is undoubtedly very important to maintain a good sex life. If a man is unable to do so, then it surely affects his sex life as well as his relationship with the partner. This condition of not being able to achieve or hold erection is known as erectile dysfunction.

You will be surprised to find how common this sexual disorder is and how many men suffer from this condition. More than 30 million men face the problem of erectile dysfunction each year and this does not include men who do report it as a result of the embarrassment associated with it.

For a long time, erectile dysfunction was believed to be a disease that is caused as a result of poor psychological or physical health. However, current studies have shown that lifestyle choices play a big role in the occurrence of this sexual disorder. For example, smoking and alcoholism account for about 25% of all causes of erectile dysfunction.

How does smoking lead to erectile dysfunction?

Erection can be achieved only when the tissues lining the walls of the penis are filled with blood. This makes the penis hard and enables men to have a satisfying sexual intercourse. Except for those causes where penis may have been injured or suffered any physical damage, in every erectile dysfunction there is some kind of restriction in the blood flow to the penis.

Everyone knows that smoking causes damage to the lungs and other organs in the respiratory system. But besides that, smoking also has a negative effect on circulatory system of the body. When you inhale the cigarette smoke, the carbon monoxide forms a bond with the haemoglobin in the blood, thereby reducing the volume of oxygen that the body can carry.

Even bigger problem occurs when there is damage in the heart valves. This results in the reduction of red blood cells that are produced in the body. Moreover, it may harden and narrow the arteries, thereby reducing the blood supply throughout the body including the genital areas. With all these negative effects, erectile dysfunction is found to occur.

What can be done about it?

The best way to counter erectile dysfunction caused as a result of excessive smoking is to quit smoking once and for all. Yes, it is difficult but you got to do it if you want to enjoy a long and satisfying sexual life. Besides this, you can also take Generic Viagra pills to see an improvement in your condition.

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