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Socialites and saints must cleanse society of rape
Do socialites provoke a rapist to commit the crime of rape? No, not at all. In my opinion, it is a poor plea for a major and serious offence. Rape must be dealt with at a higher and psychological level.

RAPE IS indeed a heinous offence, punishable under section 366 of the Indian Penal Code. Notwithstanding keenness on the part of the social leaders and reformers to have accused persons found guilty punished as per provisions of the Indian Penal Code, our courts of law have no option but to acquit the accused for lack of reliable evidence.

The accused so released from prison are emboldened to repeat the heinous crime because they now know where the legal lacuna lies and they have no qualms in exploiting the situation to their advantage. In due course of time committing the offence of rape and yet escaping the clutches of law becomes their habit and they enjoy it.

More the merrier

Like a man-eater in the jungle, a rapist in the human society has more and more of it. There is no comma or semicolon, what to say of a full stop. A rapist has an inner urge to have carnal knowledge of more and more women sans their consent. The women victims go silent for fear of social stigma. The brave women who care not for social blot are forced to keep quiet under criminal pressure. The victims of rape find that criminals who sexually violated her are now gagging her and successfully preventing her from seeking justice.

Constant pressure of a sinister combination of money and muscle power flaunted and used by rapists against the rape victim, her supporters and sympathizers including witnesses, make the prosecutrix mentally feeble, physically weak and devoid of social and governmental support. Sooner or later the rape case falls through the legal jungle and the rapist goes out of jail laughing and mocking at our archaic and feeble legal system that failed to keep him incarcerated long enough to prove the prosecution case to the hilt.

The freed rapist is encouraged by a weak state and a weaker government to travel on the road to rape unhindered. Thereafter the rapist adds one more medal of a successful rape on his bemedalled chest. The society and the saint out to reform the social set up reap a harvest of another disappointment. The rapist stands encouraged and the rape victim is perplexed what to do and what not to do. She had heard that the long arm of law catches criminals sooner or later but now she finds that the social saints called preserver and protector of the social order are now so helpless that the criminals and rapists are having better of the socio-legal system.

Are socialites aiding and abetting the crime of rape? One wonders why should a woman, a future victim of overpowering sexual desire of a potential rapist invite him and the trouble personified? Those who wish that the rapist goes scot-free, now argue that the prosecutrix wears a dress that is too sexy and arouses a strong urge for immediate sex in the male’s mind that is irresistible and, therefore, the end result is rape of the sexually provocative woman. In my opinion no argument put forth in defence of a rapist can be more fallacious than this one. No presiding judge would ever accept it and let the criminal accused of rape go scot free. It is just a figment of imagination of a sick mind and would be unacceptable to a legal mind.

A rapist is a rapist. There is no way out of jail for him but to spend the period of incarceration locked up therein. He may pray for a better intellect so that he does not repeat the crime of rape or any other sexual offence to merit his incarceration.

Editorial NOTE: This article is categorized under Opinion Section. The views expressed in this article are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent the views of In case you have a opposing view, please click here to share the same in the comments section.
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