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Solidarity with Muslims of Assam is unwarranted
Exodus of people from India's north-eastern states from Bangalore, Hyderabad, Chennai, and Pune continues - driven by impending attacks in spite of assurances of Centre and concerned state governments. The reports are disturbing and equally deplorable.

FOUR CABINET Ministers of Assam were rushed to Southern States to calm the situation has not helped either. The central government and state governments are reassuring people that the reports are false and fabricated, designed by anti-social elements. But people are crowding railway stations of these cities in large numbers, desperate to head to their home states. Safety and security of people from northeast is a matter of great concern.

Reports suggest that city of Bangalore alone has witnessed departure of more than 30000 people. Why miscreants, undesirable anti-social elements are spreading rumours? Do rumours of attacks or warning SMSs or carrying objectionable materials in social site to vacate cities have anything to do with mass departure of people? There must be some truth and systematic conspiracy to make situation volatile or look more and more grievous. 

In the meantime the ‘face-saver’ of Congress led government of Assam, the cabinet minister of Health and Education Dr. Himanta Biswa Sarma has sidelined himself. An able minister and a trustworthy minister of his calibre had to tender his resignation owing to certain differences with Chief Minister Tarun Gogoi. The Chief Minister is under tremendous pressure to control law and order situation, but has failed in his mission completely. His remarks and references in press conferences at this stage are making situation worse. The situation in the state is really going out of control.

It started with violence stricken protests by Muslims in Mumbai where two people were killed and 55 wounded. Muslims across India have been alarmed by clashes in three districts of Assam between Bodos and Muslims. The violence still continues as certain political alienation and turmoil within the state of Assam. As per government records about 78 people have been killed and more than 400,000 displaced in recent clashes. The violence upon Muslims has angered Muslims around the India. It is worthwhile mentioning the fact that there exist religious and ethnic divisions in such areas simmering for decades occasionally leading to communal blood-letting.

Rumours of revenge attacks by angry Muslims across India have been twisting air, many people carried the same on social media. A climate of mistrust and fear has seriously grown after the news of knife attack on a Tibetan student in a town near Bangalore. Rumours spreading all over the country that Muslims in Assam are unsafe and there exists Godhra like situation in Assam. Muslims of different states are seriously concerned about prevailing situations in violence affected areas. It is worthwhile mentioning the fact that violence took place in only three districts of Assam not whole of Assam. Only 78 people reported to have been killed.

But a political conspiracy is going on to worsen the situation and polarise people in the name of religion and nationalism. It has been said that the violence is between ethnic people those districts and Muslim settlers from Bangladesh. This is not at all true and is not based on facts. The petty political game started with political parties like AIUDF and BJP, both being players of communal cards, are spreading message of intolerance. There are several organisations like All Assam Students Union, faction of surrendered United Liberation Front Assam have made certain allegations which might triggering communal hatred.

The issue of illegal migrants is a long standing and separate issue altogether. But, this issue is raised by some political and non-political organisations to garner support. There is no denying the fact there exists problems of illegal migrants from Bangladesh in Assam and an amicable solution is still awaited. There cannot be a solution to this problem overnight. So, to project this clash as violence between ethnic people and illegal migrants is absurd.

These organisations cannot deny that Bodo people are fighting for separate state. They are fighting politically as well as through armed movements. Their fight is against non-Bodos including mainstream Assamese community. They already have got separate Bodoland Territorial Autonomous District administration. They have separate official language of studies and execution of works. They don’t recognise themselves to Assamese. This is a known fact that non-Bodos are treated as second class citizens in BTAD areas and hence non-Bodo organisations are fighting for their own cause. The Bodo insurgent groups have been creating violence all over state in last two decades. The serial blasts in Guwahati was masterminded by NDFB (R). So, to show solidarity with Bodos as ethnic Assamese is equally hypocritical.

This kind of violence between Bodos and other communities are going on for last two decades and this is not new. People from BTAD areas have been displaced and many relief camps still exist. But political equations have changed things with the rise political parties like AIUDF who enjoys support base in Muslims originating from Bangladesh dominated districts. The situations have worsen due to over indulgence of National media, spreading of rumours and co-incidence of similar situations in neighbouring Myanmar, which has nothing to do with violence in Assam. Assam is known to be the most secular state amongst other states of India. There are some inherent issues fomenting and worsening the situations. Assam is otherwise very peaceful state if problem of illegal migrants is resolved by Central government amicably. Political and non-political must respect the gravity of the situation and comment responsibly on humanitarian ground.

There is no need for Muslims living in other states of India to be over concerned. The situation in Assam is still better than other state. There is no place for communal politics in Assam and communal political parties have always been unsuccessful. Muslims of Assam are safe and living with fellow Assamese very peacefully. The Muslims of other state should not interfere or show any kind of solidarity with Muslims of Assam. The message is very clear from sensible Muslims living in the state of Assam. This is one of the streak incidents and is able to resolve the issues amicably.

This was in totality an administrative problem, but has worsened due to interference of political parties. Government at the helm should give up infighting to address situation sensibly. Attacks or mental torture on Assamese living in other state is completely unwarranted. Muslims of other states should not add fuel to a fuming and alarming situation. Our earnest request to the fellow Muslims of other state - ‘Please don’t interfere or show solidarity with the Muslims of Assam and don’t make the situation more grievous’. This is not going to help Muslims of Assam, rather will be cause of misunderstanding and mistrust. People fleeing due to the fear of attacks by Muslims will spread message of hatred in the state of Assam. 

Editorial NOTE: This article is categorized under Opinion Section. The views expressed in this article are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent the views of In case you have a opposing view, please click here to share the same in the comments section.
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