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Some questions for Rahul Gandhi on his Rafale deal accusations
On Rafale deal, first sections of media retrieving many documents explained that the deal by the NDA was cheaper and better than the UPA's bargain. Then Supreme Court gave a verdict that government had not violated any decision making process, there was nothing wrong with the pricing and there was no commercial favouritism in Indian offset partnership.

Finally, in the Rafale debate, defence minister explained and exposed all lies of Rahul Gandhi to peddle a false narrative that Rafale deal is a scam. Yet, Rahul Gandhi isn't relenting rather trying to fool people in spreading falsehood. In such a scenario, I think it's time to ask some questions to Rahul Gandhi.

1) Defence minister said that the basic price of Rafale as per UPA bargain is Rs 737 crore per air craft (taking in to consideration of escalation and rupee-Euro exchange value) at the time of Indian bargaining in 2016. NDA sealed the cost at 670 crore per basic air craft which is 9% lower than UPA's cost. Is Defence minister's figures are wrong? If yes, will you move a privilege motion against the minister with genuine evidences? If not, will you apologize to the country for lying?

2) Do you dispute the weaponised-aircraft's cost during your period was Rs 1705 crore as per revelation of the documents? If no, do you dispute the authenticity of those documents available in public domain? If yes, will you move to the courts challenging the documents presented by various electronic Media and print Medias? If no, why the people will trust you?

3) Is it not a fact that UPA rejected Eurofighter even after it gave a twenty percent discount than the Rafale price? If yes, do you have a legitimacy in asking NDA government as to why it didn't consider Eurofighter? If post opening of tender, Eurofighter's discount proposal was unethical, then how come NDA's bargaining with Eurofighter to be ethical? Wasn't this amounts to hypocrisy?

4) You said that HAL is manufacturing Mirage 2000? Will you apologize for your lie because Mirage 2000 was never manufactured by HAL. In fact the original agreement was to purchase 40 Mirage 2000 in fly away condition and 110 numbers to be produced by HAL. You purchased 40 Mirage 2000 but rejected the second part of agreement to produce at HAL despite French OEM and government desperately wanted for HAL-production of the Mirage 2000. What was the reason for cancelling production of Mirage 2000 by HAL?

5) UPA's 126 Rafale deal (bargain) was that 18 will be taken as fly-away condition and 108 to be manufactured by HAL.  Are those 18 fly-away weaponised air crafts to be manufactured by Dassault or by Mukesh Ambani-Dassault joint venture agency that had an agreement in 2012? If not, how come then present fly away weaponised 36 Rafale air crafts to be produced by Anil Ambani-Dassault offset partner? Fly away meaning must be the same in every situation. Then why the UPA didn't seal the agreement between HAL & Dassault?

6) Do you think that offset partner and manufacturer are the same meaning? Amabni is one of the offset partner out of 100 odd others. Do all the offset partners produce Air crafts? UPA government made the policy of offset partnership in 2005. Does that mean that an offset partner can manufacture an aircraft? If you don't know difference between offset partner and manufacturer, then how you claim to be Prime Minister of India?

7) Isn't it a fact that air-force always asks for a minimum for two squadrons of fighter jets each consisting of 18 aircrafts? During UPA, the flyaway condition jets were for one squadron and because of delay in providing jets to air force, NDA opted for two squadron of flyaway aircrafts. What's wrong there?

8) Who played with national security? The air-force reached to a critical stage because for last ten years you have not taken a decision and seal a deal? Shouldn't be there an investigation as to why UPA didn't finalise a deal? Was it due to lack of bribe or anything else? Why don't you demand as JPC for this also?

9) You said, French President said you something. French president officially denied your claim. Are you telling lie? If not, will you register a case against French President in France for lying? Because in such a case either you or the French President is lying? You are president of national opposition party in the largest democracy. The world shouldn't call you a liar because dignity of Indian democracy is being tarnished. What action you plan to take.

10) Will you reveal the evidence in the form of document or otherwise to prove your allegation that Anil Ambani got 30000 crore contract to manufacture Rafale deal. If you don't have evidence then shouldn't you be apologizing to Indian public for fooling them?

11) Finally, shouldn't you suo-motto offer for JPC probe in to National-Herald, Augusta-Westland scam and such other scams that have prima fascia evidence before demanding JPC probe for NDA's Rafale dal to which SC already gave a clean chit?

I expect a reply from the Congress president as he has obligation to respond to any questions raised by the public in a democratic spirit.

Editorial NOTE: This article is categorized under Opinion Section. The views expressed in this article are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent the views of In case you have a opposing view, please click here to share the same in the comments section.
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