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Political Play
Ratan Sharda
Some unsolicited advice for the people most affected by 2017 results 24 March, 2017
We all knew that Elections 2017 were going to be sort of mini-General elections since they spanned whole of India. That BJP had an upper hand due to its star, Mr. Narendra Modi, was also known. However, some myths were created and spread by 'well meaning' main stream media to keep BJP on its toes.
Coming together of Rahul and Akhilesh was god sent opportunity for 'secular' media and political parties to weave new dreams around rise of 'secular' brigade. Alas! Things didn't go the way powerful media voices wanted.

What these elections portend has been thoroughly dissected by both sides - Left and non-Left, Centrists. I too didn't lag behind with article in The Quint ( so, I will not dwell these issues.

To paraphrase the conclusion - Old Politics of Caste/Faith divisions is nearly dead, New politics of aspirations holds centre stage now.

Where do intellectuals, opinion leaders, media and 'bhakts' go from here? To make it easier for all these groups, here is my simple unsolicited advice - all my own work, as legendary Behram Contractor aka 'Busybee' would put it.

Opinion Leaders -

Leftist, 'Secularists' or anti-Hindus, Maoists (Marxists are passe), 'activists', NGO owners, Intellectuals fall under this category. (Non-left by definition cannot be activists or intellectuals). My advice to them, please wake up and smell some coffee. Look around you, world has changed. Your pet theories which were outdated anyways, have crumbled and been thrown into dustbin by unwashed millions and even well groomed upper crust of the society. Your construct of 'Idea of India, born on midnight of 14th August, guided by Nehruvian philosophy has crumbled as it doesn't recognise Indian genius and heritage. Bharat or Indian civilization, in existence since millennia, a civilization and probably the only living one from ancient times, is deeply embedded in Indian masses. Embarrassment and sense of guilt imposed on them since last 70 years has been cast aside by new generations.

  • Don't be venomous, bitter or sound confused. Sit in a quiet room, meditate and think why you are being proven so wrong consistently now. We are a tolerant society you will get more chances to come back than you might imagine.

  • Simple advice, go back to ancient history of India, learn afresh, analyse afresh after throwing away unconscious-conscious bias. Come out of Western interpretation of India that is Bharat. See your country from this country's stand point. We are not a sub-continent of nations, but a single nation.

  • See all the invasions since Mohammed Qasim put his foot on Indian soil till British left our shores, with fresh eyes and evidence, already there but buried by your enthusiastic Marxist historians.

  • Accept the genius of Hindu mind and accept its contributions to Science and Arts, not just philosophy. Also, witness how aberrations that crept into the society were corrected by Hindus themselves to revive itself time and again.

  • Criticise what is wrong with our society today and offer solutions. Give up false propaganda of Westerner's and Marxists that nothing good ever happened with this society; and that Hinduism is nothing but Widow burning, Child marriage and untouchability.

  • I can assure you that will become happy to cast away the colonial shackles that make you so unhappy. Your scowls will give way to smiles.

Media Houses -

Gone are the halcyon days of editors and newspapers influencing the masses with their magic pens. With advent of Social Media and Internet, masses can easily make out that what you pass on as news is actual views that emanate from your cronies in in academic and intellectual circles.

  • If you wish to be relevant, see the light; give up the efforts to control minds of the masses with holier than though attitude. They may not have your finely honed linguistic skills, and 'liberal' world view; but these masses have their own mind, their native genius crafted over 1000s of years of historical memory, what we Hindus call 'shruti'. Respect this genius rather than react with revulsion at changes in this naturally democratic , plural society.

  • Stop playing victim and claiming being 'trolled' and being surprised with changing times. Remember you abused and 'trolled' these same simple people for years with your fake understanding of Indian society.

  • Adopt new platforms of news dissemination and respect average populace's views. Efforts to control new avenues of information rather than adopt them with openness will lead you to your own doom.

  • Come out of your ivory towers. Think afresh with truly open mind.

As I send this article for publication, I see an editorial in Times of India, nothing less, trying to link latest London attacks to UP elections 2017 that tries to justify possible Jihadi attacks in India! You understand what I mean?

Bhakts -

For me, 'Bhakt' is a positive word. Bhakti is selfless devotion to a cause or gods. Bhakti to a personality is no good but we Indians have inclination to make demi-gods out of personalities, rightly or wrongly. These are the people who were silent - berated, insulted for decades for their views about Bharat i.e. India and Indian or Hindu way of life. These are people who came out of the false narrative created by Left, Liberals (I call them Illiberals as they don't allow any other alternative voice a space, through clever politics in academics and use of violence on the field). Incidentally, all Bhakts are not Sanghis,but poor souls get coloured saffron!

'Bhakts' carried a deep sense of hurt all these years due to hectoring of left- illiberals and false representation of Indian history and culture. This hurt got a voice on Social Media. Many sane voices and some aggressive voices populate his public space. Unfortunately for Left-Illiberals many of these citizens are well versed in Indian history, philosophy and science while some have smattering of knowledge; further enriched by University of WhatsApp. Gigabytes of true and false information gets shared through such platforms.

My unsolicited advice to Bhakts and other nationalist groups is -

  • Though it feels nice to give vent to anger and feel lighter, it hurts the larger cause of consolidating our national spirit and creating an alternative narrative.

  • Stop wasting your time discussing and sharing family history of Nehru Clan, Mrs. Indira Gandhi's marriage and family, Mamata's religion etc etc. All of us have gone through such dubious information about current history on WhatsApp. It is a total drag and creates negativity, saps your energy.

  • Criticise, but stop abusing Left 'trolls', Secular and Illiberal people. Just show them the mirror of their own intolerance with facts and history.

  • It would be better to spread knowledge about glorious philosophy, recognised scientific achievements, wonderful heritage etc. It will not only spread positivity but also give you immense satisfaction and raise your own intellectual level.

  • Internet has enough information and authentic sources, educate yourself if you don't have patience for books. Use this knowledge for your messaging on social media.

  • Bhakti is unconditional, but political Bhakti should not be unconditional.

  • Stop being blind well-wishers of your favourite central and state governments or leadeers. No doubt, they are doing a wonderful job. But, remember leaders too are human. They are bound to make mistakes knowingly or unknowingly. It is your duty to highlight mistakes and demand corrective actions.

  • Huge goodwill can get dissipated easily in no time. It is possible that the Hate Modi Brigade would now change tracks and start appreciating ruling party to jump onto the gravy train. So, it will be upto you to see these governments are not taken in by such trends.

We all need to remember we share same national DNA and that exclusivist belief systems were imposed on us only during last few hundred years. Culturally we are more close to each other than to outsiders. This closeness is built on common heritage and not due to constitution. Constitution is a legalist framework that protects and nurtures society, but brotherhood cannot be imposed by law, it comes from our own recognition of this common heritage. All sections of society need to put efforts to reinforce the strands that unite us.

So, let us get on-board this brave New India!

Editorial NOTE: This article is categorized under Opinion Section. The views expressed in this article are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent the views of In case you have a opposing view, please click here to share the same in the comments section.
About The Author
Ratan Sharda is a citizen journalist. He has authored books like 'Secrets of RSS'. A marketing consultant by profession, Mr. Sharda is a keen observer of the country's political scenario.
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