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Sound editor Xinyue Yu brings out the action in star-studded 'Rogue Warfare' trilogy
As a sound editor, Xinyue Yu is responsible for everything the audience hears in many hit films and television shows. It is easy, when watching a movie, to be transported and assume everything was exactly how it was shot, but that is rarely the case, and when it comes to sound, Yu ensures consistency in every shot.

She removes unnecessary background noise and adds in sound effects that were not there to begin with. This is what allows you to be so immersed in what you are watching, and with someone behind the scenes with such talent as Yu, the sound is simply extraordinary.

Throughout her esteemed career, Yu has shown time and time again just why she is such an in-demand sound editor in her home country of China and around the world. Her work on projects like Songs from the DeepIngress: The AnimationRide, and more greatly contributed to their vast success, and she enjoys what she does every step of the way.

"I love that I watch movies while I'm working," said Yu. "It's a challenging and exciting job. I make things sound alive, more cinematic. The funny thing is, most people don't even know that the role of a sound editor exists in the post-production, which I think makes it more interesting."

One of Yu's more recent projects is the new movie trilogy Rogue Warfare, starring Stephen Lang (AvatarMortal Engines) and Will Yun Lee (The Good DoctorAltered Carbon). The film is about a group of military elite from the U.S., Russia, UK, China and France who join forces to fight an elite underground terrorist network. However, when one of the team members is captured, it is up to the team to find him before it is too late.

"I like that this story presents what military life looks like and the relationship between soldiers. Although they are from different countries and speak different languages, and they don't know each other before they become a team, they love and care for each other. The film has such diversity. It casts actors from different countries and tells a story about how they bond with each other with no judgement. I think it's important to deliver this message to more and more audiences," said Yu.

Working on all three films in the trilogy, Yu edits the dialogue, ADR, walla, and the foley, which is the reproduction of everyday sound effects that are added to film, video, and other media in post-production to enhance audio quality. Yu thoroughly enjoys editing dialogue and excels at it.

In the Rogue Warfare trilogy, the production audio is full of gunshots and explosions underneath the dialogue. Because of this, the dialogue is extremely hard to hear in most of the raw footage. Yu fixes this problem, allowing the audience to understand the story beyond the action.

"Dialogue is the king in the film sound. It's hard to understand the story if we don't hear what the characters are saying. Most of the time, especially in action films, like the Rogue Warfare trilogy, the production audio is so noisy that it can barely be used in the final mixing. My work cleans up the dialogue and makes it sound smooth, so the audience can understand what the characters are saying. On top of this, mixing sound effects is so important in movies like these to really amp up the action," said Yu.

The first of the three films, Rogue Warfare, was released in theatres worldwide in March 2019. Yu is now already hard at work on the two remaining films, Rogue Warfare: The Hunt and Rogue Warfare: Death of a Nation and could not be more thrilled for the trilogy's continued success.

Yu is at the top of her game, working on films with some of Hollywood's top talent, but she knows it took a lot of hard work and perseverance to get to where she is. She hopes that those looking to get into sound editing never give up, because if she had stopped when things got tough, she wouldn't be where she is today.

"Everyone has to start from somewhere. Maybe you are doing some day job, pursuing your passion for sound editing at night. Don't stop, because one day, with enough experience, you can make that fun night job become your career. Always be friendly, helpful, honest, and enthusiastic. Of course, the most important thing is, if you don't have the heart for this art, then don't do it. I always believe you have to be a film lover first so you can be a good sound editor," she said.

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